Here's How to Tell When Someone is Secretly in Love With You

Lifestyle | By Michael Leon | October 11, 2017

Sometimes it's admittedly tough to tell when someone is crushing on you. It's even harder to accurately conclude this person is in love with you. Why are they staring at me non-stop as if I have blood stains on my shirt? Are they simply being nice and polite? And why am I causing said person to be so awkward? These are just some of the many questions that come to your head. But fear not, as this handy guide can help you determine when someone is secretly loving you to the fullest.

Pay Attention to Body Language

Body language can sometimes speak louder than words. Pay close attention when a potential admirer is around you, as this person might occasionally lean forward in a subconscious effort to get closer. He or she may also act playfully by touching your arm or upper body parts. In short, keep an eye out for uncommon signs of closeness.

They (Really) Want Your Attention

Guys will often rely on their best talents to draw your eyes in his direction. This may revolve around humor or their impressive storytelling skills. And while girls are typically more reserved, they won't necessarily shy away either. When she's being extra talkative, a bit louder, or is generally lingering around you, this is often a subtle yet good sign she's into you.

They Take Things a Step Further

When a person's attempt at attention just isn't working, he or she usually kicks things into high gear. Don't be surprised if a girl "accidentally" bumps into you pretending to be clumsy, or overdresses even for the smallest events if you're around. Likewise, a guy may pretend he knows the girl for the sake of introducing himself and won't hesitate to lie as a result.

It's All About Eye Contact

Be careful with this one, since more often than not it means the person is just being friendly and polite. But when your admirer's eyes remain fixated on you and they keep looking in your direction, then you can bet something's definitely going on here. Keep an eye on the situation and see how he or she generally acts around others by comparison.

Speaking of Eye Contact...

The way a person stares can mean a lot more than meets the eye. If someone subtly looks down at your lips, this is often an expression of sexual desire. This person's pupils may also dilate as an indicator that he or she is into you, so pay very close attention at their eyes' subtle movements.

The Way they Talk

Does your crush keep coming to you for opinion and advice, even when there are others in the room? Does this love bird pay attention to absolutely everything you have to say in return? Does he/she act thoroughly interested every time you're around? You may have an unquestionable case of the Love Bug in front of you.

Their Interest Intensifies

To expand more on this, someone's interest in you can really show in conversation sometimes. If they keep texting, emailing or calling you throughout the day or week, consider this a potentially great sign they may be crushing. If they ask you tons of questions and seem to agree with everything you say, their love for you is pretty much guaranteed.

They Imitate Your Actions

This is a classic example of someone who clearly admires you. Do they scratch their forehead when you do something similar? Do they take up on a similar activity just to have more in common with you? Is this person suddenly on Facebook more often simply because you're an avid user? Clearly this crush wants to spend every breathing moment with you, so make a move!

Things Get Awkward

Who hasn't been in this situation before? You're crushing for someone, so all of your motor skills go out the window the very moment this person shows up. You stutter around them, play with your hair, get all fidgety, and you just don't seem to act like your old self. Is this how a person behaves around you? Then you're officially in luck.

They Change their Tune

Your love interest may get hurt and upset even over the smallest things, especially when you don't notice them. They simply want you to react and acknowledge them, hence creating that attention mechanism when things don't go their way. Now go take advantage of this and hurt everyone you can (hey, just kidding).

They Go Out of their Way

Your crush may be way into you if it's imperative to always get your approval. They may do you more favors or even dress in a certain way no matter how uncomfortable it makes them feel. Your opinions of him/her are also highly valuable, too. Who cares what others think as long as you have a say?

You're the Next Jerry Seinfeld

You could be as fun as watching paint dry, and yet they'll think you're the funniest thing that's ever happened to mankind. Not only that, but everything about you can put a smile on this person's face with little hesitation. Just don't be cocky and always reciprocate accordingly if your feelings are mutual.

They Will Pull Some Drastic Moves

This might be borderline desperate, but it's still a solid clue as to how they feel about you. The person might stop texting you for hours in order to get your attention, or he/she will cancel plans just to see how you react. Your crush may sit alone somewhere in hopes you go and ask what's wrong, all in the name of attention.

Multiple Personalities

Has anyone ever acted completely normal and disengaged around you in person, only to be a total flirt online or via text? This may range from dropping some sexual innuendos to sending tons of lovely emojis. It's all because they can't find the courage to admit their for you in person, so hiding behind a screen is the next best option.

They're Always There

Okay, this one is subtle; a friend can always be there in times of need, after all. That being said, keep an eye on how much attention your crush is giving you. Is he or she helping with a move even when you didn't ask? Or totally going out of the way no matter the circumstance? In short, their world seems to revolve around you. If this is the case, the congrats, because Valentine's Day will become a whole lot more interesting.



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