Florida Lawmakers Approve Bill Allowing Teachers To Carry Guns

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | March 1, 2018

In the recent wake of school shootings the only question that has been on the public mind is when is the government going to resolve the gun situation. That seems to have been answered in the most awkward way as Florida Lawmakers add more guns to the mix instead of taking them out. People are still unsure of what to expect.

School Shootings

In recent news there has been sort of an endemic of school shootings all across America. Every few months there is news of a mentally disturbed child with a gun injuring his/her class mates. What is alarming is that these do not seem to be slowing down.

Lawmaking Gone Wrong

Florida lawmakers turned down the amendment that would have banned the use of automatic assault weapons for public use. This was very surprising because it is often automatic weapons that are found at the center of mass murders and school shootings.

Guns Fight Guns

What the lawmakers did pass was the law that now allows teachers to carry weapons in to school premises in wake of the school shootings. This is with the hope that equipped teachers will be able to take down assailants before they cause harm to the students.

Time It Takes

It is being told that the decision did not come easy. The Senate Rules Committee of Florida spent more than two whole hours discussing the gun control issue before coming to an agreement and casting their votes. *slow claps please*

Bright Side

The senate did pass a law that will agree to finally confiscate guns from people that are not mentally stable. Which leads to the question - why was this not the case from the beginning? Why is it not a requirement to have a psychological evaluation before getting a gun?


Finally the age limit is being raised to legally purchase guns. Once again, the question needs to be asked. Why did it take so long to get this amendment passed? This should have been priority number one after the first time a teenager got their hands on a gun and harmed people.

More Rules To Follow

More of the same rules from the House of Rules Committee will be announced on Tuesday and that will hopefully incorporate stricter gun control. This is a very small band-aid on a big problem that is not going away anytime soon.

Protesters Not Happy

Protesters were found screaming at the meeting where the laws were being decided and rightfully so. Such a small amendment was passed after having such a long history of heart ache caused by improper gun control. This deserves better laws.

More Guns In School

The problem with this amendment is that they are introducing more weapons in to schools. This does not change the fact that those guns can be used to harm students. Guns need to be culled all together. Fighting fire with fire is not the option at a time like this.

Teachers Are Also a Threat

Arming teachers would mean that all teachers are benevolent beings. That is furthest from the truth. Teachers have on multiple occasions proved that they are not to be trusted with fire arms. This just adds more to the power that they already have and that is bad for the students.

Schools Need To Be Safe

Schools are places where war should not be a threat. It needs to be only discussed and avoided. Arming school staff is like sending children to prison. They are at constant threat that one day someone is going to get hurt because of human error.

Donald Trump On Guns

Trump suggests that schools hire specialized personnel that carry guns on campus. He further goes to say that teachers that do carry guns should be given a bonus for carrying weapons on to school property. That it might act as a deterrent.

Parents Worried

Parents are worried teachers already intimidate students. The presence of firearms is only going to make things worse. The school environment is supposed to be conducive to learning but the guns are going to make it a place of anxiety.

Future For Laws

Considering this amendment it does not look that good for stricter gun control. All this has done is add more guns to the mix. The more guns on the playing field the more dangerous it gets. If a firefight breaks out there will be twice the amount of guns to hurt.

Gun Control Quandary

The fact that after so many years law makers are still uneasy banning guns is a big red flag that shows how powerful the NRA truly is. This is going to be a problem in the coming years when the gun numbers have increased and more people are at risk.

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