Here Are Some Things You Should Stop Doing If You Want to Live Longer

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 12, 2017

You've probably heard, gazillion times, that it's never too late to be healthy. Let me confirm that fact to you today if you have ever doubted its truth. Adopting healthy habits can actually assist you in slowing down your biological clock and living longer. Your friends and family are right to tell you to adopt a healthier lifestyle, since these can slow down the biological clock and grant you a longer life!

Easy to adopt habits

Luckily for you, these are habits that you can incorporate in your day to day activities. There are times when it's just too much effort to stop unhealthy habits. However, it's important to start somewhere, and these things are just the beginning.

Stop Sitting Still

Do you want to live longer? Well, get those muscles moving! For those who are not a fan of hitting the track or the gym, you will like this: you only need fifteen minutes of moderately intense exercise a day to increase your life span.

Just walk or jog!

That brisk walk or jogging session can add you an extra three years. In fact, if you hit the global minimum recommended of 30 minutes a day, five times a week, you can extend this to four years and above.

Don't sit around at the office too much

Many office jobs involve a lot of sitting as you type things out. However, sitting still for hours on end is correlated to early deaths. Invest in a treadmill desk, or at least get up from your desk every hour and take a walk around the office.

Stop Stressing

If you want to increase your years living on Earth, then you better seriously stop stressing. Yes, this is easier said than done, but I know you know what I am talking about. Going over that script over and over again in your head will not help your situation.

De-stressing methods

There are several de-stress methods that you can try out like journaling or writing in a diary, meditating and learning to relax. The liberation you get after doing this is priceless and you stay away from anxiety, tension, and depression.

Avoid your stressors

Remember, staying away from stress is a personal effort that you must consciously make. Identify the most prominent sources of stress in your life, and then work on reducing or eliminating those through some of the de-stressing methods mentioned earlier.

Stop Smoking

Here's an interesting fact. Smoking can rob you up to a decade of your life! But you probably already knew that, considering all the anti-smoking PSAs and campaigns out there. I know it is easier said than done but you have to stop taking that puff.

Quitting smoking will quickly result in benefits

Research shows that tobacco use is the most preventable kind of death. There are many advantages that come with this habit. Apart from being healthy, you also look much younger. Also, you don't only save your health from the effects of smoking but also that of those around you.

Your health will automatically improve

You'll be surprised at how forgiving your body is as soon as you quit smoking. Blood pressure reduces and your blood circulation improves. Also, that dreaded cancer will slowly start retreating from you. It's a win all around, so start getting that nicotine gum pronto!

Stop Keeping to Yourself

Get out there and mingle! And I am not saying to go out looking for a date and stuff but socializing. You are not meant to be alone! Socializing can help you manage stress, strengthen your immune system and wait for longer!

Make sure your friendships are healthy, however.

However, you'd better stick to good healthy friendships if you want to keep a positive frame of mind. Those bad ones will give you a negative mind frame and increase your chances of depression and even of a heart attack.

Put some effort into looking for people

You may be thinking, 'My family is so far away' or 'I don't know many people in this city'. Those are all a bunch of excuses. Get yourself out there and into book clubs and volunteering. There are so many opportunities out there to socialize.

Stop Holding a Grudge

When you are stressed or angry, the hormone's levels shoot up which affects your heart, metabolism and even your immune system. It also helps increase your life span. Now you tell me, is holding that grudge really worth it? I don't think so.

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