15 Must-Read Stories for People Who Don't Believe in Love

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 6, 2018

People who haven't really experienced true love won't believe how powerful the force can be. True love changes a person completely and messes up with their rationale in ways you cannot even begin to imagine. But people who haven't loved someone won't realize its potent effect unless they actually fall in love. These 15 stories should provide concrete proof that true love does exist.

The love of salami

A woman always had salami in her fridge. When she had the 40th anniversary with her husband she confessed to him that she hated the salami. The man replied that he hated the salami too and only ate it because he didn't want to offend her. Now that is true love.

Lie beside you

A woman was packing her bags to fly to another city in order to complete her studies. Her distraught husband began to follow her everywhere because he didn't want to miss her. She asked him, "How will you live when I die?" He replied, "I won't live. I will lie beside you."

Subliminal messages

Both partners are able to exchange deep subliminal messages on a subconscious level. For instance when one woman wanted to sleep, she told her husband in her dream, "To love someone is to let them sleep." He understood it and reported to her the next morning.

Sharing the same hobby

One girl loved things which were made with patchwork such as quilts and hand made toys. One day she noticed that he boyfriend's fingers were covered with cuts. This is because he made a huge heart made of hundreds of pieces which he stitched together.

Helping them out in the time of need

A girl complained to her boyfriend in the middle of a cold winter night that the heater broke down. She went to sleep and wrapped herself under the blanket. One hour later he brings over a heater to her. That is love.

Selling his father's watch

A long time ago a couple was completely broke and had no spare cash to buy even the most basic of amenities such as food items. The girl had patches in her shoes. Her husband then bought her new shoes by selling his father's watch.

Sharing the lunch

This is how to initiate true love. A salesman wanted to prove to a female client that the weighing scale worked. So he stepped on it to prove it to her. The girl replied, "You need to eat more" and gave her food to him. They are married now.

Dreams do come true

One girl once dreamt of being a fairy with wings riding on a unicorn. She soon realized that this won't be possible in this life. Her husband learnt of this and bought her a unicorn shaped rocker and even fairy wings.

How to introduce yourself to someone

A girl was jogging at breakneck speed while listening to loud music. As she stopped to catch a breather, she realized that a man was running after her for miles just so he could to talk to her. Today they are married.

Old man still loves his wife

An older couple were sitting on the train. The man began to draw his wife's portrait but she was embarrassed that people were looking at them. So he said to her, "Don't worry. They are enjoying your beauty. Like I have been for the past 40 years."

That's how you propose

A boy and a girl were never meant to be because their parents never approved. One day the boy became a manager at a store while the girl became a clerk. He proposed to her with an engagement ring.

Catching a grenade for her

One guy performed insane feats for his girlfriend. He always told her that he would 'catch a grenade for her'. Of course it was all meant metaphorically. The two of them were sent to a warzone. A grenade came their way and he caught it.

Everything he has

A girl was upset at her husband for betraying her one too many times. She never accepted his apologies and even filed for a divorce. One day, distraught from the break up, he gave her all his property because she was everything he ever had. They've patched up.

Waiting for him

A man's student visa expired in Italy and he had to fly back to the US. 10 years later he flew back to Italy, only to find that the girl he left behind was anxiously waiting for him to return. They married and now have kids.

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