15 Reasons Why Women End Up Cheating More Than Men

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 12, 2017

You would be surprised to know that women are actually more flirtatious than most men. We have this insane idea in our minds about how women are goody two shoes who have the most highest of faithfulness. The reality however is that women - like men - are extremely sexually active creatures and need to let off some steam every now and then. And if that means going all the way with some one else, then so be it.

Two's a crowd

The saying is indeed true. Two's a crowd. The same way two burgers seem tastier than one burger, or two houses sound more spacious than one, and two hours of break sound better than one, two men give more sexual pleasure than one.

Women require constant attention

Women thrive on attention. They will throw up tantrums, pretend they're in need of help and even cry like a baby just so you can shower them with all your attention. So while you're out working two shifts a day, you can bet they're eating out with some other guy behind your back.

You aren't that handsome

Let's face it. The other guy is more physically attractive than you can ever be. He taller, stronger, richer and has a lot more charm than you. So we ask an important question, why hasn't your girl dumped you already? Because two men are better than one.

She likes feeling the thrills

Doing something wrong and immoral every now and then actually helps activate the pleasure chemicals in the brain. Men are sometimes able to control this high but women aren't very good at it. They thrive on the adrenaline rush which cheating gives them.

They're bored

The desire to constantly feel excited and aroused means they're always on the lookout for a potential mate. Yes you were supposed to be that potential mate, but they're looking for a real alpha male to sort out their problems.

They fear you'll leave them

Fear is an important motivator. The fear of getting booted from work always keeps employees on the hunt for a new job, similarly the mere prospects of breaking up with you on 'short notice' is enough to get them searching for an immediate substitute.

They have been on the receiving end of being cheated before

They know you're having relations with the girl you said you're doing your 'assignments' with. So they use this fact (or rumor) to justify their illegal relations with another man. It doesn't matter if your brief fling happened a long time ago - women have an elephant's memory.

She is beginning to hate you

Ever felt she's giving you bad vibes? The fact that her demeanor has changed towards you means that she is eventually going to cut it off with you. At this stage she's already getting laid elsewhere and is contemplating the best way to cut it off with you

You're not good at bed

This is obviously the most common reason. You don't satisfy her in bed, so she looks for satisfaction elsewhere. Remember, some women are very picky when it comes to men and the size of their junk. Try to pleasure her in different ways if one method doesn't work for you.

You're not rich enough

Relations thrive on more than just love alone. Even though she may actually love you, the idea of someone spending thousands of dollars on all her whims makes your girlfriend search for guys with fatter wallets. Just get a better job.

She's sure she won't get caught

The fear of getting caught is what keeps the criminal elements of society under check. It also has a way keeping our sexual encounters to a bare minimum. However if you have your head buried under sand, that deterrent goes out the window.

They want to climb up the corporate ladder

The age old trick in the books for some women to get positions of power in their job is to "sleep around" with the bosses. But you're not her boss, so you're probably not the only guy she's sleeping around with.

They crave the need of being wanted

Women love it when there are multiple men interested in them. It has a way of getting them sexually charged and results in a surge of serotonin in their brains. Is your girl too outgoing? Chances are she's under this category of women.

You show give less attention to them

Perhaps the most important reason of all is the fact that you're not as attentive to your girl as you used to be. Perhaps it's the job, university, thesis or even a new woman. Don't make it a habit leaving your girl in the lurch too often, chances are they're already seeing someone else.

You no longer love her like you used to

It becomes painfully obvious that you're beginning to lose interest in her. Seeing it only reinforces her commitment to someone else. They're just preparing for a 'backup partner' once you do finally decide to dump them. If you want to retain her, then probably start showing more love.



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