Photo Of Screaming Baby And Calm Dad Goes Viral

Entertainment | By Ian Anglin | February 26, 2018

Justin Baldoni is an actor who is most famous for his starring role in the hit show "Jane the Virgin." He was recently in a Whole Foods store with his family, when his daughter had an emotional outburst. What Justin did impressed everyone, which is why the photo of his and his father standing over his daughter became a viral sensation. Not many parents can remain as calm when their kid is having such a difficult moment, but Justin managed everything to perfection.

Young Kids Can Have an Emotional Outburst at Any Moment

It is a well-known fact that young kids can have an emotional outburst at any given moment - including at inappropriate times, like when you are at the cash register with strangers all around you. That's exactly what happened to this famous Hollywood dad.

Grocery Stores, Malls, and Restaurants Can Easily Upset Babies

The truth is that all environments that are packed with a lot of people and lots of stuff going on (different lights, stores, and room design) can easily upset babies because the amount of stuff going on can overwhelm their sense of perception.

There Is No Reason to Be Embarrassed

What happened to this father at the grocery store can happen to all parents, which is why there is no reason to be embarrassed about it. The important thing in a situation like this is how you are going to handle it - what you do is going to make the biggest difference to the baby's personal development.

Actor Justin Baldoni Shared How He Handed His Daughter's Temper Tantrum

The first photo in this article, where you can see the two grown men waiting calmly for the little grow to stop her emotional outburst, was shared but the girl's daughter - famous actor Justin Baldoni. He shared the photo so that he can give us insight into the lessons he learned from his dad.

Best Known for His Role in "Jane the Virgin"

Actor Justin Baldoni is most famous for his role in the hit show "Jane the Virgin." The photo of him standing over his daughter at a store was taken by his wife, Emily, who took the photo while the family was shopping at the local Whole Foods.

He Remembered What His Father Did in Situations Like This

When Justin's daughter decided to have an emotional outburst in the Whole Foods store, Justin decided to do the same thing his father did when he was growing up - he waited calmly for the girl to finish throwing her tantrum. He didn't say anything good or bad towards her.

The Photo Was Shared on His Facebook Page

Justin was so proud of this moment he had with his dad (he is the other man in the photo, standing besides him) that he shared it on his Facebook page, so that this can serve as a lesson and potential role model to his fans around the world.

He Was Shopping With His Daughter Maiya

Before the epic photo was taken by Justin's wife, the pair were going shopping together with their daughter Maiya, and Justin's father, the man who actually gave him insight into how to handle a complicated situation like this one.

They Remained Calm Despite Being in a Crowded Mall

One of the most important takeaways from this photo, is that both Justin and his father kept their calm and didn't get embarrassed during the whole ordeal, even though the mall was crowded with people, and many no doubt noticed what is happening.

The Photo Is One of His Favorites

According to the Facebook post Justin posted on his page, the photo with him and his daughter is now one of his favorite photos of all time. He wrote, "Emily took this in Whole Foods. It's now one of my favorite photos ever of me and my dad."

He Did Similar Things When He Was Younger

The famous actor continued his Facebook post, saying that he did similar things to his father when he was near his daughter's age. It seems that some things simply run in the family - like having emotional outbursts in crowded malls.

Being Comfortable in the Uncomfortable

According to the actor, the whole art in a situation like this is to be able to be comfortable even when uncomfortable. This may sound paradoxical, but it a very important truth in life. The stronger a person can be in difficult situations, the better his life is going to be.

Children Something Don't Know What to Do

It seems that these days, given how widespread the Internet, social media and mobile devices are, there is simply too much information out there (and growing by the day), and this can become problematic for young children when they are growing up.

He Understands His Daughter

Justin also wrote in his post that he understands his daughter, and it is completely okay for her to feel deep and difficult emotions from time to time. This is true for all people in the world - everyone has periods when they simply feel too much of a given emotion.

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