What You Need Most In A Relationship Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | February 22, 2018

All of us, need love in our life, but the ways we need this love is different for everyone. It can either be through a sinister show of love or through a mere kiss, but everyone has their own preference. Here we look at these preferences based on the zodiac signs and see what people from different zodiac signs require when it comes to love.


Aries are hungry for love, but they want to get love without having to lose out on their freedom in life. Aries want to take things slow and are in no mood of hurrying things up, because of how much they know it can backfire.

Needing Someone

Considering their unique preference in love Aries require someone who understands their psyche and works accordingly. They wouldn't want someone to be taking things faster than them, because they don't want that to happen due to their eye for slow pace in love.


While most of us may not have acknowledged it by now, but for a Taurus it is really important to have physical intimacy in a relationship. They don't want to hurry things up, but want physical intimacy nevertheless.


Gemini's are very adaptive and versatile. They do not conform to one type of love, or for the matter of fact one form of love. They know how to adapt to situations and can go according to what their significant others would be looking for from them.


Cancerians are not just lovers, but also givers. These are the two best ways to define them, because they are generous individuals that really believe in the concept of being generous in a relationship and cannot live without it.


Considering their eye towards generosity, the only thing Cancerians want back from an experience of love is for the other person to be as generous as them. They don't like people keeping to their shells and not reciprocating their generosity.


For Leo's, they themselves are the most important person in the relationship, which is why they don't want anything but attention, validation and care. They hate it when they don't get the required attention in a continuous relationship.


Virgo's are not the toughest when it comes to showing love or being in love for that matter of fact. The only thing that matters to them is cheerleading and support in their relationship. They need someone to motivate them through life.


The phrase that opposites attract each other fits perfectly well on Libra's. Libra's have the art of love all figured out well, which is why they know what works and what doesn't when it comes to love. They'll look for opposites in love.


Scorpions need nothing more than calmness and relaxation when they're in a relationship. They find live very excessive and they often get up being stressed through minor things. Thus, their relationship is a way for them to calm down.


There is nothing that attracts a Sagittarius towards love more than freedom. They get the hang of loving each other, but they also know that freedom should always be guaranteed regardless of what the situation is. They're never willing to compromise on the freedom.


Capricorns have a tendency to control people, which is why they are considered to be looking for control when it comes to relationships. They may do well with a partner that shuts them down for excessive control, and gets their mind on track.


Out of all zodiac signs we have, Aquarius are the ones with the most unique personalities. If you are from the zodiac sign Aquarius, you may have a distinct set of qualities that differentiate you from others and are rare to find.


Considering that they're unique and different from the rest, Aquarius are hard to manage, which is why they look for people that can calm them down and make them feel more in line with what's happening in society and a bigger part of the society.

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