15 Notorious BIG Facts That You Never Knew Before

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | February 19, 2018

The wide spread world of the internet has meant that there is nothing hidden from anyone when it comes to the world of the internet. Here we take a look at 15 facts that reveal all you need to know about the Notorious B.I.G. Thought you knew everything about him? This list would definitely change the way you looked at him.


Born as Christopher George Latore Wallace, Notorious B.I.G was first given the nickname 'Big' by his school friends because of his rather large body shape. When Wallace first started making mix tapes, he named himself as 'Biggie Smalls'.

Failed Friends

Both Notorious B.I.G and Tupac Shakur made an entry into the mainstream business as great friends. They collaborated for many songs, which were liked by the masses. However, they soon fell out of each other's favor due to a split.

All Up Here

Due to his lyrics, many of the people that listened to Notorious B.I.G assumed that he had a big draft list of all lists and lyrics that he had compiled, but interestingly Biggie never wrote a word and composed with everything in his head.

Graduating Class

Biggie had no shortage of famous friends, as he went to the same high school as two other really famous rappers from New York, Busta Rhymes and Mr. Beyonce. In fact, Mr Beyonce, or Jay Z, was at good talking terms with Biggie.


Biggie is remembered and known by his followers for the exceptional style and flow he could boast of. He used to rap in a really distinctive, deep voice and his lyrics were called out for the depth they had. It was his flow that had people attracted to him.

Biggie and Mikey

Both Biggie and Michael Jackson, the king of pop, worked together for a collaboration that was titled as 'This Time Around'. The lyrics for the song dealt with stardom and fame, something which both artists knew by heart.


Before he eventually died, Biggie was considered as an active promoter for a clothing line known as Brooklyn Mint. After he was murdered, Jay Z and Biggie's manager launched the clothing line with his face on all shirts.

No Big Hopes

When Biggie first entered into the world of demo tapes and rap, he wasn't expecting great things. All he wanted to be was a basic artist, and he wasn't really serious about his music or his future as a rapper.

Hoop Dreams

We're sure you don't know that the famed boxer Shaq O'Neal also had a rap career once. One of his songs that were an instant hit also fared Biggie in it. This may be a tad bit unbelievable but you can search for it to get all the facts.

East and West Coast

Although both Tupac Shakur and Biggie were born in NYC, the former was the most easily recognizable face of hip hop in the West Coast. The beef between the two was born after a song that Biggie released, which Tupac misunderstood.

Controversial Deaths

The rivalry between these two protagonists ended in a rather sorry and controversial ending. Tupac first died in a shooting in 1996, and reports linked Biggie to the murder. Biggie eventually died 6 months later, and reporters form a link between the two murders.


An accident during the year 1996 had really shattered Biggie's leg with permanent damage. He now had to walk with a cane, but managed quite a lot of swagger while doing so, which is evident through his video titled 'Hyptonize'.

Big Poppa

One of the biggest hits by Biggie that propelled his rise to fame and made him become a household name within the country was Big Poppa. The song was a hit and is said to be a sample of Isley Brother's 'Between the Sheets'.

Like Father, Like Son

Notorious B.I.G's life was documented on screen in 2009, when filmmakers realized the potential his life story had for the silver screen. The role of junior Biggie was played by his very own son. The similarities are really visible.

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