15 Life Hacks That Are Just Too Genius

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 2, 2018

Regardless of what we say or do, one can never see enough of life hacks. Life hacks go a long way in making a person gain interest in what he/she is doing and to make all that a person is doing easier. Here we take a look at 15 genius life hacks that will definitely make your life better and easier.


Whenever you have a handyman working inside your house, doing manual labor of the sort including electrician, builder, carpenter etc, you can offer them a drink that has Adderall in them. It would get them working hard at the job.

Free Food

If you work at a restaurant and want some free food for yourself then have one of your friends call in for an order and not show up. Then, when you're closing up take the free food home with the pretext that the customer didn't show up.

Guessing Games

If a man ever asks a lady to guess where he is taking her to, a lady should always guess the name of a location that has the most expensive food on offer. Good chance to get your hands on some gourmet food.

Last Day

One thing that you can do on the last party in your school, if you are aged above the alcohol purchasing age, is to show up and ask all the students for buying alcohol. Then collect money from them and never show up again.


Whenever you plan to go on a honeymoon, ask the hotel management for a handicapped hotel room. You'll have numerous human assistant stands across the room, which can be used to good avail on your honeymoon period of romance.


If you ever want to find out whether the lady of the night is a cop is to ask for nude photos in exchange with money. If they're a prostitute they'll say yes, if she's a cop in disguise, she will probably say no to you.


Whenever you do think of robbing a store for your friend, do remember to have artificial tattoos on different parts of your body. Make those tattoos visible, and ensure that the police look for people with these clues.


If a relative keeps disturbing you with questions related to having a child, tell them that you're expecting a child. When they meet you again, tell them it was a miscarriage, so that they don't bring up the topic ever again.

First Guess

Guys have a hard time deciding where to take their woman to eat, so the best way is to ask them to guess where you guys are going. And, then when she takes the guess, take her to the first place that she guesses.


If you want to get your crush's phone number without giving them a hint, then the best way is to crash your car into their car. You are legally required to exchange numbers in such situations, which is why you need to let the law be your wingman.

Not Paying for Food

If you don't want to pay for food or drinks in an eatery, then have one of your friends come up and snatch your phone. Run after them and go away, because no one would stop you here.

Gain Some Cash

If you are a lady of the night and want to get your hands on some extra cash, then spread the rumor that anyone who asks for nude photos will give away under-cover officers. Enjoy the extra cash you get then from scared people.

Feeling Tired

If you ever feel really tired at work and want to sleep then wear gauze around your elbow. If someone asks you about why you're sleeping, tell them that you gave blood this morning and felt tired after the good deed.


If you are ever selling a second hand car in the market, make sure that you overinflate the tires so that the person driving the car can assume it to be responsive and smooth, even if it is not.

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