Brave Sister Fights Back Tears As The Rapist Who Killed Her Brother Is Sentenced

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 11, 2017

In an evil act of cowardice, pedophile Osvaldo Rivera raped 12 year old Amber Andujar and savagely murdered her brother Dominick Andujar when the six year old boy tried to save his sister. Rivera broke into their house in the summer of 2012 and saw opportunity when he laid eyes on Amber. When the monster was done with the girl, he slit her throat hoping to kill her and any evidence all with her.

Amber survived the physical assault

Amber's throat was completely slit and the injury was so bad that paramedics described they could see her vocal cords. Amber however received prompt help from paramedics and doctors alike allowing her to lead investigators to the Osvaldo Rivera.

The girl bravely faced her monster

Despite having undergone physical and sexual trauma, Amber, who was only 12 years old at the time was brave enough to help police catch the criminal. It takes a great deal of mental strength to face your worst fears, but Amber somehow found her inner will.

Police tracked him down hiding like a coward

Oswald Rivera knew he was going down big time and decided to try his luck evading the police. The man was found hiding behind a mattress in a home in Camden after the attack. He was covering in fear.

Osvaldo has been convicted and is in prison

Osvaldo Rivera was convicted of a dozen major crimes and his sentence was extended to 110 years in prison, with the possibility of a parole sometime after 90 years. The coward man will probably die in jail and will never see the light of day.

This wasn't the pedophile's first assault

This isn't the first time Osvaldo the pedophile has assaulted young children. The convict pleaded to sexually assaulting a 2 year old boy only two months prior to the Camden attack. The man is a threat to society and does not deserve to roam free.

Investigators claim he was intoxicated

During questioning, Rivera disclosed to the detectives that he had smoked a combination of marijuana and PCP. He carried out the murders while intoxicated, but he still had his wits about him and cannot attribute the savage rape and murder to marijuana alone.

The entire community was shocked at the revelation

Amber wasn't even a teenager, the barbaric torture she received at the hands of Rivera is something which still continues to shock the community to this day. Everyone is hailing Dominick Andujar as a hero. Police chief has this to say, "Dominick is Camden's little hero."

The story of Dominick

At just six years old, Dominick was able to summon the courage and willpower to confront a monster more than twice his size and strength. When he saw what his sister was going through, Dominick could not hold himself back.

The court hearings were emotionally damaging

Rivera did not talk during his court hearing and showed absolutely no remorse. He was callous and apathetic but while he was silent, Amber and her family was voraciously vocal against him. Her sister Tiara said, "Grown men wouldn't do what Dominick did that day. He will be forever in our hearts until we day."

Rivera had the guts to deny any involvement

Osvaldo Rivera thought he could sweep his entire crime under the rug by denying any involvement at all. But this only served to lengthen his sentence from 65 years to more than 100 years. He will be eligible for parole after serving 91 years.

The mother speaks out

Debbie Burgos, Amber's mother was reported saying, "(Rivera) is a coward, a big coward that does not take responsibility for what he did. He knows what he did. (Dominick was) A little six-year-old boy, a baby just preparing to go to school. Two days before he was going to start school we were preparing for a funeral. "

But Osvaldo Rivera deserved a painful punishment

The man shouldn't be allowed to get away from his crime easily. He should be forced to live through the fears he subjected to Amber and Dominick every single day of his life. Instead he only got 91 years behind bars.

Inmates aren't nice to child rapists

Prison inmates are known to be especially harsh towards child murderers, rapists and pedophiles. Even the most hardened criminals refuse to show any sympathy towards these animals. Osvaldo may actually end up receiving terrible reckoning at the hands of his inmates.

He tried to get his sentence reduced

Osvaldo is such a deranged man that despite owning up to the rape and murder, he tried to get his charges reduced from murder to aggravates manslaughter because he was intoxicated. Courts denied his request and rightly so.

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