15 Drinks That Will Increase Your Metabolism Immediately

Science | By Cole Damon | February 22, 2018

One of the most important ways towards leading a healthy and active lifestyle is to ensure that you have a similarly active metabolism. You can exercise and diet all you want but it will not make any difference if you have a sluggish metabolism that cannot process the foods and drinks you're ingesting. There are drinks that can help you in that department and ensure that your metabolism is as strong and active as possible.

Spiced tea:

The purpose of this tea is to get your metabolism up and running while ensuring that you have as little need to constantly eat or drink. This drink not only regulates your drink but also clears out your digestive system leaving you fresh and energetic.

Banana and Orange smoothie:

Both bananas and oranges are high in their acidic properties. This allows them to be wonderful ingredients to be taken in order to increase the metabolism. Making a smoothie out of them and ingesting them on an empty stomach will do wonders for your metabolism.

Mixed fruit smoothies

Other than bananas and oranges, there are several fruits that have even greater potency when it comes to acidic nature. A combination of pineapples, raspberries and grapefruit is also a wonderful combination to take early in the morning in order to increase your metabolism.

Mint tea:

Taking a handful of mint tea leaves and adding a few lemon slices makes a wonderful liquid that is designed to not only boost your metabolism but clear out an digestive problems you might have. Upon taking them early in the morning, you'll not only feel fresh but energetic as well.

Belly buster green juice:

Not only is this combination of lemons, mandarins, romaine, lettuce, cucumber and apples a refreshing drink on their own. They also have properties that are ideal for metabolism boosting and enhance a person's own internal health and getting the nutrients flowing throughout the body.

Lemon tea:

Lemon tea is a drink which is both ideal in its preparation and suited perfectly suited to how a person wishes to increase their metabolism. Mixing in a little cayenne pepper and lemon juice is helpful in creating the perfect detoxifying lemon tea.

Apple smoothie:

An apple smoothie is effective because it carries both the acidic nature that is essential for boosting the metabolism and also has the properties necessary to energize a person at the same time. Mixing in a little grapefruit and lemon water creates the perfect drink suitable for both two purposes.

Strawberry smoothie:

This drink is intended for those that want to boost their metabolism but do not want to ingest too much acidic content. While strawberries carry just as much metabolism increasing properties, it is considerably less acidic than other fruits and hence it presents a viable option for some.

Chocolate smoothie:

A chocolate smoothie is the dream of people who wish to boost their metabolism but do not wish to abandon their love for the goodness of chocolates. They'll be glad to know that now there's an option which allows them to accomplish both by having this wonderful drink once before every meal.

Vanilla almond smoothie:

A vanilla almond smoothie is ideally designed for people who want their metabolisms increased but do not want to ingest fruits. The vanilla almond option allows them to munch on dry fruits' smoothie while the ingredients of coconut milk, maca powder, honey and almonds plus a little vanilla extract is something they would love.

Veggie fruit smoothie:

This option is for those who want both the nutrition of vegetables and the taste of fruits. This option which is made up of green tea, coconut milk, pineapple, spinach, broccoli and bananas is the perfect mix for people that enjoy getting their metabolism up while enjoying their drinks.

Spicy mango smoothie

Mangoes are known to be rich in fiber. But it has been noted that once added with a little cayenne pepper, it produces a smoothie that is considered perfect for boosting your metabolism. Even if you don't like the spiciness you can replace the peppers with mandarin orange and the result will be just as effective.

Blueberry and almond smoothie:

Blueberries and almonds represent the best of both fruits and dry fruits. Blueberries and almonds are the liquid version of peanut butter sandwiches as they carry both the goodness of fresh fruit and the nutrients of dry fruits. This combination is a sure fire way of increasing your metabolism.

Creamy avocado Kale smoothie:

Avocados are unique because they carry healthy fats in them which are actually highly supportive of increased metabolism and creamy smoothies. Using other creamy ingredients like kale, cacao nibs and vanilla almond milk in this drink is a wonderful option for people who like to enjoy their drinks in the morning.

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