13 Things You Should Never Do While On Your Period

Lifestyle | By Emily Malone | October 11, 2017

Getting a period is a normal part of adult womanhood that, whether or not you like it, you can't avoid. Some women appreciate that they have this monthly natural reminder that lets them know that they are not pregnant, but other women are not as big of fans. No matter how you feel about it, everyone agrees that it is a difficult time of the month and there are some things you can do to make it better... and some that make it worse.

It Doesn't Have To Be The End Of The World

The first thing to keep in mind when you get your period is that it is not that big of a deal. Although it usually feels like it comes at the most in opportune moments possible, if you keep your head cool it can almost be like nothing is happening.

How To Cope? Avoid These 13 Things!

If you are on, or about to start, your period and trying to remember which things not to do then you have ended up in the right place! The next 13 slides give a comprehensive overview of the biggest things across a whole day and night that you want to make sure to avoid while on your period.

Watching Sad Movies

One thing everyone knows about periods is that women tend to be more emotional in the days surrounding your period. While you are in this over empathetic state of mind it is best to avoid watching sad movies because it is way too easy to get sucked into the storyline and feel sad for hours after it ends.

Getting Waxed, Especially Down There

During your period, according to health.com, women have lower levels of estrogen running through their bodies. Because of this you want to avoid any painful experiences during your period such as waxing, and waxing your down there hair in particular because the whole area is more sensitive.

Forget Your Aunt Flo Is Visiting

When women are on their periods it is way more likely that you want to curl up in bed and just hangout all day watching movies than take care of yourself. When you are in this funk you might not remember to go to the store and get feminine hygiene products but put that first because you don't want to wait until it's too late.

Fall Asleep Without Some Coverage

Another easy mistake to make is falling asleep without some type of feminine hygiene product in to stop blood flow. Blood is notoriously difficult to get out of fabric and you don't want to ruin a good set of sheets. Make sure before you fall asleep that you have some coverage in and maybe even have a special pair of period underwear incase of any leaks.

Wear ANY White Bottoms

White pants can be a really good addition to many outfits, in particular in the summertime. However, when you are on your period it is best to skip out for a little while, and probably for a few days after just incase of any spotting. There is no amount of baking soda scrub in the world that will get that stain out.

Let Your Routines Fall Off

While you're on your period with hormones all out of whack it is easy to want to skip some of your better habits, especially if you are having bad cramps. But keeping in the habit of not ditching your routines like going to the gym will keep you on track and help relieve cramping by improving blood flow.


Many people do not know to avoid dairy products while on your period, but you really should! Although calcium is actually great at relieving menstrual pains, dairy also has arachidonic acids that make cause cramps or make them worse. Better to go for things like almond milk with calcium but no acid.

Only Use One Coverage... All Day

The work day can be bad enough on its own from annoying coworkers to rude bosses, but when you're on your period it can feel like hell on earth. Only using one feminine hygiene produce all day can make this situation straight up gross, especially if you sweat during the day a pad can start to smell immediately.

Wild Animals

This turns out to actually be a myth! Many women choose to avoid activities like camping on their period because they are afraid wild animals will be attracted to the smell of blood. In reality only polar bears seem to be attracted to menstrual blood so unless you're camping in the arctic you should be all good.

Hiding Out From Fun

Just because it is easier to get into a bad mood on your period it doesn't mean that you should give up like that. Make sure to pre plan activities over this time so that you have good reasons to keep going and stay out of a funk. But don't be too hard on yourself and if you need a day to enjoy yourself at home, go for it.

Overindulge On Salty Foods

While on their period a lot of women find themselves craving salty snacks. Don't give in to the temptation! Salty foods make you bloat, which is already something many women are inclined towards on their period. A better alternative if you are craving something is healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables.

Go Calorie Crazy

It goes even further than chips, a lot of women will use their period to throw all diet habits to the wayside. It is totally fine to have some chocolate, but maybe don't eat the entire candy bar! Or if you want a different sweet snack consider trying fruit leathers, a more natural sweet option than processed candy bars.

Use It As An Excuse

It is true that women have mood swings on their periods, but it is not okay to let yourself take it out on others. We expect other people to treat us decently at all times, and we need to do the same for others even if we are not in our best mood. And remember the old saying 'If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.'



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