People Share Their Unexpected Finds That Only Happen Once In A Lifetime

Entertainment | By Ian Anglin | March 6, 2018

According to a recently published study, keys, cell phones, pens, glasses, headphones, lipstick and memory cards are the most used objects in the 21-st century. But those things are boring - what impresses people are those rare, hard to find pieces. Today, 15 such incredibly rare objects are going to be listed, alongside stories of how they were found. From ancient Viking swords to a pearl found in a can of smoked oysters, it seems that you can find anything on the streets these days.

A Real Viking Sword Was Found in Norway

The sword may be rusty, but it is 100% authentically, Viking-made. A man was exploring hide-altitude areas of Norway (which to be honest, is the bigger part of Norway due to its terrain) and he stumbled upon this insanely cool sword.

She Found Her Wedding Ring in the Ashes

A woman lost her entire home during the Thomas Fire last December. One day, while searching through the ashes, she found her wedding ring, which was probably left in her bedroom. The woman's daughter posted this amazing picture online.

Dual Use Potato Masher

It seems that these days factories are doing the best they can to minimize their expenses and to make it possible to produce more products on the same assembly line. That's how the person that posted this photo found out that their potato masher had another, smaller handle, underneath the original one.

Plant Growing Underneath a Floor-Light Fixture

Nature has a way of surviving in incredibly diverse types of environments. You've probably seen all kinds of roots and branches growing out of abandoned buildings. In similar fashion, this plant also found its way and grew out of a floor-light fixture.

Ants Ate an Unwrapped Lollipop

The person that posted this picture online said that they had forgotten about a lollipop, which they have left for years in storage. Ants eventually found their way to the storage unit, and promptly ate the lollipop, only leaving the wrapper behind.

He Found a Pearl in a Can of Smoked Oysters

Depending on their type, origin, and size, pearls can fetch a decent price on the open market. Imagine how lucky this person must have been to find a perfectly intact pearl in a can of smoked oysters. They should probably keep the piece as a souvenir.

They Excavated Two Baseball-Sized Snail Fossils

It is a well-known fact that the ground beneath us hides all sorts of weird things - from buried treasures to long-dead animals and even fossils. Well, this group found two almost perfectly preserved fossils of baseball-sized snails. These two must also weight a lot - for snails.

He Found a Safe under His Flooring

A person made the following post to a Reddit group: "Early this week, I saw someone post about finding a safe under their flooring during a remodel and I thought it was cool and decided to see if I could find one too. Well...I did."

Images Can Evoke Powerful Memories

Some people simply want to do fun, unpredictable things with their lives. Take this guy as an example - he found the above photo in a parking lot in Ohio 20 years ago. He took the photo and placed it on his fridge. Today, he has never met these people, but they feel like family to him.

Genetically Modified Tulips

Tulips are one of the more beautiful flowers in existence, and what is even more interesting is that sometimes they can grow some pretty strange stuff. Like this tulip did - you can notice how one of its leaves is actually half-leaf and half-petal.

His Daughter's Secret Stash

All kids love to have secret stashes to hide different things around the house. Interestingly, it seems that some kids simply want to be like their favorite GTA characters. That's probably why this girl kept a knife, a gun, and some cash in her secret stash.

The Largest Potato in the World

While many people think that overgrown plants are usually the result of chemicals or GMO, sometimes things like this can happen by accident. This potato is said to be one of the largest in the world and has 100% grown on its own, without any chemicals added to it (apart from those in the rain, perhaps).

Retro Electrical Outlet

Growing up, we probably don't ever have a chance to see how things worked decades or even centuries before our birth. Who would have known that electrical outlets in the past looked like the one in the above photo? That thing looks complicated.

The Winning Gym Locker

This is one of the funniest photos in today's collection. It seems that someone decided to leave a beer two-pack in a gym locker, alongside a note saying "Surprise! You have found the winning locker." Not sure if he isn't trolling, as gym people usually don't like to mix it up with alcohol.

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