15 Things Men Notice About You Even When You Don't

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | February 23, 2018

Men and women are destined to be together for as long as the world survives. It is because of this reason that men have always been putting on their best behaviors in order to sway and impress the other gender. Because of this they play close attention to the females and end up noticing things that in many cases even the females don't notice.

So here are the 15 things that men notice about women:

How much you eat:

How much calories you take in is something that a girl would be extra cautious about. However, more than the girls themselves, the boys tend to notice it more if a girl is eating more or less than what she should be eating. So be careful the next time you order those large fries.

How much makeup you put on:

For each woman, makeup represents a key part of her psychology. In a way it represents her beauty, and her ability to mesmerize others. However, men tend to notice it more if a woman has more than the necessary amount of makeup plastered all over her face.

What you drink:

Sometimes women just want to have fun. And what better way to have fun rather than having a round of drinks in order to make merry and add flavor to an already wonderful night. However, men tend to notice it if they're gulping down shot after shot without even flinching.

A color you wear a lot:

If you tend you wear one particular color then the chances are he's not only going to notice it but he might compliment you on it as well. Women have this habit that they tend to communicate their feelings through the color of what they wear. And men notice that.

Hobbies that bring a smile to your face:

He knows when you're happy. This is an attribute most men carry with them. They can sense when a woman is genuinely happy while doing something. You'll also notice that men will encourage women to take part in these acts more. It allows that smile to be even more radiant.

Your smile:

A smile is the best thing a woman can wear besides make up. It goes almost perfectly with the wonderful mood that a woman might have because of something she enjoys. A woman's smile affects the man more than she can realize. There is no better feeling than knowing your partner is having a good time.

Your facial reactions:

Your face tells a dozen stories without you even realizing. It is true in the case when a man has the chance to look at it. The reason men look at your face is to judge how exactly you are feeling at each moment. There are times when your face's reactions are enough for him to realize if he's made a mistake or whether he should continue like he has.

How weird you are:

This might be a surprise but how quirky or weird you are is a wonderful way for you to realize how much your man appreciates you. It is because of these little habits that your man fell in love with you in the first place. So, remember this next time you're shy to sing in the bathroom.

Your favorite music:

Music tells us more about a person's psyche than even they realize. It is important to know that what genre's you prefer and how much you listen to them reflects just how much that music means to you. It is one of the reasons that a man is extremely careful to note what's on a woman's playlist.

Things that worry you:

Things that put you under stress are things that matter to him just as much. That is one of the reasons why he's always prepared to listen to how your day went or if there is anything bothering you. He cares about you and wants you to be happy.

Things that make you excited:

What man wouldn't know exactly what excites his woman? Knowing these things have certain benefits for the man as well. The primary reason is that because of this he always know exactly how to cheer his woman up and get her spirits up when she's down.

Her eyes:

Eyes communicate a lot of things even without saying anything. There's something in how a woman winks, blinks or looks that seem to communicate to a man exactly how she's feeling. They can also be excellent indicators of whether a woman's happy or sad about anything.

Her hygiene:

Most women don't realize this but a man is highly attentive to how a woman takes care of the hygiene. He notices when the hand sanitizer that you keep rubbing or when he notices that mouthwash you use because it leaves a fragrance that he can't get enough of.

Her friend circle:

This is something that definitely surprises most women, but a men is highly attentive of who his woman is interacting with. He knows who's a good friend that her woman should never leave and who's using her. He lets her know every now and then to ensure that nothing traumatic ever happens to her.

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