Hacks For Keeping Your House Clean Without Breaking A Sweat

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | March 2, 2018

Cleaning has always been associated with a lot of effort by people who have done it. It really can be a lot of effort and if you don't direct your effort through the right means, you might end up over-indulging yourself in the activity. Here we take a look at some of the best tips for getting your house cleaned without sweating.

Rice for Scouring Narrow Vases

Rice along with water and vinegar can be a brilliant way to scour narrow vases. No one wants to see vases looking bang average with weird spots on the inside, which is why you might prefer getting them cleaned once a while.

Stray Items

There ain't a house where stray items are not seen. These stray items are seen placed at weird corners of the house, which can be ugly. The best way to cater stray items is to have a thorough plan for them. Keep them in an organized manner, which doesn't look ugly.

Slice of Bread

Accidents happen and rather than sweating over it, you should think of solutions. Once you break a glass, the shards won't really disappear until you want them to. The best way to get them away is to use a slice of bed.

Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are perfect for cleaning grout in a quick manner. The grout on the wall can often feel ugly and out of place, which is why you would want to get it cleaned with the help of an electric toothbrush.

Silicon Cupcakes

Silicon cupcakes are brilliant for placing inside a cup-holder for best impact. Cup-holders are almost always full of crumbs and all, which is why you can benefit from these silicon cupcakes to keep these crumbs away for a long time.

Lint Roller

A lot of people do love glitter, but hate it when it is spread around the floor or walls. The best way to clean up such glitter is to use a lint roller that can help make the task a lot easier and manageable.

Nail Polish Remover

Want to make your old shoes look new again? Well, then nail polish remover is the perfect thing to grab hold of. Nail polish remover will give you the easiness you need in life for getting the shine on old shoes.

Fake Foliage

Faux greenery can often help add to the beauty in a region, but you do need to clean them regularly to have them properly maintained. The best way to do so is to use detergents and to have the area cleaned.

Managing Bed Sheets

Managing bed sheets can often be a big hassle. You need to take care of a lot of things in having them stored, but with this brilliant hack, you can get them stored without a major hassle whatsoever.

Cleaning Ceiling Fans

The best way to clean ceiling fans is to do so through the use of pillow cases. Pillow cases can be extended over the ceiling fans and can then be used to rub perfectly over the wings to get the best impact.

Scrub Baking Dishes

Scrubbing dishes that seem to have a lot of stains on them is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. But, you can make it simplified by using a wrapped aluminum foil. Just scrub the dishes with it and you would be good.

Cleaning Tarnished Silver

Aluminum foil can be used for many purposes, including cleaning tarnished silver. The foil will gather all the blemishes and would get the silver pan in a sparkling condition within no time whatsoever. You can implement this hack for better kitchen performance.

Cleaning Microwave

Most people often neglect cleaning their microwave because they don't take a look inside. A look inside a microwave and you would see the damages it can acquire in no time. The best way to about this is to use steam, vinegar and lime.

Scrubbing Stove Burners

Scrubbing all the rust away from crusty stove burners can be a bit difficult. These stove burners develop hard rust and scrubbing it away is not needed anymore with the use of two tablespoons of ammonia to fit this purpose.

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