Girlfriends Ranked Best To Worst Based On Your Zodiac

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | February 23, 2018

We can all agree that we've had different experiences with different girls. There have been those wonderful ones whom we still remember with fondness. And there have been those whom we couldn't wait to leave just to have a sigh of relief. As it turns out, there's a reason for it. A person's zodiac sign plays an important part in their personality. That is why we've compiled this list of girlfriends based on their zodiac signs. Needless to say, you'll know why it did or didn't work out.


Some might disagree with this ranking. But we think Sagittarius's have earned the title fairly. They are considered their own worst critic and that they are always ready to make sacrifices for people they care about. This selfless attitude definitely makes them the ideal girlfriend.


Who wouldn't want a partner that believes in them so much that they are willing to sacrifice their own hopes and dreams for them? That's the kind of partner Sagittarius's make. They love you wholeheartedly and unconditionally. They give you their heart of a platter.


Pisces are the sort of girls that are shy at first, but once you get to know them there can be nothing better. One of their best qualities is trust. They trust you with all their secrets and based on that trust they'll fight the entire world for you. The support they provide is unmatched.


Trust, is what they seek in life. It is also their best quality. It is wise not to break their trust because they do not tolerate that. They have excellent ability to read people which allow them to properly judge the people they meet. They don't like to fight, they believe in talking.


If we had to define Capricorn's in just one word? Perfection. They have a little bit of every quality in them which makes them so perfect. They want to be the best in what they do, even in relationships which makes them the dominant ones. A strong partner for people who want someone ambitious.


Capricorns love the person they believe is the most important to them. If she ever says that she loves someone, it is because she truly does. It is not easy to get a Capricorn to admit her feelings for someone, so when she does say "I love you" she truly means it. That's a quality not many others have.


Libra's are kind but in a different way. The reason for their kindness is because they want to avoid all the complications of a relationship and wish to live a live free from such drama. However, her nature is being happy and active. So if she does say yes to you, a live of fun and bliss awaits for you.


The best thing about a Gemini is the fact that they know how to handle multiple qualities about a person. They know how to react to each different situation and make themselves happy either way. If you like going out, she'll be smiling and happy with you. If you choose to stay indoors, she'll cook a meal for you. She knows how to please someone either way.


Aquarius defines the sort of girlfriend that some people love in their lives, while some prefer staying away from them. The reason for that is that they are almost always the social outsider in any group. Because she prefers to be independent, she acts awkward in company which may make things weird between her and her boyfriend.

7: LEO

Leo's are a hopeless case. The reason for that are their expectations. They are dreamers, so they believe in the fairytale romance often described in movies, TV shows and stories. She does not believe that she deserves anything less which can make things hard in the real world.


Cancers are the sweet personality that everyone wants to have. However, the problem with this personality is that they are too nice and gullible. People sometimes want someone who'll challenge them and make them into better people. Cancers are too trusting and come across as desperate.


Perhaps the toughest star to get into a relationship with. The reason for that is that they are not interested in a romantic relationship at all. That is one of the reasons that they break hearts so often. People who do end up falling in love with them have their hearts broken harshly.


Aries are known to rush things when people want things to go slow. This is what makes them so difficult to live with. They understand their responsibilities in life but do not wish to wish to follow them with the same pace. They are ambitious and often ready to sacrifice relationships to meet her goals.


Virgos are perhaps the hardest sign to impress. The reason for that is that they are perfectionists themselves and cannot tolerate anything they believe is not up to the mark. That includes relationships where they believe the partner is no longer good enough for them.

12: Scorpio

Scorpio is the mark of authority. They want to show their dominance over everything, relationships included. They want control over the others' life and ambitions which makes them more of a dictator rather than an ideal life partner. People avoid them because they lack empathy to understand what others want.



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