Dear Women: Stay Single Until You Find A Man With These Wonderful Qualities

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 11, 2017

Every woman's relationship goal is to find an attractive, charming man who will stick by her through thick and thin. Unfortunately, as is the case with most men, they only seek to please their basic carnal desires (sex), after which they move on to somebody else. This can leave you depressed and give you the feeling of being 'used'. But there are tell tale signs which can help you identify the perfect man who will truly love you.

He's not afraid to publicize his love for you

When he's truly in love with you, he won't be afraid to announce his love to the world around him. For instance, he'll hold your hand, kiss you affectionately (as awkward as it is) and romance your body up and down unabashedly.

He introduced you to his parents

The fact that your boyfriend wants you to make acquaintance with his parents speaks volumes about his love. If he just wanted to use you and dump afterwards, he wouldn't bother with setting up a meeting between his parents and you.

Regular show of extreme passion

If he's thinking about you every fleeting moment of his life, then a mere glimpse of you will be enough to get him sexually charged. He'll lunge at you and start making out with you with ferociousness and passion. He's fuelled not by lust alone - but by your love.

He doesn't care about the world

He touches you at inappropriate places such as your bosom, your fanny and isn't afraid to get down and dirty. Your boyfriend wants to make the world around him jealous of his relationship with you. He doesn't give two cents what they think - which means he loves you a lot.

Extremely aggressive and possessive

He cannot contain his jealousy when another man tries to flirt with you. It makes his blood boil and his anger spills over into increased agitation and aggression - not towards you, but your admirer. Of course he doesn't devolve into full scale brawls with the man - but you get the point.

He'll turn all his attention to you

A true lover doesn't care about late assignments and project deadlines. When it comes to you, he'll turn his entire life upside down just so you're not left hanging around for too long. The lover boy dedicates all his attention to you.

He frequently mentions his love to you

A guy who only wants to get in your parents will casually pass remarks about his love to you, but a man truly in love will be unable to contain himself and frequently mention how desperately he's in love with you.

He drops all calls when talking to you

He hangs up calls, whether he's in the middle of a conversation over the phone or about receiving an important call. When you turn up, everything takes a back seat and he turns all his attention towards you. To him, every second with you is important.

He frequently texts you

When the only person he can think about is you, he'll go the extra mile to email you or message you over the phone confessing his love to you. Don't get annoyed at those emails, instead you should revel in all that attention.

Avid gamer doesn't game when you're around

If he's a passionate gamer who's known to spend dozens of hours a day playing video games, don't be surprised if gaming console remains turned off on account of your presence. This is because he only wants to 'play' with you.

He hits the gym for you

If he's slightly out of shape or extremely skinny, your boyfriend makes a strong commitment to bulk up and hit the gym. He follows a strict regime by changing his diet and sticking to a disciplined schedule - but never missing a meeting with you.

He never displays aggression towards you

Even though you may have done everything in your power to get a rise out of him, he'll never show his disappointment towards you. Even though his heart may be broken or may really have struck a never - he'll never become aggressive.

He wears attractive clothes

He goes out of his way to purchase expensive clothes just so he could look for you. Take special note if used to otherwise dress less immaculately but changed his attire to impress you. That's what true love does to a man.

He's never bored around you

If he's characterized by an outgoing personality who seeks thrills and adventures for high adrenaline rushes, chances are that he'll quickly get bored around you - but not if he's in love with you. Your mere presence is enough to give him that extra 'adrenaline rush'.

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