15 Health Problems That Lemon Water Cures Instantly

Science | By Cole Damon | February 22, 2018

We know that each thing nature has gifted us with carries a unique benefit. The same is true for lemons. However, lemon have the unique advantage of being able to cure not just one but several problems. Lemon water has been known to be a great and a far cheaper medicine and antidote to several problems that people have.

So here are 15 problems that can be solved simply by drinking lemon water regularly:


This is a problem that has plagued each and every person at least once in their lives. Teenagers view it as a sign of growing up and becoming an adult. However, acne can last for a long time and seriously mess with a person's facial health and confidence. Lemon water prevents acne from spreading and decreases it as well. Either drinking lemon water or rubbing lemon juice on acne spots can reduce it in no time.

Kidney stones:

This is another problem that has no specific age it affects. Old, young, female, male, everyone's can fall a target of it. However, lemon juice contains a great amount of potassium which increases the citrus in urine leading to prevention of oxalates from forming.

Lose weight:

So many people are faced with this issue. They all want to lose weigh however; they don't have the time or the will power to hit the gym regularly. For these people, regularly drinking lemon juice can lead to a swift decrease in weigh and a healthier body in no time.

Suppress appetite:

One of the leading causes of obesity is the increased appetite among people. Though there's a natural tendency among people, most of them are a result of metabolic imbalance. This can be managed by using lemon water which regulate blood sugar and ensures suppressed appetite.

Gallbladder ache:

Most people face the issue of having their gallbladders ache while having anything to eat. This is mostly because of the increased acidity in their systems. Regularly drinking lemon water can help with this and counteract the acidity. It will cause the gallbladder to soften up and the ache will stop eventually.

Cold & Flu:

Lemons are rich in Vitamin C which acts as a natural antioxidant. It also has strong antibacterial properties. This is considered as one of the primary reasons one should drink lemon water regularly to prevent any cases of flu or colds.

Gastroesophaegal Reflux Disease:

This is the disease that comes as a result of increased acidity in the stomach and it flaming up through the esophagus. Lemon water is known to be strong with its acidic nature in counteracting this. You'll notice a visible difference in your condition in 2 weeks.

Finger nails:

White spots on the nails are an indication that a person's body in both lacking in Vitamin C and is high in acidity. It also leads to weaker nails with increased sensitivity. Lemon water is rich in both vitamin C as well as an excellent way of bringing balance in one's internal acidity.

Food borne diseases:

Most food born diseases are able to make as much impact on a human body because there is a lack of liquid counteract against it. As Lemon water has strong anti-bacterial properties it is an excellent way of ensuring no food diseases are able to harm you plus it acts as a great prevention from food poisoning.


Fibromyalgia is known as a symptom of too much stress being put on the muscles. This can be due to a number of reasons such as too much body stress or awkward sleep positions. However, yoga and lemon water can help ease these muscles and cause a relaxation to occur.


Inflammation is a direct result of acids taking charge inside the body. Inflammations are more likely to occur in bodies that have greater acidity in them. Hence, lemon water acts as the best antidote against them while ensuring that in the future such sort of inflammations cannot occur.

Sore muscles post workout:

These can be a result of a great amount of stress being placed on muscles in rapid succession. The best way is to drink as much lemon water as possible to ensure that the muscles are allowed to ease off and that no further damage can occur.

Joint swelling and pain:

Pain in the joints can be the result of both inflammation and arthritis. The reason for both is the buildup of uric acids in the joints which cause pain and swelling. Lemon water acts as a great deterrent and can be helpful in reducing uric acid that leads to this pain in the first place.

Regulating blood sugar:

Lemons are high in pectin which is the fiber that controls hunger in our bodies. Lemon water stimulates the bile production which helps in decomposes food faster as well as digestion. Doing so regulates blood sugar and a proper circulation of nutrients in the body.

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