15 Signs That Show She Is The Perfect Woman For You

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | February 19, 2018

How can you find out what is inside the heart of a complete stranger? Is she truly in love with you? Is she playing around with you until someone better comes along? Is she sincere with her feelings? All of these thoughts circulate around our head and skew our judgment of the woman we have fallen in love with. Love experts agree that the following 15 can help shed a light about her true intentions.

She respects you in front of her friends

She might fool around with you behind closed doors and mock you when no one else is around, but in the presence of other people, she is careful enough to respect you so that others also give you that respect.

She doesn't flirt with other men

Flirting with other men is very natural, especially when the person is very attractive. IF she truly is in love with you, it would become nigh impossible for her to even allow someone else to creep into her mind.

She is not self entitled

Some women (and also men) are very self entitled. They are what you call, 'snow flakes' and they believe that the entire world revolves around them. They are arrogant and egoistic. Your girl however is very down to earth at all times.

She gives you your space

Some people are very clingy. While it was cute for a few weeks, maybe even a few months, its novelty soon begins to wear out and you begin to feel annoyed instead of love. But a real woman knows to give you your space.

Your friends love her

That's probably one of the greatest signs that she is the right person for you. Because your own friends have approved of her. Your friends have the best of your interests at heart and will warn you of any red flags.

She takes care of herself

She is an independent woman. She is not in it for the money and does not really care how much your net worth is. You can tell this because they actually offers to split the bills and gives you frequent gifts.

Frequent gifts

Speaking of gifts - she has no qualms about spending a ton of money on you, of course this doesn't mean she will burn all her life savings just to appease to you. This is a sure sign that she isn't a gold digger.

She has nothing to hide

That's the most important thing about this woman. She has nothing to hide from you. Her social media posts are squeaky clean and you can peek into her past all the way since the inception of Facebook itself.

She doesn't depend on you for the relationship

This woman doesn't depend on you at all for the relationship. For instance, if you leave her, she won't message you incessantly in the hopes of getting back together. This means she can contribute to your well being in a more positive manner.

She is not afraid to explore sexual fetishes

This woman is not at all afraid to explore her sexual boundaries in the bedroom with you. As long as the fetish is not too weird or inhumane (or degrading for that matter), she is down for it.


That's perhaps the most important tool in any relationship. Compatibility. She is extremely compatible with you, to the point that her career goals match up with yours. She wants to do the same things you do, which makes you extremely compatible.

The fine line

She knows the fine line between pestering you and sending a gentle reminder about her presence every now and then. When she sends a message to you, it results in an instant surge of serotonin in your body.

She is bold - very bold

If she has a conflicting opinion about something, she won't shy away from sharing it with you. You can either accept her for who she is or scram out of her life. That's the kind of woman who screams 'confidence'.

She doesn't test you beyond your limits

She knows that like her, you too are just a human being and are prone to errors and mistakes. This means that she will learn to cut you some slack every now and then should you fall short of her expectations. You are after all not perfect, and she knows it.

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