15 Things You Should Do To Make Your Relationship Last Forever

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 11, 2017

Maintaining relationships for a long term is an arduous task for all couples. It usually takes a month or two before all that love and zeal starts to wear off and the two can hardly wait to break up and move on. But as most people realize much later on in life that all those broken up relationships have served to only make them lonely. However we have prepared a comprehensive list of 15 items which can help your relationship last longer.

Constantly remain in each other's company

Try to make it a habit of seeing each other both before and after going to bed. When your partner is constantly around you, their image eventually starts to rub off on your brain and there comes a time when you won't be able to spend a single second without their company.

Watch movies together

Make a habit of watching the TV or Netflix together. Basically anything which is fun filled and entertaining should be done in the company of your better half. This helps release a surge of love chemicals in your brain, bonding you two together.

Accept your partner's flaws

When one spends enough time with their partner, they eventually start noticing superfluous flaws in their character and exterior looks. Instead of trying to change their flaws, accept them. Remember that trying to change their habits and innate character traits is just a recipe for disaster.

Tell them how beautiful they are

When you compliment your better half about their looks and good character, it makes them feel appreciated. This feeling is one of the strongest glues holding together your relationship, one in which they feel important. Don't go overboard with the 'you're sexy' compliments though.

Frequently share gifts with each other

A successful relationship thrives on gifts, no matter how trivial they may be. Start by giving a flower, a cheap watch in a beautiful package, a ring or even a necklace. But make it a habit to give at least one gift every week.

Try not to point out errors

It is natural to point out a few flaws which may be bothering you a little but don't become too judgmental. This is a sure way of cutting your relationship short. At the end there will be nothing left to save.

Children can save relationships

Becoming a parent to a child, biological or adopted, can help do wonders for your relationship. For one, it gives you added responsibilities which are mutually shared with your partner and two, it provides you with some brief respite from constantly being in the company of a single person.

Do not cheat with your partner

Many partners will cheat at some point in their lives and risk ending their relationship. While your fling with the other person may have briefly satiated your lust, it will become the root cause for separation from the person you truly love.

Trust each other more often

Trust goes both ways, both giving and taking. If you don't foster the habit of trusting your better half to behave when they're not around you, it will eventually result in feelings of bitterness and hatred. Constantly wondering if they're cheating will kill the relationship.

Open a business together

Establish a business with your better half. Adding a financial component to a relationship powered purely by emotion can do wonders for you as a couple. Becoming business partners can involve both mutual respect and trust - because you're combining your financial pools.

Plan outings together

Hiking, mountain climbing, swimming or any other physical activity can not only help your body but also strengthen relationships. Competing with each other in sports in a healthy environment will actually make you fall in love all over again.

Climb a mountain together

While this one involves a lot of physically strenuous activity and demands you to stay extremely fit, when you're climbing up a tough obstacle such as a mountain with your partner, it will make you keen adventurers and you both will end up sharing a surge of adrenaline rush together.

Frequently eat out at restaurants

Regularly eating out at upper-end restaurants enhances your relationship. When you're eating out in the presence of well to do people it significantly strengthens your bonding. Eventually you would hate entering the same restaurants without the company of your partner.

Forgive each other

Avoiding a fight with your better half is not always a possibility. Sometimes one of you just caves in and decides to throw up an angry tantrum. At difficult times like these you should learn to exercise diplomacy and learn to forgive them for their behavior.

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