9 Things Every Couple Should Do To Make Their Relationship Last

Lifestyle | By Emily Malone | October 12, 2017

Relationships can be the best, or the worst part of your life depending on the person you are with. It is easy to get wrapped up in the old patterns of your relationship but there are a few key things that if you are not already doing, you should. Following are 9 suggestions of ways to make your relationship last longer, if that is what you want, or just be happier for as long as you want it to last.

Relationships Are Hard Work

Before we get to the 9 tips it is important to remember that relationships are not easy. It will always take hard work from both parties to make a relationship happy and healthy, this can come in many forms both little and big from grand gestures to just taking little actions to make sure your partner remembers you care.

What Is The Benefit Of A Relationship?

Sometimes when you are in a relationship, or looking at them from the outside, you might wonder what even is the point? Between emotional and time drain it is true that it takes a lot out of you. However studies show that most people are over the long term happier when they have a consistent partner.

It Doesn't Always Have To Be Forever

Another good thing to remember before entering into a relationship is that it doesn't always have to be forever. It is far too easy to fall into the 'just make it work' mentality, but sometimes that is not the right answer! If you don't want a long term relationship that is okay, or even if you do but you are in an unhealthy relationship it is sometimes just better to let go.

Keeping Things Healthy Is Key

Within relationships the most important thing to remember is that a relationship should always be healthy. Even if it is not in the best place it is important to still be in a place where you are respected by and respectful to your partner. If that is ever not the situation, ditch that situation ASAP!

Here Are 9 Tips And Tricks To Make It Work

Once you have decided to give a relationship a try these 9 following slides are good reminders of things to keep doing to have a healthy, happy relationship. However, it is also important to remember the last few slides of what to make sure you are looking for and entering a relationship with.

Cuddle It Up!

Step one is probably everyone's favorite, cuddling! Besides being the most cozy way to fall asleep there is actually science behind why cuddling is good for you and your partner. A study has shown that 94% of couples that cuddle at night time have stronger relationships than their counterparts who do not cuddle.

Non-Sexual Contact And Favors

Just like cuddling is a fairly platonic way to make contact with your partner, although it doesn't always end up that way... take time to have other forms of physical contact that don't involve sex. This could be anything from a brief hug to a nice long back massage, with no happy ending involved.

Double Date

Dates with just your partner are also great, but they are already a part of most couples routines. Double dating is the next thing to give a try if you and your partner are already going on dates. Couples who go on double dates tend to spend more time talking and therefore are more likely to fall in love.

Schedule Time Just With Each Other

Like we just said double dating is great for your relationship, but it goes without saying that alone time is just as important. It can become easy to get too busy to remember to make that special time for you and your partner but try to make it a priority! It can even be a small amount of time like over dinner or 15 minutes talking before bed.

Get Weird Together

It goes without saying that you should be comfortable around your partner, so it is okay to let your freak flag fly because everyone has that side to them. Besides just making it so your partner knows you better it also keeps your relationship interesting, and that makes it easier to stay together in the long term.

Kiss As Much As Possible

Kissing is already fun and can be super cute, forehead kisses anyone, but you will be happy to know it can actually make your relationship stronger as well. The University of Oxford held a study that showed parters with high relationship satisfaction is tied to having a partner who is a good kisser and kissing frequently.

Compliment Your Partner

This should go without saying that it is important to make your partner feel good about themself. Everyone loves to feel loved and supported, so remember your own desire for that and extend it to your partner. When you do so you will find that this positivity will return back to you tenfold.

Surprise Each Other

Relationships in the beginning are always fun and exciting, but over time that spark can start to go away and that is when couples start to lose interest in each other. To stop that from happening make sure to keep surprising each other to keep the fire from going out over time and keep the spice in your relationship.

Have Open Communication

There are a lot of different parts of relationship that are important but the most important is to be able to speak openly with your partner. If you do not communicate your needs and desires to your partner you will never be fully happy in your relationship because no matter how much they love you, your partner is not a mind reader.

Happy Goofy Love

Hopefully, if you want to be, you are already in a relationship that exemplifies all nine of these tips, but if you aren't no need to worry! You are now equipped to take these tips into your next relationship, whenever that is, and strike that perfect balance of happy goofy long term love that everyone wants in the end.



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