15 Times Kids Were Unintentionally Hilarious

Humor | By Cole Damon | October 12, 2017

Kids don't just say the darndest things - they also do some hilarious stuff! Kids have no idea what they are doing, which is why they do so many stupid things. Doing stupid things all the time means sometimes they unintentionally end up doing something genius or hilarious. If you want pictures of genius kids you're in the wrong place - cause we are all about the unintentional hilarity! See these 15 hilarious pictures and roll on the floor laughing.

This kid is a bit too touchy feely

Kids have no boundaries and are very innocent. That's what makes this picture so hilarious. Change the people involved and the picture loses all its charms. The kid was trying to get up, he just tried to grab the wrong thing as support!

That's... now how you eat ice cream

Who doesn't love ice cream? We love its taste, we even love its smell, but this kid is too much. Enthralled by the sweet smell of vanilla this kid decided to sniff the ice cream. We don't know why this picture makes us so uncomfortable, but it does.

That's now how you drink kid

We love this picture because it shows one of the main reasons kids make so many mistakes - they are so slow to react! Look at this little trooper dropping all the drink without even realizing it. The kid did this for long enough for his parents to take out there camera too.

Kid takes a bath

This one is hilarious. We are sure that this kid hates taking a bath when his mom tells him to, but seeing a puddle he couldn't resist drowning in it. We would also like to commend the photographer who took a series of pictures instead of telling the kid to stop!

Here's the smoothest baby in the world

As disgusting as this kid looks, we are sure his skin feels amazing! The kid loved the feeling of Vaseline petroleum jelly so much he decided to lather it all over his body. It's good that he didn't start running around, because he would have been impossible to catch.

Just chilling

Sometimes you just need to chill. This kid found the best place to chill - inside the fridge! Isn't it funny how kids do the weirdest things like they are the most normal things in the world? This kid was probably feeling a bit too warm and just sat down in the coldest place.

Curious kids

These are two different kids with the same idea. The first one we understand - the kid was just doing something kids naturally do, albeit to a mannequin. It's the second one which makes us wonder - what is up with this kid?

This girl is committed to Eggos

Kids love Eggos much more than adults do, and the proof is right here. The girl had to step inside the huge fridge to be able to get to the Eggos and she didn't even hesitate. All we know is that this is one cool kid - possibly the coolest one in the store.

Nihilist Kid

Many adults want to destroy everything around them but this kid is one step ahead. I guess all we can do is be thankful that this kid isn't the ruler of the world. Or maybe he just wants to destroy what he rules because he doesn't like responsibility?

This kid is a true dawg

This kid loves his puppy so much that he even loves to share his food. The only problem is usually you share human food with the dog, not the other way around. Well, as long as the food tastes good we guess.

This kid doesn't need no education

We have all been there. When we have to study for a test or an exam and it just completely overwhelms us and we want to throw our books away. This kid just reached that point before learning to read. We aren't even mad - we're impressed!


We have so many questions about this picture. Why is there some bird shit on the kid's head already? Why is the kid just letting another pigeon doodoo on him? Why is he crying instead of shooing the pigeon away? We may never know.

You have a call

This kid wanted to clean his phone so he cleaned it with water. This is the type of picture that can make a parent scream. There's nothing worse than losing your valuables to the stupidity of the kid. We are 100% sure this invalidated the warranty too...

This kid is too turnt

So, yeah, what's up with this kid? We don't know the story behind this picture, and quite frankly we are sure we don't want to know anything either. Any search term we can think of to search for more details would put us on some government lists for sure...

Become the toilet

Some children have trouble learning toilet etiquette. This one dove right in - literally! This is the type of thing parents hate and love at the same time. Hate because now you have to bathe the kid all over again. Love because this picture is something the parents can use to embarrass the kid forever!



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