15 Signs That Your Lover Has Lost Interest In Your Relationship

Lifestyle | By Gigi Cummings | October 12, 2017

Being in a relationship when it is good, is the best feeling in the whole world. But in some scenarios, love just isn't enough, and lots of factors start to create the reality that maybe things aren't working anymore. It is a sad truth but often nothing actually happens to break up a relationship, one or both of the people just fall out of love with one another. There are some tell tale signs that you and your partner are headed in that direction, so if you feel like things are on the rocks, check in to make sure that you are both on the same level.

All Sex, No Love

If you feel like every time you and your partner get intimate, it is all about the sexual act and there is no longer an emotional connection, you two might be facing a future decision about your relationship. Have a discussion with your partner about their emotional distance to check in.

You Suspect Them Of Cheating

Often in relationships if one of the people suspects the other of cheating, it is usually true. So if you have that gut feeling that your partner is sneaking off to be with someone else, follow your instincts and confront your partner on their possible cheating ways.

They Purposely Upset You

If you feel like your partner is going out of their way to make you upset or unnecessarily mean to you and doesn't care about your feelings when they act that way. They may be purposely pushing you away in order to get you to want to leave them and make the whole breakup easier.

They Don't Want To Commit

If you two have been in a standstill in your relationship for a long time, and you have been ready to move forward but your partner hasn't been willing to take the next step, then their might be a reason for their hesitancy. They might be wanting to back out instead of get too serious with you.

The Don't Have Time For You

If your partner has become so busy with their individual life they might be trying to tell you that they would rather have a life without you in it. When people are in a committed relationship they try to prioritize the other person, but if your partner isn't choosing to do that it might be time to move on without them.

They Are Indecisive

If you feel like you are always the one making decisions and making plans while your partner seems to not care what is happening in your worlds together, it might be a sign that they don't want to be a part of the relationship anymore. Especially if they start to play games or become distant.

They Only Focus On Them

You both have your own lives, but you also have a life together where you have to make compromises and take care of each other. if your partner seems to be only interested in themselves with has completely ditched any effort to be an active part of the relationship they might be gearing up to become solo again.

Their Arrogance Comes Out

If your partner seems to be coming at you with an arrogance that you hadn't noticed in the relationship before, they could be showing that they are fed up with their current relationship situation and have decided to just project all of their feelings onto everyone else.

They No Longer Support You

In a relationship, your partner is your rock and your biggest support system. If your partner has become increasingly insensitive and you feel as if they do not support you and your life anymore, than they might be putting themselves in a position to take the escape route from your relationship.

They Start Hanging Out With Their Friends More

You two have always had Sunday nights are your night-in together. But your partner has started to call it off in place of going out with their friends without trying to make new plans with you. This could be a sign that they are trying to slowly back themselves out of the relationship and reestablish their single life.

They Stop Checking In

When you and your partner are in a really good place, you two are constantly checking in on each other to see how the other ones day is going or to laugh at something random. If he stops checking in to say hi and you don't hear from him all day, his mind is probably elsewhere and that could mean trouble for you two.

They Are On Their Phone More

In our world we are constantly on our phones and on social media, it is normal to do that. But in a relationship you two know your habits well and also make time to focus on each other, if your partner is choosing to spend more time in the virtual world than in person with you, they could be checked out.

Forgets Special Occasions

You have your third anniversary coming up and your partner hasn't mentioned plans for it once. They might not just be absent minded, they could be completely over the relationship and not wanting to pay attention to those little details and memories anymore.

They Make A Lot Of Excuses

If it seems like every suggestion or plan that you have started to make, your partner has come up with an excuse to shoot it down. You feel like these excuses are unnecessary and that they could find a compromise but they just don't want to. because if they always have an excuse than they don't have to be accountable.

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