15 Things That Kids Born After The Year 2000 Will Never Understand

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 2, 2018

Life has changed a lot in the last couple of decades. The major reason behind this change is innovation and the fact that technology has grown by leaps and bounds and has surpassed all previous highs. The youngsters of today don't know a lot about what their elders did and here we look at some things they would never understand, no matter what you teach them.

Playing Solitaire

While games can be accessed on the fingertips now, things weren't as easy as this back in the day. Here's a picture of the rigmarole that had to be created every time you wanted a good experience playing something as simple as Solitaire.


The OHP was probably the most overhyped equipment back in the day. It was considered to be the coolest thing in town and whoever controlled this was considered as the most powerful and innovative person in the class.

Deleting Texts

Gone are the days when you had limited amount of memory with you on your phone. Now, we have copious amount of memory on our phones, but things weren't always the same and messages had to be deleted at times.

Snake 2

Snake 2 was by far the coolest game of the days gone by. Back when mobile games lacked any definitive purpose or anything, Snake 2 proved to be an interesting way to get over the boredom time and have a good game on the mobile.

Composing Ringtones

Before we had smartphones, applications and many other things that we have today, ringtones were composed through random digits on a traditional mobile phone. It was tiring, but the melody was worth the effort. Just look at that wide array of digits.

Sending Songs

Bluetooth was the best way for sending songs across mobile devices back in the day. People that had Bluetooth on their phones were considered as the cool lot and they were respected for making good choices in life.

Webcam Selfies

Webcam selfies were a real hassle to manage. Considering that you had the camera held in front of your face and the face showing in the monitor screen, it was hard to get the perfect look without messing things over.

MSN Messenger

Who remembers MSN Messenger from back in the day? The messenger was easily available on desktop online and was probably the best way to hit with people online. The conversations were pure gold. This brings back a lot of memories.

Logging off MSN

However, the sessions on MSN weren't really continuous and elongated, because you were always needed to eventually log off because your mom wanted to use the phone for calling someone. This was a big hindrance in its use.


Limewire was the perfect place for downloading a song or a music audio file, and everyone would throng it with their perfect music. It was really good until you realized that it was a radio version with the DJ speaking in between.


A lot of people back in the day started learning HTML in a bid to make their Myspace profile look better and more pleasing to the eye. This hack would make people attract more friends on the cool social networking site.

Top 8

Seeing your name pop up in the top 8 friends for someone, although you didn't really have a great conversation with them is the perfect way to see how things could be. Those were the days when pleasure really was cheap.

Top of the Pops

Everyone would sit silently and would run to their favorite channel to see the top of the pops every week on Friday. Friday was the time when Top of the Pop shared a list of the best singles trending in the vicinity.

Internet Explorer

The newer generations haven't really heard a lot about Internet Explorer, and to be honest, the most they have heard is through past renditions. The browser was a hassle to manage, and not many people use it any more.

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