Bodybuilder Injects Oil Into His Muscles Even Though It Could Kill Him

Weird | By Cole Damon | October 11, 2017

A man afflicted with extreme body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is obsessed with possessing a freakishly large body. In a bid to literally look like the Hulk, the man injects synthol in his biceps so they could balloon up into a large size. In his blind quest for an aesthetically large appearance Valdir Segato, the bodybuilder, is risking his health. All that synthol may eventually burst out of his biceps leaving him in a hospital - or worse, a mortuary.

He was bullied as a kid

As a child, Valdir was bullied from all the larger children around him, primarily because of his frail figure. His thin and slender frame earned him the title of 'little skull' and 'skinny dog'. He wanted nothing more than to be accepted into his peer's social circles. What better way to do this than to bulk up, right?

Valdir fell into drug use

Valdir had his fair share of troubles growing up, getting involved with the wrong gangs and eventually falling into drug use. This actually served to make look even more famished and malnourished - he wanted to turn his life around.

He decided to become bigger

He hit the gym. Lifting the big weights, gaining muscles and size. He had everything going for him - a well balanced diet, a disciplined regime which he diligently followed and the passion to become larger. But this wasn't enough.

The gym couldn't give him what he wanted

Valdir soon realized that the kind of body he desired required him to inject it with dangerous and potentially lethal injections involving synthol and similar drugs. He decided to cut corners and chose the path of least resistance for unnaturally quick gains.

The synthol worked - apparently

His biceps and shoulder muscles quickly bloated in size. You can observe how disproportionate they are to the rest of his body - but Valdir doesn't mind and is deluded by what he thinks is the perfect appearance. He wanted to grow even more unnaturally big.

Doctors advised him not to use synthol

Valdir is deluded by gains. He doesn't care about the doctor's advice and simply wants to increase in size. Earning nicknames such as "Arnold Schwarzeneggar" "Hulk" and "He-Man" doesn't help things much either. He is on a quest to become massive - but at what cost?

A large dose of steroids sent him to the hospital

Valdir is no stranger to visiting the hospital on account of overdosing. This one time the freakishly weird looking man took so many steroids that he collapsed and was sent to the hospital. This did little to deter him. When will the drugs take their toll on him?

His inspirations are Arnold, He-Man and Hulk

He wants that perfect look which Arnold Schwarzeneggar achieved when he was in the prime of his life. What Valdir fails to realize is that Arnold didn't inject synthol and instead worked hard in the gym! But can his body really be compared with Arnold?

Does that look healthy to you?

Valdir's addiction to synthol and obsession with a large body may have given him larger biceps and chest muscles, they are largely disproportionate with the rest of his body. It looks like he'll topple over and won't be able to pick himself up afterwards!

This is far from being natural man!

Honestly, the synthol is doing him more harm than the drugs he consumed in his teenage years. At what point will he overdose and die from the synthol? This body is not natural or attractive at all - it does not look anything like Arnold's body or even the Hulk's body.

The side effects of synthol

Many bodybuilders are guilty of using synthol to inflate their muscles to abnormally large sizes. Whether they realize or not, synthol caries extremely dangerous side effects such as blockage of arteries, cardiovascular diseases and ulceration. Valdir is at risk of getting a crippling stroke if he doesn't get off the synthol.

YouTube videos show what synthol can do to your muscles

Long scale use of synthol will result in devastating muscle damage which can render your arm useless. There are various YouTube videos showcasing how biceps are seen bursting like balloons and exploding. Synthol does this by depriving your muscles of oxygen.

But Valdir is unfazed

Valdir is completely unperturbed and is obsessed with increasing muscle mass. His biceps measure at a burgeoning 23 inches, up from 12 inches when he was in the gym. But Valdir knows that his muscles are simply aesthetics and do not symbolize strength.

Valdir admits he doesn't have any strength

Valdir has acknowledged on more than one occasion that his muscles are simply there for the cosmetic appeal - aesthetics without any strength at all. "The oil makes the muscle swollen - it doesn't affect strength." The man now goes by the nickname of "the monster", but all it takes is one push and the 'monster' will come collapsing to the ground. Don't use synthol kids!

Here's advice for those who want strength

Hit the gym - change your diet - and hire a fitness instructor if possible. They will help you stick to a strict regime. Regularly exercise all your muscles, each day of the week should focus on one particular region of the body. And eventually after a brief struggle - you'll become strong and fit.



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