15 Signs He's Tired Of You And Fed Up With Your Relationship

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | March 5, 2018

Every relationship has its course and all good things eventually come to an end. Not all endings are good and not everyone comes out in one piece after a break up. Break ups can completely mess you up mentally and could take physical toll on your body too if not anticipated beforehand. There are a few telltale signs which most men exhibit when they start getting more distant.

He stops respecting you

Respect is probably the most important pillar of any relationship and it goes both ways. When he stops giving you the respect you deserve, it means he doesn't care enough about you getting offended by all the disrespect.

He no longer pays any attention

This is a no brainer. He spends more time on cellphone than with you. He doesn't give you the same attention that he used to when the relationship was a bit more fresh. Someone else may have become his love interest.

He doesn't talk about the future

If he doesn't want to talk about the future with you, then it means he is not too comfortable sharing the same space with you for too long. He probably shudders at the thought of spending the rest of his life with you.

He has trust issues

There was a time when he used to completely trust you with his stuff and even allowed you to take a peek into his personal life on social media. Now he won't even let you in his room without proper supervision.

He has a temper

He is getting increasingly annoyed and is unable to stifle his anger any longer. His mood can be best characterized as frequent bursts of anger and rants. You are beginning to get scared of what he could do in his mood swings.

He doesn't apologize after

It is natural for both of you to become angry every now and then on account of your differences. But after the periodic outbursts of ranting have subsided, it only makes sense to follow it up with apologies. Except he offers nothing in the way of an apology.

He doesn't want to hear you out

He doesn't want to lend an ear anymore. Previously he would listen to all your problems and offer valuable advice, but now he couldn't even be bothered to spend five minutes without interfering with your thought process midsentence.

Everything annoys him

Every unique, quirky thing which you did made him only think that you're all the more cute. But now every single little thing you do is a source of constant annoyance to him. Do you think such a guy will want to spend the rest of his life with you?

He gets agitated when you pry into his life

He might be pursuing other women behind your back. And so when you're not paying attention, he could very well be texting to some other girl and hoping you wouldn't notice. When you start asking questions, he gets infuriated.

His friends no longer think highly of you

There used to be a time when his friends would smile in your direction and wave "hello". Their behavior now has completely changed and they have adopted a more hostile attitude toward you. What could possibly have triggered this?

He no longer includes you in his plans

This is a guaranteed sign that he is moving away from you. By not including you in his plans he has made it very clear that things are not going as they should be. It is not time for you to evaluate whether it is worth giving him another chance.

He doesn't care about the special occasions

Whether it's your birthday or valentine's day, he simply doesn't make any attempt to make it a memorable occasion for you. Why would he when his plans are to ditch you when the opportunity and time permits?

He doesn't support you

You had a bad day at work and shared your bitter experiences with him, hoping to find some condolences and support from him. But instead of helping you, he gives you the cold shoulder and leans toward your own criticism instead.

He blames you

He constantly puts the entire blame on you and doesn't own up to problems which were created by him entirely. This is a definite sign that he will dump you and place the entire blame on you.

You feel threatened by him

This is the last straw where you should probably call it quits. If you feel that he is soon going to become physically aggressive toward you, there is no longer any point in continuing this relationship even if he might not turn violent. Your perception of him has already been ruined. It's better to just end it.



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