15 Things Guys Will Say When They Really Love You

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | February 27, 2018

There are many things a guy may tell you, but the 15 things listed below in this article are one the most blatantly obvious ways to find out that he really loves you. While guys are usually direct when it comes to having a conversation, the truth is that sometimes they can be shy when it comes to talking about some of the deeper emotions they are feeling. In fact, many guys would never admit to feeling deep emotions, which is why you need to learn to read between the lines.

"You arouse me."

While anyone can give you a compliment, saying "you arouse me" can be a very direct way of telling you that you mean a lot to him. Saying these three magic words means that this guy feels close to you, and is not ashamed of admitting the feelings he has.

"I would prefer not to date any other person"

If the guy you are seeing says he doesn't want you or him to date any other people, that is one of the most direct ways of telling you that he wants you to become exclusive - and if a guy wants to be exclusive with you, that means you mean a lot to him.

"I'd love it in the event that you accompanied me to..."

Inviting you to any kind of important or otherwise formal event is another sign that you mean a lot to him. Company gatherings or industry conferences are special occasions for all guys, and being there with him means that he trusts you;

"I need to help you with..."

If a guy wants to help you with some task at home, that doesn't mean he is submissive to you or being a pushover. That just means that he cares about you, and wants you to know it. Perhaps is going to ask a favor from you in the future.

"I Want You to Meet My Family"

Everyone knows that meeting your partner's family is one of the most important occasions and milestones during the early stages of a relationship. So, if your partner asks you this important question, you should feel very happy about your future together.

"Move in with me."

The next step in a relationship (that usually happens a few months or years after meeting your partner's parents) is the part where he asks you to move in together. He obviously loves you if he is prepared to share every day and night with you.

"When we get hitched/have children/move to another location..."

If your partner talks about some future events where you two are engaged or have children or are preparing to get a place together, that means that he imagines when those days will really come true (if you don't yet have children together).

"I adore you."

Nothing says that he loves you more than hearing those three magic words, "I adore you." The great part about this sentence is that it is powerful, yet not as sexual as the other things your guy can tell you. It strikes the perfect balance between cute and romantic.

"This reminded me of you."

If random things on the street or at home can serve as a reminder of you to your partner, that means that he spends a lot of time thinking about you. The more time a person spends thinking about something, the more he is going to notice it.

"I can help you with that."

All men like to be needed - especially by their significant others. When a guy is needed, he feels as if he has a mission to accomplish, and that is one of the main biological drives that all guys share. So, don't be afraid of asking for help from your partner from time to time.

You look great."

While saying "you look great" may not sound like much, it is a nice and sincere compliment. It also means that this guy likes you, but also doesn't want to come off as too aggressive, which is why he is saying instead of something more direct.

"I was talking to my mom..."

If your guy tells you about something he shared with his mom (and especially if that is something about you), that has two possible meaning. He either wants to indirectly tell you that he wants to get serious, or perhaps he views you as a BFF as shares everything he knows about you.

"I'm upset/mad/worried."

Most guys are not comfortable admitting feeling deep and strong emotions, which is why it means a lot if a guy tells you that he is feeling upset, mad or worried. That means that he feels extremely comfortable and confident in sharing this info with you.

"Where have you been? What are you doing?"

Asking you "where have you been" and "what are you doing" does not mean that this guy loves you, but it does mean that he has taken an interest in your life, and perhaps wants to get to know you better - perhaps so that the two of you can get serious together.

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