What Your Sitting Position Reveals About Your Personality

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | February 21, 2018

Sitting styles and the body language are more than just postures. They indicate the subconscious feeling of what a person might be feeling and how his personality reflects his actions. There are various positions which translate into positions of psychological analysis of a person. Such styles can often help identify a lot about a person and what can be expected from that person in the future.

Cross Legged

A person sitting cross legged, either on the floor or the chair indicates someone that is carefree and open. The position of the knees to the side are a sign that a person is both mentally and physically open to new ideas while the flexibility to sit like this indicates emotional stability as well.

Sitting straight with good posture

A person that likes to sit straight with a proper straight posture indicates great confidence. It conveys the message of being strong, reliable and willing to assist others when needed. However, this also indicates that a person is open to new experiences and won't shy away from a challenge.


A person that likes to recline on their back while being supported by their arms is an indication that the person likes to observe situations. Such people like to evaluate each situation with participating. They see with their eyes and judge it based on their understanding. It also indicates that understanding others' feelings matters a lot to them.

Ankles crossed

Sitting ankles crossed while sitting indicates a person is elegant and sophisticated, however down to earth and open to new ideas, thoughts and people. This is a relaxed position as the slightly open legs indicate that new experiences are something this person likes a lot.

Clutching arm rests

A position which requires a chair indicates a person's willingness to be considerate of other people's feelings and their well being. Physically and emotionally they're completely in tune with others and want everyone to be as happy as they are. Their friend circle is filled with people who depend on them.

Arms crossed

This is a sign that indicates a person strength, confidence and defensiveness. This position shows a person's ability to defend themselves and the feeling of people protective. People who cross their arms often are usually thoughtful but serious in their observations and analysis.


This sort of position indicates the flirty nature of a person. It shows a person with a natural sweetness, delicacy and care. However, it is mostly considered a sign of being open to new experiences and calling for the other person to join them in this challenge.

Hand resting in Lap

This position shows the thoughtful yet shy nature of a person. It is a position that indicates a person's unwillingness to try new experiences and wishes to remain alone with them. Sitting in this position indicates a person that is gentle and compassionate but unwilling to be mindful of other people's feelings or opinions.


This is one of the hardest positions to be in. It is for this reason that this position indicates a person that is both respectful and mindful of people he considers deserving of respect. This position is for a courteous person full of natural qualities like leadership, respect and compassion but mindful of others.

Sitting dead centre

Sitting right at the centre of the bench or able or anywhere indicates a person who is supremely confident and knows exactly what they want from life. Usually most people take time in making decisions, but these people know exactly what they want, when they want it and how much they want. They are clear in their thinking and ambitions in life.

Cross legged and bouncing

Sitting cross legged while bouncing or shaking your legs is an indication of being organized, timely and punctual. Such a person is considerate of the needs and wants of others and is more than happy to solve others' problems. Such people know how to get the job done when most people around them aren't up for the task.

Hands folded on lap

People that prefer sitting with both their hands placed firmly in front of their legs are those who have a calm, peaceful, kind and considerate personality. However, they tend to avoid much contact with other people as they don't like socializing much. They're soft spoken and watchful who don't want others to be hurt by what they say.

Hands clasped in lap

This indicates a person who is both passionate and emotionally driven towards most of their goals in life. It is hard for them to concentrate on multiple tasks at once as they prefer to direct their energies towards a single task at a time. Though they like the company of others, they tend to like being alone more.

Sitting with legs completely apart

Such people enjoy the adventures in life but they find it hard to concentrate on any one thing in particular. High spirited and happy to meet new people, they're always up for new experiences. They choose the wildest options and enjoy facing their problems head-on.

Sitting with cross wrists

Sitting with cross wrists on top of the legs indicate a person that is insecure and uncomfortable with other people. These people tend to be ones that enjoy their own company and tend to avoid being in the presence of others. They have trust issues with others and are also highly reactive emotionally.



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