15 Pictures Taken At The Right Exact Moment

Humor | By Cole Damon | October 13, 2017

The internet is filled to the brim with pictures that have an element of surprise attached to them. These could be photobombs, an unexpected twist in the background and similar exciting features. The advent of digital cameras and smartphones has increased the probability of amazing pictures which can have us in stitches. The following pictures were caught on camera within the blink of an eye, timed to perfection in accordance with the shutter speed - prepare to have your mind blown.

Did the hawk create these sky trails?

The sky has enveloped our planet in the form of an extremely thick atmosphere, to the observer from the ground below, the clouds high up may seem invincible. But a strong enough force can displace them from their original place, creating sky trails. This hawk gives us the impression that its frail body (in comparison to us) was responsible for the sky trails.

Pigeons are timid creatures

It takes pigeons less than a fraction of a second to fly towards the sky when humans approach. This brave pigeon however manages to land on top of a tanned man reading a newspaper under the sun. This picture gives us the illusion that the pigeon is in perfect harmony with this man.

Expansive wings

This beautiful butterfly is seen strapped to a plant with its magnificent wings spanning across the horizons. A woman sees opportunity and decides to take the perfect picture, by positioning herself perfectly behind its wings. A friend snaps the picture at just the right moment, giving us the illusion that the woman is 'wearing' those beautiful wings on her eyes.

Lightning strikes

Lightning strikes are some of the most electrifying forces of nature which contain hundreds of thousands of volts in one bolt. These bolts only last within a fraction of a second and require precise clicks to be captured on camera. The statue of liberty is holding her iconic torch which has now been struck by lightning and perfectly captured by a camera.

Bored dog

This picture has not been photoshopped. The dog has not been asked to pose for the camera. And that picture in the background was put for the specific purpose of taking this perfectly timed photo. But as fate would have it, the dog's boredom is timed perfectly with her own frame on the wall.

Selfie with the horses

Horses are majestic creatures which embody strength, power, enormous size, humbleness and obedience in one giant package. We all like taking selfies with them every now and then, but this woman takes it one step forward by standing directly behind one of the horse's face - the result is this beautiful picture.

A new hybrid of the jellyfish baby?

This little boy was probably performing the popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to create awareness about the crippling disease. So his parents poured a bucket on him and immediately took a snap. It seems gravity didn't have enough time to disintegrate the bonding of water molecules with each other.

Catching the bird's eye view

This man gives a completely new meaning to the phrase "catching a bird's eye view" by placing his head directly behind this parrot. He proceeds to snap the picture making a confused observer assume that the bird's eye - is essentially his eye.

Can dogs grow that large?

Dogs are known to grow this large in size. The only possible explanation (and also the most viable) is that there are more than two dogs positioned behind the box. One of the dogs peeks its head above the box resulting in this scary picture.

Mirror on the wall

Bartender prepares a nice cocktail for this beautiful young lady who's wearing a knee high blue dress. An observer notices how this bartender's upper body coincides with the lady's lower body. Smelling opportunity, they quickly proceed to take the perfect click.

Water park on the street?

This bus is advertising a waterpark. It makes way through a flooded road. The picture on the bus coincides perfectly with the displaced water. And the end result looks something like the couple waterboarding across the street - and enjoying it.

Caught in the act

Storks are beautiful birds which are merciless to their prey. And when they swoop down from the sky to the waters below, they do it for one purpose only, eating that tasty fish. This picture captures a stork right before it swallows the fish.

Dog that breathing fire

Unless the dog is a crossbreed between dragons and canines, it should not be able to breath fire in such a stunning display of power. It may have opened its mouth to nibble on a morsel, but the fire blew its way right into its mouth.

Monkey fascinated with human females?

Monkeys are only attracted by their own species and the idea of breeding with a human never crosses their mind. This picture however will make us think otherwise, as this monkey who's consuming a guava shows fascination with a woman's thighs.

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