50 Photos Of Unfortunate Things That Happened To Ordinary People

Entertainment | By Ian Anglin | February 22, 2018

How often do people have an idea of what they want to do, when the complete opposite happens? Like with Eminem's recent album - he probably thought he was releasing a masterpiece. It appears that no matter how much you plan for something, you can never anticipate the unexpected. This story is going to feature 25 of the most unfortunate things to ever happen to ordinary people, just when they least expected it. Be warned, though - some of these photos can be extreme, especially #24.

It's Not What It Looks Like

This girl had the worst thing happen to her - she was trying to take a selfie, thinking she was all alone, when her roommate walked in. To make things worse, the girl wasn't doing anything shameful, she was just trying to pose doing a peace sign with her hand. Yet, since she overacted when the door opened, her friend thought that she was trying to masturbate or do something weird on video.

That's why everyone is so freaked out in the photo. What happened next is that they either had an awkward conversation or just decided to never talk about what happened that day. Most people would probably go with the latter option, since it is always easier to forget and never talk about weird things that have happened to you, rather than to keep on talking about them.

Asking His Girlfriend to Lock Feet

This is an interesting sequence of events. It appears that this man sent his girlfriend a message, asking her if she wants to "lock feet" with him (if that is even a term). The girlfriend thought what any sane person would - "No way, just get the hell away from me!" In reality, she was slightly more understanding. She wrote back to him, saying that she can't verbalize how much she doesn't want to lock feet with him.

We don't know what happened next, but hopefully, they didn't break up after this. It all depends on whether the guy was serious or ironic sending this message to her - after all, perhaps this was some kind of inside joke the two of them had? Otherwise, why would anyone request this from their girlfriend, instead of the myriad other semi-sexual options?

Read Between the Lines

Katie is a girl that is very "efficient" with her use of words. She must also be very good at saving money - just look at what she did to this poor boy. Instead of writing down why she is denying his request to go to the prom together, she just circled the two letters "no." What is even funnier is that the guy gave her the idea of circling the answer.

Trying to be witty, he wrote "yes" and "definitely yet" at the bottom of the letter. Both options were left completely intact. Just imagine his reaction when he got the letter back - he probably couldn't look her in the eyes for weeks after this. Things could get especially weird if they were classmates or even if they were going to the same school.

Life's Not About Money

Sometimes, in order to cope with everyday life, people need to make fun of their problems. The girl in this photo had the worst of all problems - a serious lack of money. She was so broke she had to make a bra out of old jeans. Don't ask her about her panties. In all honesty, what she did is ingenious, and commendable. There is no shame in being good at crafting.

Plus, if she spread this picture on social media, it could definitely become a fashion trend. Few people know this, but most fashion trends actually happen by accident. Take for example baggy jeans - that was a trend that was popular back in the 90s, and it happened completely by accident, from the influence of hip-hop culture.

Knights in the Hospital

This photo of a dad and his son is confusing. You might think that this is a prank or some type of April's Fools Day costume, but that is not the case. These two were LARPing (live action roleplaying) as knights when an arrow struck the dad. In the 21st century. The good news here is that the dad seems to be doing just fine, meaning the arrow missed all vital organs in the area.

The son, on the other hand, seems to be just blistering with shame. He probably spend the entire night looking at the floor. Things probably improved in the morning, as his dad looks like an understanding type of person - he probably just pat his son on the back and told him everything's fine, and there are no hard feelings between them.

This Was Supposed to RAISE Her Self Esteem

Christina had a terrible childhood. Her parents and grandparents were worried about her lack of self-esteem - something that is normal at that age. What is not normal is the precautionary steps they took the help "improve" her confidence. What her parents did was commission her grandad to do a painting of Christina. The painting came out completely wrong, making her look 50 years old and with graying hair. Luckily, she didn't have wrinkles added to her face.

Hopefully, the family didn't decide to keep the painting on a wall in their house - if they did that, Christina would probably never invite any of her friends over - the shame would be simply too much. The smartest thing she could do in a situation like this is to make the photo just "magically" disappear. Perhaps some "thief" stole it in the middle of the night.

Failing at Buying a Cell Phone

How difficult could it be to buy a normal, working cell phone? You go to the official carrier shop or their website, buy with or without a contract, and be done with it. This guy failed at every step of the way, which is why his phone doesn't work, and he is out of his money. The funniest part of his tweet is that the phone's battery level went to 103%.

Another problem in this guy's situation is that his phone is probably not suffering from a software bug - his battery probably did overcharge and went over the recommended voltage, meaning it could have actually exploded. Most phone batteries stay around 3.7V to 4.2V, and going over that limit could have all sorts of dangerous consequences.

The Worst Watermelon in the Universe

All watermelons have an inedible outer shell. Given how tasty they can be during the hot summer months, many people have wished that a larger part of the watermelon could be eaten. Their complaints pale in comparison to what happened to this guy. The person who posted this photo on Twitter had literally bought the worst watermelon in the universe. It was brave of him to even attempt to post this thing on social media.

Buying a watermelon like this is the same thing as buying a Chinese-knockoff iPhone that charges to 103% and then bricks itself. Although to be honest, in comparison to the knockoff iPhone, this watermelon *shouldn't* explode, although that can't be confirmed at this point. Who knows what kind of weird genetics this watermelon carries?

Rugby Isn't For Everyone

Rugby is an immensely popular sport in Great Britain - it's basically a much worse version than American Football. It brings all the cons and problems of football, with none of the cool outfits, body armor, cheerleaders and fun that comes along with it. Another pitfall of British-style rugby is that many times scenes like in the above picture can happen - where one man throws his junk into another man's face.

Getting another man's junk thrown in your face like this is never a good thing. The guy probably got traumatized for life after this and had to see a psychologist... just kidding, this is a completely normal thing to happen in British rugby, which is why so few people actually like it. In comparison, everyone loves to watch NFL games - even people that are not from the US.

Too Bad the Cats Won't Eat It

This guy's girlfriend wanted to make a special meal for her significant other. Perhaps it was their anniversary or some other special type of date, yet she managed to make a complete mess out of it. Luckily her boyfriend has a sense of humor. What appears to have happened to the mac and cheese is that the meal got burned AND dehydrated - meaning it stayed in the pot for too long.

The taste must have been terrible. In fact, if these two have any pets, there is a pretty big chance that their pets would never attempt to eat this thing... if the pets could speak, they wouldn't even call this food. From some angles, it looks like some kind of weird, boiled brainy type of tissue, which is a horrible thing to think about.

He Doesn't Like the Ad

This guy seems to be having a pretty bad day - just look at his sad, long face. What's even worse is that he probably has no idea of how some creative ad company is using him to make a funny bus advertisement. It's probably better that he doesn't know. The ad in question appears to be about some type of women's body milk - a product you can be sure this guy doesn't want to touch with a ten-foot pole.

Ads like this first appeared over 10 years ago, but they are not as common as they used to be - at least not in developed nations. There are some places in Asia and Eastern Europe that have only recently attempted to do ads like this, so there is some probability that this guy was photographed in one of those places.

Those Are Rectal Thermometers

These girls thought they were funny posting this photo on Facebook. They were learning about how to use a thermometer when they decided to stick in their mouths. The thing they didn't know is that different thermometers have different uses. The thermometers they used are "rectal thermometers," meaning they are used in a person's rectum. That's not a very pleasant thing to place in your mouth. They probably deleted the photo afterwards.

Sadly, due to how the Internet works, a photo or a post is never truly deleted. Anything a person posts online can easily be achieved in several places. Some of these archives are automatically created, such as the one run by Archive.org, while others could simply be screenshots that people have taken before the other person had the chance to delete the post.

She Has Had It with the Wedding

Some people seem to have strong emotional reactions when it comes to weddings. The weird thing is that it doesn't even have to be their own weddings - just being in a wedding is enough to make some people feel insecure. Which is exactly what happened to the girl in the above photo - the groom and bride were having a picture being taken, and in the background, you can see actual cake coming out of her mouth.

Just imagine her surprise when she saw that there was a photo of her like this - she probably got even angrier with the couple for publishing the photo (if it even is the couple's fault - perhaps the photographer submitted the photo to social media without them knowing). Although it's not like she needed an excuse to not like the couple - she already looks to be pretty "disgusted" by them.

His Name is Marc With a "C"

Going to Starbucks can be a great thing - it doesn't matter if you go alone to do some work or with friends. The baristas try to keep everything casual, which is why they ask for your name - sadly, they got it all wrong with this guy's cup of coffee. The man said that his name is Marc with a "C," and the barista wrote "Cark." So, not only did the barista not write Marc's correct name, but he even managed to write it with a "K."

It's a weird thing to think about, but some people don't really like the whole personal/casual thing that is going on in Starbucks. Some people just want to go ahead and purchase their cup of coffee without having to tell your name to random people. In European-style cafes, things like this never happen - the baristas are there to just deliver the coffee and bill you at the end.

That's Peanut Butter, Right?

No one exactly knows what is happening with this photograph. Is that a wound, dressed in some bandages and covered with peanut butter, or something even worse? The green part is also extremely disturbing. The other possible option is that this is some sort of cake that has fallen apart, in which case, you shouldn't feel as grossed out by what you've seen.

We don't know if this is actually cake (or parts of a cake), as there should be other layers to it - like for example, some whipped cream on top. On the other part of the spectrum, there is the possibility that we're looking at real, actual feces, in which case hopefully we can forget about seeing this photo as soon as possible, although photos like this have a nasty habit of coming back to "haunt" you at night.

He Has Croc Stains

Many years ago, Crocs were a popular trend, but that fame quickly transitioned into infamy. People that wore Crocs were made fun off. That often happened on social media without the Crock owners knowing about it. It took many years for Crocs to finally disappear from our streets. This guy seems to have never stopped wearing his pair, which is a terrible shame. Just look at what happened to this feet - he actually has Crock marks on them!

Let's hope that what he has is just a nasty bout of Croc tan and not some kind of weird skin infection that changes his entire pigment structure. If this is just a consequence of tanning, then it could take between 3 and 6 months to get his feet back to normal - depending on the amount of natural melanin production his skin has. He should just wear socks and shoes in the meantime.

Pants Falling Down the Aisle

Many people fear having their pants falling down while they are doing something important - which is exactly what happened to the person in the above photo. He was walking his daughter down the aisle when his pants fell down. The funny thing here is that the daughter seems to be exploding with laughter, which probably made things even worse for her poor father.

Sometimes, laughter is an instinct that people can't control - like in the case of the above photo. The girl probably felt extremely bad when she saw the photo, but what else could she do? Laughter is one of the best tension relievers, which is why doctors have known for a long time that happy people live longer and feel less stress and anxiety during their day-to-day lives.

She Really Likes Ferrets

This girl is obviously a big of ferrets, which is why she has one... on her head? What's even more interesting in this photo is that she walking around in a supermarket, meaning some of the employees must have been terrified at the sight. Perhaps she didn't want to troll the people that were there, but had to go for some last-minute grocery shopping, and had to take her pet with her - after all, people can keep ferrets, just as they can keep dogs.

Interestingly, it some countries there are laws against keeping rats, ferrets and other small mammals. The laws are usually against the domestication of rodents, as when escaped they can cause damage to the human environment (and can be deadly in food processing plants), but some people have a misconception that weasels (which ferrets are a part of) are rodents - but that is not the case.

Google Maps Photobombing

This guy knows how to have fun - not only did he catch the Google maps car going by his house, but he took a selfie with it. He wasn't done just yet though - several months later, he found the Google maps photo of him and combined the two pictures into one. The rest is history - his photo became a viral sensation on Reddit and other online communities. His mission was accomplished.

There must have been dozens of copycats trying this routine after him, but searching on Google, not many appear to have succeeded. The problem is that getting a photo collage like this takes time and patience - not only do you have to be lucky enough to be outside when the vehicle passes, but you need to check your street for months before the photo taken by the Google maps car goes live.

Australian Problems

Emus can be quite a big problem in the "land down under." Take a look at the above photo, for example. The police had to intervene because two emus, a male, and a female, had blocked several streets in the city, becoming a hazard for everyone involved. Luckily, police in Australia are nice (they are almost Canadian in nature), and they didn't harm the two large birds - how could they, just look how cute they are.

Eventually, the emus were taken to safety and hopefully they learned their lesson to not block streets again. Although other emus (and probably kangaroos, since this is Australia we're talking about) probably do block the streets in Australia on a frequent basis. That shouldn't even be such a bad thing, as just seeing exotic animals on the street can be enough to make anyone's day better.

Love at First Sight

This deer shows that love doesn't have to be just between two people - it can be between species as well. The man was trying to enter his vehicle, when the deer jumped on his back, trying to mate with what he perceived was a female. The photo was uploaded online by the man's grandson - what a lovely thing to do, right? The grandson succeeds in "immortalizing" this epic moment his grandad had.

Luckily, it's a good thing that the grandfather has a sense of humor and didn't get offended by what his grandson did. Some older folk could easily get offended by things like this, as they lived in a different time, a period when self-deprecating humor wasn't a thing, and people tried very hard not to embarrass themselves in public. It's a good thing those times have passed!

She Bought a Cat

This woman seems to think that she has a giant kitty cat - just look at how happy she is holding it. The problem is that that is no large kitty - that is actually a baby white lion. A rare type of subspecies of lions that have been specifically bred for their look. Baby lions and tigers are not as dangerous as when they are adults since their bodies and hormones are not yet developed.

The fact that the lion was still a "baby," is a lucky circumstance for the woman, as she (probably) won't get attacked or mauled to death by her "pet." People are attacked by exotic pets every day - just check in the news how many times owners have even been killed by their pet chimpanzees. "Pets" like that can look cute, and be an excellent conversational topic, but they are still dangerous powerful animals.

The Doppelganger

This man was out of town, having a walk with his family when he noticed something weird going on with a billboard across the street. Upon further inspection, it appeared that the billboard resembled a person that looks exactly like him. What the man did next was what anyone else would do in a situation like this - he took a selfie, and promptly uploaded it to social media views. Reddit was probably his first stop.

The rest is history. The photo made rounds around the Internet, and you can now see it even here. Too bad the rest of the billboard is not visible - it would have been interesting to see what the message on ad was all about. Was it some kind of product for treating falling hair in adult men? That would be hilarious!

Guy with a Goose

This photo has an amazing backstory. The girl in this photo and her father were playing at the park, and they were taking some photos with the park's gooses. Just as they were wrapping up, something completely unexpected happened right in front of their eyes. A man in a black shirt came to the pond, picked up one of the gooses, and walked away, still holding the goose in his arms.

No one knows why or where the man went afterwards. Maybe he fell in love with the goose? A creepier thing to think about is that he just kidnapped to goose to... cook it at home? That's not a nice thing to think about, but it has actually been known to happen - even frequently, in nature parks around the whole world. Hopefully, that was not the fate that this goose had to suffer.

The Coolest Relationship Ever

If you believe in crazy love stories, then this one is for you. The pair in the above photo met in the most unexpected way. It appears that the girl's phone number was written (by her or someone else) on a message in a bottle. The guy found the bottle many months after it was left behind. He called the number, not knowing who is going to pick up on the other end.

The girl picked up the phone, and they decided to have a date. It took a lot of bravery to arrange a blind date like that, but both were willing to try out their luck. The date was a success, and they eventually formed a relationship. Today, many years later, they are still happily together - and they have the coolest relationship backstory ever told.

Being Stalked By a Turkey

A woman had told her friends that she was being stalked by a turkey at the place where she works for over a week. No one believed her (obviously, apart from her colleagues), which is why she had to turn to drastic measures in order to prove her point. Just imagine how awkward it must have been to talk to people about being followed by a turkey... not a good conversational topic.

What she did the next day caught everyone by surprise. She came to work an hour earlier, so that she could catch the turkey "red-handed." Just as it was nearing 9 AM, the turkey appeared at the exact location where she was waiting - after which she promptly took this epic photo. After she shared the picture with her friends and family, they finally started believing her.

The Tinder Poop Girl

The "Tinder Poop Girl" was a worldwide sensation back in the "distant" 2017. What happened is hilarious. A girl went on a Tinder date - obviously with a guy she doesn't know. The date seems to have been a smashing hit, as the pair went off to the guy's residence, which was nearby. Sadly, it seems the girl had a little bit too much to eat during the original meetup.

So, she had to go to the toilet - no big deal there. It was possible awkward since she was at the house of a guy she doesn't know, but it was nature's call - what else could she do? Well, what she didn't expect was to make a complete mess out of the guy's bathroom. For some reason, the toilet got plugged, and she tried to throw away her feces through the bathroom window. The feces got stuck in the window, she tried to push them down, which is how she also got stuck in the window.

Found Photo in a Disposable Camera

A woman in China bought one of those cheap disposable cameras - that kind that looks like a modern interpretation of the old Polaroid cameras. Anyway, what she didn't expect to happen was to find content inside the camera's internal memory. What's worse, she had no idea that the type of content she had in her hands could very well be classified.

The above photo was found in the disposable camera's internal memory. The picture appears to show assembly line workers in a factory in China doing mass production of some type of electronic product. Maybe even an Apple product. The reason why someone would even attempt to make a photo like this is industrial espionage. Without knowing it, the woman had tangled herself into some kind of industrial spying incident. Weird stuff.

He Removed His License Plate

A lot of guys take great pride in working on their own vehicles - which is a commendable thing. Anyway, this guy wanted to do some spring cleaning of his truck and removed the back license plate. Judging by the photo, it seems the backside of his truck hadn't been cleaned for ages, just look how thick the dust is that appears on the outer metal layer.

What the guy didn't expect to happen is to find a wasp nest behind the license plate. Just as he removed the plate, wasps started to emerge from behind, several in a row, almost like an army. That's when he promptly took out his phone and made the photo. It's quite scary to imagine the level of shock and fear he must have felt during that moment.

The Raccoon Hitches a Ride

Everyone knows that raccoons simply love garbage - that's why they always try to go through your trash in the middle of the night, sometimes make a mess out of the yard and street in the process. Well, this raccoon had a better idea. Not only did he have a large garbage truck all to himself (so that he can go through and find different "gems"), but he also hitched a ride across town.

Hitching a ride through town seems like an awfully smart idea for the raccoon. Just imagine how many stops the garbage truck did to collect the municipal garbage. This little guy must have been the inside of over a 100 different trash cans during that day. He probably ate over 10,000 calories of different types of pizza and pasta during the process.

He Infiltrated the VIP Area

Going to different clubs and venues, you might have noticed that some people have different colored strips on their wrists. The meaning of those strips is to let security know which person is authorized for which area of the club. Well, it appears that some people might not have taken that kind of separation well - which is why this guy decided to troll the system.

He had the best idea ever - not only did he succeed in his attempt to enter the VIP area of the club, but he also managed to make fun of the organizers. What he did is genius - he took an ordinary grocery receipt and wrapped it around his wrist. Then, he entered the club, and then even posed for an official photograph - making sure to let them know that he trolled them.

He Saw an Albino Deer

Sometimes, wondering the forest and woods can yield all kinds of different experiences. Some people go to the forest to find some peace and quiet, while others go on to seek adventure. It seems that the person who took the above photograph went there for the latter. He tried to find some interesting animals to look at, and boy was he at the right place.

Right in front of him passed one of the rarest types of deer on the planet - an albino male deer. You can notice how different it looks from all other types of deer, at some angles the contrast between the white and pink areas of its body almost make it look rat-like in texture. Anyway, the guy that took the photo shared it online, and many people found it fascinating to see.

A Tree Stick as Checked-In Luggage

The person that took this photo was not the actual owner of this unique type of checked-in luggage. He was just minding his own thing, waiting for his bag to line up, when he saw this thing going on the line. Looking at this photo makes you wonder why would someone do something like this? Of all the things in the world, why would they bring a stuck to an airplane?

It is not known whether the place really flew with the stick in it, or whether someone had placed it on the luggage line after the plane landed - as a way to troll and amuse the other passengers. In any case, he did succeed in making us laugh, which is always a good thing. Perhaps next time he can even bring a complete branch with sub-branches to his plane ride.

Photobombed by Anna Farris

The girl in the front of this photo is one of the luckiest persons alive. Check this out - not only is she posing with Chris Pratt at some kind of avenue, but she is being photobombed by an arguably even bigger actress - Anna Farris. You can imagine how happy this girl was to be able to take a photo with the well-known actor and Hollywood celebrity.

Yet, when she came home and saw the photo, she must have been doubly excited - she was photobombed by none other than Anna Farris. One weird quirk about the above photo is that Anna kind of seems annoyed, even offended by something. Is it possible that she is unhappy that the girl didn't choose to take a photo with her?

He Has the Best View from His Office

Just imagine sitting at the office, counting the hours until the workday is done - and then you look out the window and see THIS. Well, this actually happened to a guy that worked in an office, and what he did with the photo was what all of the best procrastinating workers do - he posted it on Reddit and made thousands of people laugh.

What appears to be happening in the photo is very confusing. There is obviously cattle and police involved. It seems that the cattle escaped from some nearby livestock farm, and then started to roam around in the business district of town. Police had to intervene, but they sent a single squad car - hardly enough to make it possible for the police officer to handle this number of livestock.

Grandpa Has Parents

This guy's grandfather had been talking a lot about the friends he made in the nursing home. It seems that he kept on talking how he only had female friends and that many of them were hot - despite their age. Well, talking things like that, and it would be obvious that not many people would believe him, which is why he took the next step.

He scheduled all of his lady friends to come to the nursing home's pool (that's means this is a nice nursing home!) where they took a group photo. Now, the photo has a lot of things going on at once - for one, the guy is in it wearing clothes, which is a rock star move. Secondly, the lady next to him is wearing a cartoon shirt so that her body looks... better.

The Ambitious Bunny

This is another photo that has a lot of cool things going on at once. For one, it has a bunny in it - and photos like this are precious, due to how much bunnies have been left out of favor with the advent of cat photos and memes. Secondly, we can see the bunny trying to ride the expensive, luxury vehicle - the bunny does have taste and ambition after all.

What really happened here is that the guy had to step out of his vehicle to get some stuff. He says that he was outside the car for only two minutes when he came back to the above sight. No one can be sure whether the bunny knew what it was doing, but perhaps it was trying to imitate his owner, after seeing him drive so many times?

Biggest Dorito Fail

There are many memes when it comes to Doritos. Everyone has heard of Dorito dust for example - some people even purchase the thing on auction sites like eBay. Well, no one has ever seen a Dorito fail like this. How is it even possible for a weird, irregular object as a Dorito chip to stand on its own? By all measures, something like this has to be impossible.

The person that posted this photo that they the Dorito had fallen out of their hand by accident, and this is how it landed. The photo was not being set up - this thing literally happened. One possible way how this could happen is if a larger part of the Dorito is on the left side, making it balance the curve it has on the right side of the chip.

No Glue Was Used Here

Imagine being able to do stuck figures like this without using any amount of glue. Well, that is precisely what the person that made this photo did. In a way, this photo reminds us of the previous one - the one about the Dorito chip. The key to doing figures like this is to able to balance the mass between both sides - which the person that did this aced at.

Pieces like this are called Jenga puzzles and are very popular in Far East Asian countries. The trend has slowly tricked down to the US and Europe, which is why you might be seen more similar photos on social media. It seems to be an awesome way to spend time, and some say it is even used as a way to do some mental practice and improve your cognition.

Fake Tom Cruise Visited Thailand

At first, when you see this photo, you might think that the restaurant was joking, or was using some kind of bad-quality Photoshop to make it seem as if his restaurant has been visited by the Hollywood superstar. The photo was taken by an American couple that went to Thailand on vacation, and they have a different turn of events to explain.

They say that some man had been trying to improve his Tom Cruise impersonation. Perhaps he needed it for his improv class? For whatever reason, he decided to go and travel across Thailand. In different places, restaurant and shop owners would think he is Tom Cruise, and so they naturally wanted to take a photo. Perhaps he even earned a free meal or two.

Khal Drogo in Real Life

Khal Drogo was one of the most loved characters in the currently ongoing Game of Thrones franchise. The man was a chieftain of a Dothraki tribe, and he was one of the first people to show the Queen of Dragons the right way. Anyway, some person decided to imitate Khal Drogo, which is how the photo you see above came to life.

The photo is not some kind of joke or taken from the set of Game of Thrones. Someone did actually get two horses (perhaps he rented them?), placed one leg on each of them and rode through town. This is not the only photo of the incident - several were actually made. It is not entirely clear whether what he did was legal, but it is funny to see.

The Unbreakable Bottle

Many people like to throw bottles through town - this happens especially frequently when it is night time, no one can see them, and they are uninhibited from drinking too much alcohol. Well, everyone hates broken glass on the street, which is why it is so funny that this happened to someone that tried to throw the bottle - the glass simply didn't break.

Just imagine the people's faces when they throw a bottle towards the wall, and the wall didn't bounce off or break - it simply entered "inside" the wall. The look must have been priceless. Anyway, what seems to have happened here is that the bottle entered some kind of isolation layer that was placed on the outside walls of the building or structure.

Feeding Squirrels with Donuts

Given how many people are alive in today's world it is completely natural that stuff like this is going to happen. Just as there is a person alive for any type of hobby you can imagine, so there is a person that can feed animals with all types of food you can imagine. There surely must be a person that feeds horses with donuts, so why not try to feed squirrels as well?

People used to picture squirrels eating nuts - that is their signature move, but this photo shatters that image for good. Now, every time you are going to think of squirrels, you are going to think of a large Dunkin' Donuts extra glazed one in their hands. Hopefully, the squirrel wasn't diabetic - that much sugar is surely going to cause it to go into shock!

She Doesn't Like Dogs

Most people like to have dogs so that they can take them out for a walk across town. According to surveys, that was one of the most often cited reasons why someone would get a dog instead of cat - cats are nice and fluffy, but they never form as strong of an emotional bond, and you can't walk them outside. This woman though, she had an entirely different idea in mind.

She never found cats and even dogs to be satisfying enough, which is why she needs to have a set of apex predators (humans) to walk around town. She appears to be in an S&M relationship with at least three guys, and they choose to be walked like this around town. While this might look weird to onlookers - perhaps this man and the woman find happiness in this behavior?

Nicholas Cage Entered the Elevator

Imagine taking an elevator ride to the place where you go to every day - perhaps you work in a high-rise office building. Okay, to be honest, looking at the guy's outfit and tattoos, he's probably in the building looking to get a gig as a stuntman or something. Anyway, he was in the elevator when of all the people out there, Nicholas Cage entered the elevator.

Not only was Nicholas nice enough to have a conversation with him, but the two even took a photo together. Nicholas seems to be busy working on his iPhone 5 (this is an old photo after all), but he still took the time to pose with his fan. Not many celebrities are this understand and open-minded about communication with their fans - especially not in elevators.

Car Pooling

The idea of carpooling is certainly old, but it started to gain widespread appeal with the rise of mobile and high-bandwidth internet. It all began back in 2005 before Uber existed, but people wanted to cut down on their transport expenses. While this is very smart reasoning and all that, some people seem to have taken the thing a bit too literal.

This guy heard the words "carpooling," and basically jumped into his big white SUV and drove into the nearest pool. The result is the above photo. The people that had to witnesses this were probably laughing their asses off. Most certainly the person that did this had to be very drunk or high on something really good, so he must have felt a lot of remorse in the morning.

Nose Picking Assistant

Looking at the photo - you can get what the gist is all about. The guy is a very big nose picking enthusiast, and he trained his pet parrot to help out. There is no other logical explanation why would anyone do something like this, and there is no way parrots could have evolved the instinct to pick a mammal's nose. There is no way that can be true.

To be honest, there is an even better explanation about this. The guy's mother someone else had complained to him about his nose picking, which is why he had to stop. But he had an idea - he could leave little crumbs in his nose so that the parrot would get trained to pick them up. That way he would have plausible deniability when his mom talked against nose picking.

Freezing Toiler

This is a photo that really makes you think about life. Just imagine living somewhere so cold (especially indoors - there was probably no heating here) that the water that sits inside the toilet actually freezes. The person that took this photo was probably wondering why he can't flush after using the toilet, and after removing the top cap he got his reason.

It seems that after he saw what was happening he took an electric heated in order get things flowing. It is a well-known fact that leaving bathrooms and kitchens this cold can cause all kinds of serious problems - including pipes that can break due to the expanding, freezing water. The problem is that water is not compressible, so making it turn to ice will always cause the surrounding areas to crack.

Business in the Front, Party in the Back?

Some people have to play multiple roles during their day job in order to "fit in." This guy seems to be the perfect example of that idea. His pants say one thing, but get a closer look, and you will see jeans under his pants. Another tell-tale sign is that he is waiting at a bus stop - a place where people in pants usually don't hang around.

The old saying, "business in the front, the party in the back" comes to mind when looking at this photo. That saying was mostly associated with one of the most popular hairstyles back in the 1980s - the infamous mullet. They said that the mullet left the wearer make a positive, business-like impression in the front, yet a party-like and casual look in the back. It was a bad look.

Did She Have Sex?

This is a pretty crazy picture for those that want to play detective. If you try to look at some of the smaller details, it is going to be obvious that the girl probably had sex on top of the car the night before. To be precise, either he did have sex, or someone close to her. The tell-tale sign are the hand marks on the car's hood.

There is no other logical explanation why the car would have two, side by side, hand marks on its hood. Even if someone was drinking close to the car, they wouldn't be holding their hands like that. Another interesting detail is that there is a line that goes from one hand to other, almost as like someone was sitting on the hood, while someone else kept both hands in the front.



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