15 Reasons Why You Will Always Be Single And Never Be A Girlfriend

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 12, 2017

Men were supposed to be simple, no? Yet some of us find it so hard to attract a guy. Many of us have no problem looking attractive to a guy but being a girlfriend is a completely different thing. Some girls are pretty but they stay single all the time simply because they aren't approached by guys. Here are 15 things you may be doing that are scaring the boys away. Let's see how many apply to you

You seem intimidating

The thing guys fear most is being rejected. If you look like you are going to reject the guys if they talk to you most of them will not approach you at all. It is very nerve wrecking for guys to approach a girl so you need to look approachable.

You joke around too much

Some girls get put into the friendzone because they joke around too much. Guys love funny girls but they usually joke around with friends. Jokes are good, just keep them a bit clean and make sure you do something other than joking too.

You don't get hints

Guys will often ask you out in subtle ways because they don't want to outright ask you and be rejected. They may ask you if you've seen a particular movie. Hint: They want to watch it with you. Make sure you pick up the hints!

Your views are too old fashioned

It isn't the 60s anymore. Don't expect dating to work like it did back then. The guy may show up dressed casual for the first date. There will be no flowers. You guys may even split the bill. This is just how things work now.

You aren't putting yourself out there

You can't get a job if you don't apply to any. You can't become a girlfriend if you never put yourself out there. Sure, some of the guys you meet will be annoying, but that's how you find the one.

You are awkward at dates

Being awkward can be bad because it stunts the guy's approach. A guy will be trying to make you like him in the first few dates. If you are too awkward the guy may think that you simply didn't like him and didn't want to talk to him.

You don't tell the guy that you like him

Guys are very bad at picking up hints. If you meet a great guy and want to go out on a few more dates with him don't be subtle about him. Text him and tell him that you had a great time and ask when you can do it again.

Your fashion sense sends the wrong message

You need to dress right. Wear a dress that isn't too formal yet isn't too casual either. Show up all dressed up and the guy will think you are too high maintenance. Show up dressed too casual and the guy will think you are a lazy sloth.

Your friends are ruining your dating life

Your friends may be unintentionally ruining your dating life. If they keep pointing out the flaws in your dates and roasting them every chance you get, you will have trouble taking the dates seriously too. Think for yourself instead of listening to them sometimes.

You don't talk enough

Guys want to be sure you like them before they ask you out. If you are the shy quiet type guys won't think you are shy or quiet. Instead they will think that you just didn't want to talk to them.

You talk too much

Talking too much is bad as well. Guys will think that you are too annoying. If you naturally talk too much among friends as well try to tone it down in the first few dates. Once you've won him over and he's your boyfriend you can talk to him all day.

You are on your phone all the time

Some girls are always on their phones and guys hate it. Do not use your phone during your first few dates. Just try to live in the moment. You can use your phone all the time in front of him once he is your boyfriend.

You judge guys based on appearances

This is a big problem with girls who haven't interacted much with boys. The guy you think is dressed like a douche may be a fun guy to hang out with, and the guy dressed like a gentleman may be the worst guy you ever met.

You don't understand modern guys

Guys these days are very different than how they used to be. Don't judge guys based on the books you've read and the movies you have watched growing up! Guys may seem a bit childish to you, a bit too much into superheroes and video games, but that's just the culture now.

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