15 Signs That Show You Might Have An Anxiety Disorder

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | February 19, 2018

Anxiety is really more common than we think it is, and occurs in children and adults from time to time. For some of us, the feeling of anxiety soon becomes a routine happening that we cannot avoid or do anything about. There are several forms and types of anxiety disorders that tend to impact us in our lives and here are 15 signs of them.

Persistent Restlessness

The biggest physical symptom of suffering from an anxiety disorder is that you are always under the state of physical restlessness, and cannot do anything about it. You feel nervous and experience extreme stress levels over minute things.

Trouble Concentrating

People suffering from an anxiety disorder can have a hard time focusing or concentrating on things, which means that they don't have any control over what they're doing or they cannot focus on their workplace tensions or school work.


Sleeplessness is considered one of the most common symptoms of anxiety disorders. Since the person suffering from a disorder cannot focus on anything else, he or she faces terminal issues regarding their sleeping patterns in and after the condition.

Tingling Sensations

People who experience panic attacks and other feelings of extreme pain and uneasiness may feel tingling sensations and numbness in many parts of the body, during odd hours. This numbness is often seen during extreme situations of panic.

Muscle Tension

Anxiety disorder may be considered as mentally tiring, but it has a lot of impact on your physical health as well. Muscle tension that happens very often, may become very common for them in their workplace or when they are stressed.

Dizziness and Fainting

Another sign of someone who is battling the impact of anxiety disorders is the occurrence of constant fainting attacks and dizziness. People who feel dizzy all the time and just want to go to bed in the morning/evening are often under anxiety.


Many people suffer from constipation, nausea, constipation and bloating can happen at any time, but these conditions combine together to form a rather weird combination of indigestion during anxiety, where the digestive tract dysfunctions and stops doing its work.

Strange Rituals

A very strange pattern for patients of anxiety disorders is that they start panicking whenever somebody changes their habitual lifestyle pattern or what they have become accustomed to over. They have adapted such mental behavior and keep doing this.

Heart Palpations

Sufferers of anxiety disorders suffer from a racing heart, which is visible in a panicky situation, where they don't have any control over their behavior or may even suffer a minor stroke, which looks a lot like a heart stroke, but is not.


A person suffering from an anxiety disorder may feel detached from themselves and may not be able to view reality as it is. Such people find it hard to value their personalities and have a hard time understanding their personality for what it is.

Friends Change a Lot

The problem with a person going through an anxiety disorder is that they see their friends changing around them a lot of the time. They feel insecure due to their anxiety and cannot hold on to friends like they would want to.

Always Busy

The thing about people with anxiety disorder is that they always think that they are busy, when in reality they are always free for some excursions. They like keeping to their own company and don't like going out and being an extrovert.

Super Early

According to researchers the biggest habit of people with anxiety disorder is that they ensure they are on time everywhere. Even if they are catching a train or something, they would have the nag to check the timings and arrive early.

Always Tired

Since patients suffering from anxiety disorders are troubled by their sleeping patterns and are unable to get the required sleep, they always feel tired during the day and are under sufficient fatigue during the day hours when others are awake.

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