This Air Hostess Made a Staggering $1 Million By Inducting Men Into The Mile High Club

Weird | By Cole Damon | October 11, 2017

The job of an air hostess can be a pretty strenuous one. For one, they're trapped thousands of miles above the ground inside of a glorified tin can. All the while they have to deal with self entitled passengers and probably have to make do with only peanuts and a tiny bit of liquor to release all the stress. But this air hostess found a way to make a lucrative income - by having sex with the passengers.

The stewardess decided to make a quick buck

This stewardess - whom we won't name here - decided that she would not only induct passengers into the infamous mile high club, but also make a quick buck while doing so. She would charge them for having sex with her in the bathroom.

The airline operated out of Middle East

A source told the Saudi Arabian news outlet, Saba that the woman admitted having sex with countless passengers and made almost a million dollars. She preferred the long distance flights between the Gulf States and the United states.

She charged $2000+ per passenger

Each passenger was charged more than $2000+ per encounter. She was turning a nice paycheck at the end of each month. However once the airline caught on to her, she was not only fired but was also deported to her country.

The airline's reaction

The airline's administration was not too happy about the revelation. The mile high club is prohibited for passengers, but the fact that their own hostess was involved in the crime was something the airline could not let slide - they fired her.

You think they don't know?

Sometimes couples believe they can have sex in the plane bathroom and somehow get away with their misadventures. The truth is that the staff (especially the flight attendants) know full well what's going behind closed doors, and you'll be on the receiving end of a stern lecture afterwards.

It could get you into trouble

While having sex in the plane is not technically illegal, it is not exactly legal either. You are treading on murky waters which could get you into some serious trouble with homeland security. We understand that a journey by plane can take more than 6 hours sometimes, but try to hold it in.

The mile high club

Air hostesses do not generally tolerate passengers when they're having sex inside the plane bathroom. One stewardess announced to the entire flight cabin about a couple's sexual fling. "Ladies and gentlemen" she announced over the microphone, "put your hands together for the newest members of the mile high club." The girl was ashamed but the boy clenched his fists.

A Qantas flight attendant's story

Australia's premier airline Qantas arranges a basketful of gifts for newlyweds on their airplane. So this flight attendant carried the basket to the newlyweds on their seats, but as she approaches them, she quickly turns around and walks backwards. Turns out, the newlyweds were having sex on their seat!

There's poop everywhere

One of the flight attendants caught a couple having sex in the toilet. She decided to let them have their way but when the naughty couple came out she told them, "Have all the fun you want, but know that half the time those lavs aren't cleaned at all." Meaning that the couple now has poop on them.

The UK's strict policies

In the United Kingdom, having sex in lavatories which are accessible to the public is forbidden. The rule applies to airplanes flying thousands of feet in the air as well and getting caught can actually result in spending six months behind bars.

Even billionaires are not immune

Billionaire Richard Branson admitted to having sex in the plane. "One thing led to another as it always does - there's something about air travel." Yes - there definitely is something about air travel, perhaps it's the trapped air inside?

Japanese air stewardesses

According to Tokyo Report, the salaries for Japanese stewardesses have declined by more than 25%. To compensate for their decreased pay, some of these attendants participated in illegal liaisons with passengers. Sometimes, even the pilots are involved in lewd sex acts.

Reddit has a lot of stories to share

A brief search on Reddit reveals that flight attendants have actually been indulging in sexual acts on both their passengers and pilots. So this is something which isn't new and happens on a regular basis, on the toilets and sometimes even in the pilot's cabin.

Pilots developed hand signals

Some of the pilots would develop hand signals to their stewardesses to communicate the kind of sexual services they desire. It is obvious that directly asking for sex could get both the pilots and the attendants in trouble.

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