15 Clear Signs That Can Be Found in Potential Cheating Partners

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 13, 2017

Before you get too attached to someone romantically, it is always best to watch out for some signs to save the pain of a heartbreak from a potentially unfaithful partner. Knowing that your better half has been a two timing cheater can make you feel depressed. Here are some 15 points to help you get a better perspective, so you don't get too carried away in the moment.

Just too Attractive

Being attracted to your partner is pretty normal and not a danger flag most of the time. But you may feel concerned when you observe that most cheaters are highly attractive. Knowing this you may deep in your mind be willing to overlook their cheating instances just to be near their radiating appearance.

Think highly of themselves

Confidence in oneself is one thing but full blown narcissism is another. It can be unhealthy and damaging for both parties. Narcissists feel the need to feed their own ego and they can be absolutely self-absorbed to the extent of apathy. Acting out as selfish and greedy without feeling guilt.

Adrenaline Junkies

Seeking out thrill is a trait found in many cheaters. Though you'd expect that it has nothing to do with relationships. But many adrenaline junkies cheat on their significant other just for the thrill of it, the whole act of going behind your back maybe the source of excitement. And worse it can be just more exciting if they get caught.

Needy for attention

Cheaters want your constant attention. They want to feel wanted and needed. They want constant praise and love, all this feeds their ego more. They just won't be fully content with what they have or appreciate what you do for them, cause to them it just won't be enough.

Lying and deceptive

Cheaters have a hard time just telling the honest truth. They can be so good at lying that it can become second nature and you won't suspect a thing. They can deceive you with their words and lie about cheating.

Idolizing Cheating Behaviour

Anyone who has positive views on adultery is highly suspected of engaging in it themselves. And cheaters are no exception they are prone to having an ideology that adultery is acceptable. Maybe because they engage in it themselves, cheaters are open to thought of committing adultery.

Cheaters are Insecure.

Maybe because of some tragedic memories from their childhood or later in life, they can be highly insecure about themselves. Something unexpected from someone who can be egoistic. Full of negative thoughts from a painful trauma may push them to seek affection from other people.

Sociopathic Behaviour.

You would need to have a weak moral conscience to cheat on your partner. Serial cheaters don't think of the negative consequences it can have. Normally for people even the though of adultery can make them feel guilty. But cheaters can do it without a second thought.

They compulsively flirt

Cheaters can mask their behaviour, they may convince you that it is harmless flirting, but right under your nose they can be looking for new partners. They are insecure and need constant attention, so continuous flirtations are normal for them.

Questionable Moral Conscience.

To cheat on your partner behind their back would mean you would lie, cheat and deceive them. All these traits are something we know to be lacking in morals. But cheaters who have dubious sense of morals can actually find reasons to justify their actions to themselves and to others, in their eyes they don't see the wrong in it.

Over Dramatic

Potential cheats can often act out in such a way mainly because they witnesses it themselves earlier in their lives. It can be an event from a time when their parents were caught cheating on each other. Having observed a relationship break down in front of them might have made them twisted.

Obsessive Addicts

In addition to their reckless behavior while thrill seeking, potential cheaters are so hooked on their pleasure senses that they would go so far to be obsessed over it and would go to extreme lengths for that gratification. These feeling can inhibit their ability to make rational decisions making it easy to cheat.

They feel sad and miserable

Potential cheaters don't feel content with their lives, they find displeasure and dullness in relationships. They have negative thoughts and seek out extra love affair. Having no fear for negative consequences of their and only looking for ways to stave off their loneliness, no matter what it may be.

Highly Opportunistic

Potential cheaters enter a relationship with a callous attitude, only thinking of what other has to offer. You might expect them to be serious but they could just be there for a ride and once they find something better they'll hop on to someone else.

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