Twitter Spews Hate On Emma Watson After She Revealed Her New Tattoo

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 6, 2018

Twitter has changed the way we communicate. And there's a different kind of communication that takes place today compared to the decades that have gone by. Previously, when the general population didn't like what a celebrity did they'd boycott their movies or something like that. Today, they have Twitter...and that's something so many celebrities have been made to find out the hard way. Emma Watson is the latest addition to that list.


Twitter is a platform that has taken on a life of its own in the way it has grown to become the need and an unrivalled need for some people. There are people that have made entire careers out of simply tweeting the latest trend. This has led to the massive cross referencing of information and everything else.

The world today:

The world that we live in today would be virtually impossible for people from the 1980s or even the 1990s to comprehend today. Most of the world that has changed is due to the increasing number of digital communication methods that have popped up causing the world to be transformed massively.

A platform:

This is perhaps the best argument in favor of what Twitter has been able to accomplish for its online users. People feel the need to state this quiet often but it is worth mentioning that their voices now have a firma and effective platform that they use furiously to convey their feelings.

Everything's under the microscope:

Everything seems to be under the microscope because of this. As most people now have the ability to remain vigilant of their favorite celebrity's activities 24/7. It allows them the chance to grasp just how much they've been able to seep into the lives of people sitting thousands of miles apart.

Always positive:

This is the ugly truth of this wonderful accomplishment, while communication has indeed become easier and more plausible to comprehend; it is massively underrated how invasive of privacy it is. Hate and bullying has now entered one's home and has resulted in a number of tragic incidents where online bullying was the prime perpetrator.

The Oscars:

The Oscars 2018 was one of the most political instances of celebrity gatherings in recent memory. One reason for that is the sheer amount of political outrage that had preceded it. The Time's Up and #Metoo campaigns had brought on women speaking ut against decades of abuse and were finally speaking out.

Emma's role:

Emma Watson has been a fervent and focal advocate of feminism throughout her stint within the Hollywood industry. Even as the teen sensation who had wooed the hearts of fans through her role in Harry Potter she has never been shy to show off her vastly political allegiances.

The Bash:

She showed up to the 2018 Oscars as being the poster girl of the Times Up campaign and she made sure to let the world know that she was at the awards to ensure that her aura was ready to inspire the women there to speak up and smash the patriarchy.

The tattoo:

In order to further highlight the movement, she had a temporary tattoo emboldened on her right arm that would bring the media's light on the movement. She did get the attention, though not the kind that was probably hoping for. She got people talking, probably not in the way she was expecting.

The problem:

The thing that caused the greatest outrage was when people saw an enhanced image of the tattoo that Emma had gotten scribbled on her right forearm. The tattoo read, "Times Up". While the tattoo seems innocuous and pretty straightforward there were many people who straight away pointed out the mistake.

The mistake:

A grammatical mistake. That's what the whole furor is about. The tattoo "Times Up" is a grammatically inaccurate statement and this got people pissed off. The correct way would be to have it written as "Time's up" but for some reason Emma chose not to have it done that way.

The reaction:

Reactions on the site were full of jibes that were hilarious, sarcastic, and funny and simply mean at times. Most of the comments pointed out the fact that Emma claims to be standing up for what she believes in but does not seem too eager to do some basic research about it.

The ridicules:

Most of the ridicules that she faced have been primarily targeting her lack of attention to detail and apparent lack of grammatical knowledge. The trolls were out in full force against Emma who claimed that her tattoo was a symbol of her ideas and how she chose to make those ideas known.

The grammar Nazis:

And of course, how could such a mistake ever be forgotten or let go of without an honorable participation of the grammar Nazis. They have consistently tried to ambush Emma on many of her previous post, a lot of which she has been forced to delete due to their increasing attacks.

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