Weird and Gross Things Girls Do But Will Never Admit Publicly

Humor | By Cole Damon | October 12, 2017

If you are a girl, society has always expected from you to behave according to settled norms but girls are not porcelain dolls. They might be better mannered than boys are, but that's all down to societal conditioning. The reality is that girls are just as capable of being gross as boys are. Seriously, just ask a girl and she'll tell you the same thing! Or maybe she won't. Societal conditioning goes deep.

Girls are gross too

That's right, girls are just as capable of being disgusting and gross as boys are. Sure, they may have been shamed by society more forcefully for doing these things than boys, but trust us. It's still all a part of their genetic code.

Gross things girls do

Here are the top 7 secretly gross things girls do and if you show this to a girl and she says she cannot relate, she's lying! Hey, at least you're on to her, right? The more confident a girl is in your company, the more readily she'll admit this stuff to you.

Picking Your Nose and Flicking Your Boogers Away

A nice, well-mannered girl would, of course, never pick her nose in public. But there's nothing like coming home after a long day and digging for gold. It may be a childlike habit, but it's just so satisfying you never outgrow it.

This will happen despite mom's advice

Every mother will have counseled her daughter to never pick their noses in public, and girls generally don't do it. The social cost would be just too much! But in the privacy of their own bedrooms, there's nothing to stop them from this.

Dig Out Ingrown Hair

Every girl really enjoys digging out ingrown hair. Some often have whole sessions with the tweezers where you get every single one. Again, this is a pretty satisfying thing to do, especially because of the way the skin looks afterwards.

They'll dig it out everywhere.

It doesn't matter where the ingrown hair is located. They'll pluck out the nipple hair and the ones around their belly button. But ingrown hairs around the face are the real catch. There's nothing more satisfying than going at it with the tweezers on your face.

Enjoy Squeezing Out Blackheads

Squeezing out a huge blackhead gives us a weird kind of satisfaction. It's kind of like having a mission to force out the foreign object that's hurting your looks and, once you have managed to complete this mission, you become your own personal hero.

But it doesn't end once the blackheads are out!

This, of course, doesn't end here though! Oh no, just popping out the bugger is not enough. Girls have to carefully inspect it afterwards and try to determine its size, color, shape. The jury is still out on why it's so fascinating to do this.

Smell Themselves

Whenever someone mentions a bad smell, you automatically assume it's you,because remembering deodorant is hard. At least knowing is half the battle, even if it does turn out you're the smelly kid. It's a talent to sniff yourself unobserved, let me tell you that.

And smelling gets even better during periods!

Furthermore, during periods, girls have the ability to twist their selves into the most amazing positions just so they could smell their crotch to confirm that the pad doesn't give them out and that nobody can really pick up that scent.

Dress-up According To Shaving and Non-Shaving Schedule

This isn't really gross, but shaving sucks, and you always end up missing a weird patch on your ankle anyway. So on days when you don't want to bother, you wear clothes that expertly hide the inch-long strands. No one is any the wiser.

We have a quick solution to cover up yeast infections...

Although athlete's foot is more common in guys, those yellowish toe nails and red patches can affect us girls too. Yeah, we find that pretty gross, but it can happen to the best of us, when we haven't been exercising the right amount of caution during cleanup.

We just paint those toenails up!

Girls are embarrassed to talk about it and it isn't exactly an ideal topic to discuss over a Sunday brunch so they prefer to keep quiet about it, paint their nails for quick cover-up and keep the ointment hidden deep inside the bottom drawer.

Peeing in the shower

Letting loose during early morning showers is too convenient not to do. It all goes down the drain anyway, so what's the big deal? Don't give us those judgmental stares; everyone does it! And it saves so much time in the morning.

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