You Will Not Believe What This Man Caught On Camera While Videotaping His Wife

Weird | By Cole Damon | October 12, 2017

There is an addition to the crazy things that are found on the internet. We do not understand why people are so keen on scaring others. Scaring someone on Halloween is acceptable, but when you do it, otherwise it looks like a publicity stunt. With mad Photoshop skills, people are always making foolish edits of paranormal activity happening around them. Recently a photo that got viral was related to paranormal activity as well. People were talking about it a lot, as they did not understand if it was real or staged. You will have to be the judge with us as we dissect the video a man made and what he saw in his bathroom.

What Are Your Thoughts?

Along with different things floating around on the internet, there are a thousand different opinions as well. People are always going head to head on the internet when it comes to defending what they believe. Some take paranormal activity very seriously while others make jokes about it.

There Are Ghosts in Your House, Humans.

What is utterly confusing is that the people are aware of the supernatural things taking place in their house, yet they still do nothing. A person who is in the right state of mind would never want to share his/her house with other people, let alone with GHOSTS.

Did You Lack Of Oxygen Can Make You See "Stuff"?

There is a medical term known as cerebral anoxia that refers to the lack of oxygen flowing to your brain. This triggers the sensory hallucinations and sensory distortions. If this exceeds, it can lead to near death experiences and supernatural things might begin to happen.

What Was This Man Thinking?

On one normal day, a man decides to film his wife while she is in the shower. This gesture seems extremely random because why exactly would you want to film your wife showering. Like, which man in the right state of mind would want to make a video of his wife this way?

His Wife Gets Really Upset

When the woman realizes that her husband is filming she gets really upset. She peaks out of the shower and sees the camera. She grabs her towel, mumbles something in a foreign language, and exits the bathroom leaving the husband inside alone.

She Leaves Him Stranded

Are women known as heartbreakers? That is just a joke. Because of her bad mood, the wife exists and the man is alone. He looks at himself in the mirror with the camera and he has a sly smile on his face. Then he hears something.

Heartbeats Will Now Accelerate, For Real.

With a sly smile on his face, the man hears something in the shower. The man turns the camera towards the shower and he sees paranormal activity in his house. In complete confusion, he tries to pay attention to this noise, but he gets startled.


With all his attention on the shower, the man sees how there is movement behind the curtains. Suddenly, we can see hands and a blurred face behind the curtain. The woman has hair up till her shoulders and disappears as soon as the curtain is removed from in front of her.

Is It Even Real Though?

For the over thinkers, this situation would be classified as a complete publicity stunt. There should have been someone waiting for the man behind the curtain so we could have believed him. We are absolutely convinced that this is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

It Is Really Badly Edited

No offense to the couple, for the people with good eyes for edits can tell that this video is not well set up. It seems obvious that the "ghost" that appeared in the shower was just a part of their publicity stunt. HAHA.

Can You Believe Babies Can Be Destructive?

Similar to this video, there was a video of a demonic baby trending on the internet. We do not know if it is real or not, but it is extreme entertainment for us. This baby is standing on the edge of this crib for the entire night while it is being recorded on camera.

In All Honesty, Paranormal Activity Seems Unrealistic

How can we take these videos seriously? If ghosts do not like appearing in front of us, why would they want to appear in our photos or videos? People who have experienced a real life encounter with ghosts can be a reliable source for the authentification of this statement.

Could it have been a ghost?

The idea of ghosts attacking human beings is not a new one. The vibes that the unknown provides humans with is unparalleled to say the least, and the mind forges images in their brains to simulate fear. But can it ever be real?

Our fascination with fear

The human mind finds a way to make everything feel paranormal. This instinct kicks itself late into the night when everything becomes dark and sinister. At this time the mind runs wild with fantastic thoughts and creates an illusion of being in the presence of ghosts.

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