10 Suspected Alien Hideouts According To Real Scientists

Entertainment | By Jay Dawson | October 12, 2017

Do you believe in extra-terrestrial life? Even if you're the staunchest skeptic, it's hard to deny outright that aliens can't exist. There's just so much unexplained phenomena, so many oddities on our radar telescopes, and pretty much infinite reaches of unexplored universe. One of the arguments against an alien race is that surely they would have contacted us already. But what if they've already reached Earth, a long time ago? What if they've been in our backyards this whole time? Here are 10 suspected alien hideouts according to real scientists and witnesses. #10 has some overwhelming and shocking evidence of alien existence! Also, check out the video at the end of this article to see even more visual proof of alien existence.

1. The Pacific Ocean

Many people assume that there are no unexplored places left on our planet. But ask any adventurer and they'll tell you there's one final frontier that's never been tamed: the vast depths of our oceans. With a planet covered by around 70% water, it's almost no surprise that huge amounts of it has never even been seen by man. And the Pacific Ocean is the biggest of them all.

The Pacific Ocean goes down to mind-blowing depths: at its deepest point, the Mariana Trench, it's close to 7 miles down. Humans have literally only scratched the surface of this incredible seascape, so there's really no better place to hide an alien base on Earth. Especially if, as we believe, these aliens have the technology to withstand the crushing pressure at such depths.

An Unearthly Sound Heard In The Pacific Ocean

There's even more evidence to suggest that something is up right down there. One of the strangest things to confound modern science has been a mysterious hum, a sound that was first detected in 1991 and hasn't disappeared since. And where was this hum's source? At 54°S, 140°W - right in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean. Could this be a sign of some alien energy use?

While some have suggested whale song or tectonic activity, another strange factor makes a clear case for alien presence in our oceans. Apparently, the rhythm and frequency of the sound is almost identical to another unearthly noise - that of the "comet" 67P, which is also believed to be an alien craft. Could that just be a coincidence? We really doubt it.

2. Lake Baikal

Situated deep in the often frozen wasteland of Siberia, Lake Baikal has enchanted locals and visitors for generations. Come there in the summertime and you'll see nothing out of the ordinary: families picnicking, people fishing, and hikers going for long walks to see the wildlife. But there's something far more special to the lake than just its landscape - and it could be one of the world's greatest secrets.

It's hard to imagine anything as flashy as an alien base just hiding out in a little old lake. But while Lake Baikal might be old - positively ancient, in fact - it's certainly not little. From end to end it's just under 500 miles and it covers an area of 12,000 square miles. Not only that, but it's the deepest freshwater lake in the world, reaching a massive 5,400ft down. If that's not enough to squeeze in a hideout, we don't know what is.

Why Lake Baikal?

But apart from the obvious hiding spots, why would aliens choose such a remote corner of the Earth? Some people suggest that it might just be the perfect testing ground for new alien craft and technology. With the combination of empty and secluded tundra nearby, and watery depths that freeze over in the winter, you couldn't pick a more secret training site.

Declassified Soviet reports seem to all testify to this one unavoidable fact. Obtained recently by Scobodnaya Pressa magazine, they show that the Russian and USSR military powers have all had surprising, unsettling, and even freaky encounters on or near the waters of the lake. In one report, high-ranking officers recorded a mysterious vehicle travelling at over 400 miles per hour - below the surface of the lake.

3. The Coast Off Malibu

Another watery location for our list, and given the evidence so far, it's not at all surprising. Although this particular potential location might be even more controversial than the others - just up the coast from Los Angeles! Honestly, though, if we were aliens we would just hang out in LA itself. There's so many freaks in Hollywood these days, you wouldn't even stand out.

For those who aren't hip with the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, Malibu is their ultra-rich playground, about 30 miles west of LA. This is where the scenesters have their all-night parties, there are hot tubs and infinity pools as far as the eye can see, and aliens... well, aliens just might have a base right off the coast, in spitting distance of Leo DiCaprio's pad.

Malibu: The Tip-Off And Shocking Discovery

Some of these potential alien bolt-holes are old theories, and some of these have only surfaced in recent years. Malibu is certainly one of the newer ones, only being pointed out in 2014 by a caller to Jimmy Church's "Fade To Black" radio show. Discovered on Google Earth, they realized that there was an especially perfect circular structure six miles off the coast and 2,000 feet down.

All of these anonymous tip-offs are generally considered pretty sketchy, but this one actually turned out to be completely true, and completely incredible. Sonar images show that there is indeed a coliseum-like structure, three miles in diameter, hidden in the Californian depths. Scientists are yet to take the plunge and investigate fully - maybe because they're scared of what they'll find...

4. Pine Gap

Military cover-ups, and top secret military bases housing black-ops alien technology, is not a new thing in the conspiracy world. Many people forget, though, that it's not just the United States that have them. Almost every country in the world has their own military installations, and many of them are far, far more secretive than those in the States (hello, Switzerland!). Why isn't the focus ever on them?

Well finally, it looks like people are paying attention to other parts of the world. In this case, it's the Australian desert and a little-known base called Pine Gap, smack bang in the middle of the country. There's no-one to bother them there but curious kangaroos and the occasional dust storm. But now, there might be one more thing: intense public scrutiny...

What They Don't Want You To Know About The Pine Gap

Google Pine Gap and it'll tell you what the Australian military and science community want you to think - that this base, 11 miles from the desert city of Alice Springs, is an "Earth Station", used primarily to track satellites as they crisscross our globe. And sure, the sky is crystal clear there and conditions are perfect. But what they don't tell you is that it's also operated by the CIA, NSA, and NRO, and contains tracking technology almost unheard of anywhere in the world.

It's not just tracking technology either, if you believe the hype. Plasma technology, supersonic craft, and brainwashing devices are all said to have been developed and tested at the base, sourced from alien designs. Pine Gap is also one of the few places to have been officially questioned - by the UK Ministry of Defense, no less - about flying saucer activity. Guess what? Their questions were refused answers due to concerns over "national security".

5. Tonto National Forest, Arizona

Keen hikers and nature lovers will no doubt have heard of the Tonto National Forest, the fifth-biggest national forest in the entire United States. Covering almost three million acres, the scenery in this Arizonan gem on offer is simply spectacular. Rugged and wild, there's almost no other place on earth quite like it. How could something so beautiful hide something so potentially deadly?

While the majority of the park is open to the public, the authorities have seemingly still managed to hide a possible alien hideout. The dense pine forests and often dizzying elevations help, but its proximity to Phoenix, and therefore human civilization, make it seem like the worst place on Earth to hide. But then again, you wouldn't have thought Malibu could be hiding extra-terrestrial life, either.

The Government Reveals Everything On Tonto

In this case, the truth is not only undeniable, and not only backed up by government sources, but actually offered by a US Department in their own official reports. Coming to light this year after a freedom of information request, the US Department of Agriculture have revealed reports that are basically the holy grail of Ufologists: proof that even the government is aware.

Lights in the sky are one thing, but these government officials actually made claims that they found severed heads, and evidence of an alien being attacking and eating humans deep in the Tonto National Forest. The initial claims were made by a nearby resident, saying that he had seen aliens and humans working "side by side", and agents sent to investigate also backed him up.

6. Mars

Clearly visible in the night sky, Mars has always played a mysterious role in the human psyche. A planet so close, and yet so far and utterly alien, it has fed our imagination for centuries. From video games to movies, many visionaries have explored the almost sinister side to Mars - the part we're all a little bit nervous about. Maybe we're looking a little bit too far away in the solar system - maybe they're right under our noses.

The fear of our alien overlords residing on a planet so close by seems to have been jump-started by a man named Christian Huygens, who in 1659 discovered an incredibly creepy feature on the surface of the red planet. Named Syrtis Major, this so-called geographical anomaly fed into public hysteria over an imminent attack, a hysteria that hasn't really died down since.

Mars Attacks

Even now, after the Mars Rover has explored a tiny fraction of the planet, there's still so much we don't know about our celestial neighbor. If popular culture keeps harping on the same theme, about the sheer inhospitableness and frightening landscapes of Mars, it's because there's still the chance that there's something lurking there, under the red sands, waiting to strike.

Now, there's a personal account to add fuel to the fire. A US ex-Marine, only known as Captain K, surfaced in 2014 with the astounding claims that he had been part of a government-sanctioned "Mars Defense Force", living 17 years on the planet and fending off Martian threats. Consisting of American, Russian, and Chinese troops, this MDF was part of the greatest cover-up the world has ever known.

7. The Moon

Moving ever-so-slightly closer to home, the moon as an alien hideout is another of those conspiracy theories that simply won't die down. It's all connected, man - the faked lunar landing, the dark side of the moon, those bright lights we see shooting through the sky. They don't live on the surface of the moon - that would be too easy. Instead, they live inside the hollowed-out core.

It's easy to see why the moon has become such a focal point for hardcore alien believers. The lunar landscape, with all those shadows and craters, has inspired everything from psychological theories to supernatural stories like werewolves. Aliens are just one more piece of the puzzle that is the small rock orbiting our own planet. But just how accurate are these beliefs?

Do The Claims Ring Hollow (Moon)?

While alien activity has never been detected - and it should be pretty easy to see at this distance -the "hollow moon" theory does provide a fairly satisfying reason as to why. But is the theory itself probable? Let's take a look. First up is the evidence provided by Russian researchers in the 1970 Sputnik journal, who analyzed metal composition, crater sizes, and relationship to the Earth in an in-depth study.

What they found surprised even them. Although unwilling to admit it, even they were forced to agree that the moon was, in all likelihood, entirely hollow. There was basically no other way the data could line up in that way. Though they've since denounced their own research, many agree that this was purely due to the pressure put on their professional careers, rather than actually thinking they were wrong.

8. Porton Down, England

You couldn't have picked a more pleasant, genteel place than Porton Down to harbor a league of hostile extra-terrestrials. Based in the southwest of England, near the tiny country town of Porton and the slightly bigger city of Salisbury, Porton Down is one of those places where you couldn't imagine doing more than sipping hot cups of tea and complaining about the rain.

But there's one other thing at Porton Down: a military science facility owned and operated by the UK government. If that wasn't slightly dodgy enough, Porton Down has one other claim to fame. Back in 1974, it was the site of England's very own Area 51 cover-up. And like Area 51, the controversy, lies, and misdirection surrounding the incident have never quite blown over.

Porton Down: Bright Lights In The Sky

The UFO crash itself occurred over the border to the north, in Llandrillo, Wales. Residents that night reported seeing streaks of light shoot across the sky, too numerous and bright to be a meteor shower, and soon after a tremendous explosion. The bang from the impact was so big, in fact, that they could feel their houses shake, even though they were miles away from the apparent crash site.

The survivors of the crash were supposedly taken to Porton Down, the government denied everything, and life continued as normal. That is, until 2010, when the Ministry of Defense released their UFO files in their entirety. In those reports, they acknowledged that the residents had not only seen lights, but actual craft. They didn't mention the aliens taken to the nearby base, or what they had done with them, but that kind of subterfuge is nothing new.

9. Area 51

Ah, Area 51. The beginning and the end of most conspiracy theorists' quests for an alien scandal. A place so famous, and yet so secretive, that you could make up any old nonsense and plausibly say that it happened there. And yet here it is on our list, still a possible contender as a suspected alien hideout. Because even if you strip away the nonsense, it's still a very dodgy place.

Groom Lake, Homey Airport, Dreamland, Paradise Ranch, R-4808N. The place has so many classified and declassified names, even its current status is hard to keep track of. All we really know for sure is that it exists in Lincoln County, Nevada, as a top-secret installation attached to the Edwards Air Force Base. In fact, it wasn't until 2013 that the CIA actually even acknowledged that the base existed.

A Journalist Speaks Out About Area 51

Most of you would have heard the beginnings of the greatest conspiracy on earth. In 1947, an unidentified flying object crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, and the remains of the craft - and survivors - were taken to Area 51 to be processed. From there, the legend has spread to millions of believers across the planet, who say that this first contact has been the launch pad for alien-based technology testing, inter-species meetings, and even a foundation of a New World Order.

All of that doesn't hold too much weight, until you consider the fact that a journalist named Annie Jacobsen actually tracked down a source who confirmed the crash. And Annie is no hack - she's a respected Pulitzer Prize finalist with a lot of credibility. There's no way she'd be associated with such a wild claim if it wasn't verifiable. Even so, the government continues to deny and misdirect.

10. Dulce, New Mexico

The real ufologists will know exactly what we're talking about when we mention the name Dulce, a town in New Mexico. Others, though, will have no idea why this no-name place is at the top of our list. There's a shockingly simple reason for that: the town of Dulce, New Mexico, is considered by most to be the real Area 51. Basically, this is the best bet we have for a secret alien base.

On the surface, the town - the name Dulce means "sweet" in Spanish, by the way - is like any other dusty border town with a population of just under 3,000. It's actually the tribal headquarters for the Jicarilla Apache Reservation, and the majority of the townsfolk are Native American. It's a wild and beautiful land, but there's something going on below the surface...

Signals And Noise - Dulce, New Mexico

The government will continue denying it, but it's almost certain that there's a secret underground military base in the vicinity of the Colorado-New Mexico border. And it's not just owned by the government, but by extra-terrestrials, too. Paul Bennewitz, a researcher in 1980, tracked a mysterious signal from Albuquerque all the way to the site of the base, before being turned back by the real men in black.

It gets stranger from there. Aside from the frequent cattle mutilations, a US government geologist stepped forward in 1995 to tell an incredible tale. He was supervising drilling and expansion of the existing base near Dulce, when the team uncovered an underground habitation of seven-foot aliens. This led to a long and bloody battle for control of the territory, which the geologist barely survived. If they ever emerge from their hiding place, we might not be so lucky.



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