Miley Cyrus's Sister Is Breaking The Internet With These Gorgeous Photos

Entertainment | By Jay Dawson | October 12, 2017

Life can be tough sometimes for celebrities, but just imagine how much harder it is for their siblings. Sure, they don't have the constant paparazzi and media hounding, but at the same time they're destined to be permanently ignored - forever living in the shadow of their more famous brother or sister. Well, one woman is about to change all that. Even though every single person in the world knows about Miley Cyrus and her antics, her sister is stepping out and making a name for herself, too...

The Sister You've Never Heard Of

Whisper the name Brandi Cyrus to most people and they'll look at you in complete confusion. The surname certainly rings a bell, but who the heck is Brandi? Well, she's actually the older and long-forgotten sister of Miley. But that anonymity's not going to last...

Starting To Make Waves

Now, Brandi Cyrus is starting to become the focus of the internet instead of Miley. All of a sudden, everybody realized just how beautiful, and just how talented, Brandi is. Brandi's a social media queen, and now it's starting to pay off.

Her Famous Younger Sister

Living in the shadow of a celebrity is always going to be tough work, and even more so when that celebrity is Miley Cyrus. Miley's not just a musician and a woman, but a brand - one that's constantly reinventing and shocking the world.

Stealing The Headlines

A quick review of Miley So Far is enough to see why Brandi can't quite get the same love that Miley has. From twerking, to flashing every inch of her body, to the smoking and tatts and, well, Wrecking Ball, Miley steals the show, every time.

They've Acted Together

Surprisingly, they're not actually rivals in showbiz, but more like best friends. Brandi Cyrus even had a bite at being a celebrity way back when she acted in an episode or two of Hannah Montana - although her career didn't take off much after that.

And She's A Star In Her Own Right

Brandi Cyrus has even starred in her own movie, a horror film called Old 37. In that, she plays a teenage girl who is targeted by two psychopathic brothers, only to turn the tables on them and fight for her survival.

How They're Related

Fun fact: Brandi Cyrus is only Miley's half-sister, not a full one. She's not actually Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter, but she was born to the same mother as Miley, Tish Cyrus. Her father was Baxter Neal Helson, and her birth name is Brandi Glenn Helson.

Growing Up Out Of The Spotlight

Back in 1987, when Brandi was born, her mother hadn't even met Billy Ray Cyrus yet. This meant that her early childhood was free of the usual celebrity spotlight, and she grew up nice and normal. Until Miley came along....

Joining The Cyrus Family

Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus welcomed their daughter Miley Cyrus to the world in late 1992, and got married the following year. As a part of their marriage, Billy Ray legally adopted all of Tish's children, including Brandi. Which is why she's a Cyrus, not a Helson.

In The Family Business

She's not just a Cyrus by name, but a Cyrus by nature, too. Like her adoptive father and sister, Brandi is also a star musician - her duo band, Frank + Derol - has been pumping out indie tunes for the last few years. They're actually pretty good, too.

She's A Fashion Icon, Too

You'd never associate a Cyrus with fashion. Miley does wear some pretty outrageous stuff, but it's more like dressing in the dark than rocking a real look. Brandi, on the other hand, is a true fashionista. She's even the fashion editor for Style Native.

A Spitting Image On The Red Carpet

If you forget about the clothes, though, when they step out on the red carpet together, there's no doubting that these sisters share some common blood. From their pretty faces to their attitude, you can't mistake the Cyrus style.

Hosting Her Own TV Show

Back in 2015, Brandi Cyrus also had the chance to host her own TV show, a music program called The Queue. While Brandi was a fine host, the show sadly only lasted nine episodes. Still, Brandi rates the experience as one of the highlights of her career.

Don't Forget The Other, Other Cyrus

Though two Cyruses (Cyrii?) was enough? Think again. There's actually one more Cyrus we haven't even mentioned yet: the middle sibling, Trace Cyrus. He's Brandi's full-blown brother, born Neil Timothy Helson and also later adopted by Billy. And guess what? He's a musician.

Joining Her Sister In The Celebrity Stratosphere

No-one in the world might ever touch Miley Cyrus and her fame and popularity. But Brandi is doing a pretty good job of trying. Now that the internet knows about her, and we've seen her smoking hot social media profile, there's no doubt that she's about to join her sister in the ranks of super-celebs.



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