If A Guy Has These 12 Qualities, Wait For Him and Then Marry Him

Lifestyle | By Emily Malone | October 11, 2017

Everyone wants to have that one person in their life to share a special connection with. Having a relationship is hard but worth the work and sometimes you have to wait for the right person to cross your path. Knowing what to look for is hard because everyone has different preferences in their relationships, but there are some qualities that are so universal that we have put them down in this list as a reminder that these special traits out there and it is worth waiting for a person who displays them.

Finding The One Can Be Hard

Before getting to the qualities to look for it is important to acknowledge that the right person is hard to find. Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was a healthy happy relationship, and even the best partner will have days where they don't show any of these traits but don't give up and just honestly convey what you need.

Online Dating Oversaturating The Market?

May people look to the internet when trying to find a partner these days. It may seem like the quickest easiest way to meet people... but it might just be too easy. Because it is not face to face and the barrier of entry is so much lower but these things that make it seem easy are actually what make it hard because it makes it so easy for people to quit on their relationships.

Media Setting Expectations Too High

Another big detriment that modern media has brought into the dating world is wildly high physical expectations for both men and women. A quick online search for beautiful woman, or even driving past a billboard on the street will show you someone so perfectly proportioned and seemingly accessible that people now seek that out constantly.

1. Someone Who Holds Your Hand Publicly

The first thing to look for in a partner is someone who is willing to acknowledge you publicly. This means first that they are proud to be seen with you and second that they are not hiding from you or from anyone else. These things show that your partner is on the up and up and excited about your relationship.

2. If They Changes Little Things To Make Your Life Easier

Everyone has had an inconsiderate partner, and it is hard to miss when it happens because the little things build up. It is easier to miss when someone goes out of their way to make your life better in the little ways. One example is when a partner who wakes up before you makes sure to slip out silently letting you catch those much needed extra minutes.

3. Giving Casual Physical Touch

Many different types of physical touch are involved in relationships, but one that is often overlooked is casual physical touch. Having someone place a reassuring hand on your shoulder or just brushing your arm as they pass you is a passive way for someone to let you know that they are there for you whenever.

4. Forehead Kisses!

If there is one thing that makes the world go round, it is forehead kisses. Not actually, but seriously they are one of the cutest little gestures out there. People who remember to keep it lighthearted and cute are the type of person that you want to enter in a relationship with for the long term.

5. Someone Who Can Make You Genuinely Laugh

One of the best feelings in the world is a genuine laugh. Laughing is such a pure outpouring of happiness and feels so good, definitely worth seeking out in your life. Additionally a sense of humor is an important thing to share in a relationship and having someone share that means that you are much more likely to last long term.

6. A Person That Pushes You To Grow

It is easy to get content and settle once you are in a happy relationship. Leaving everything by the wayside to hangout with your partner can sound nice, but what is better is a partner who keeps you moving. Pushing each other to grow will keep you happier in the long term because that way you will always have new things to share.

7. True To Their Word

Honesty is the most important thing. In life in general but with a partner it is even more important because you are more vulnerable with someone you love. Almost everyone knows this but one facet of honestly that everyone doesn't always remember is that bailing is dishonesty on a lower level, and someone who always changes what they have said at the last moment isn't a person to stand by.

8. Someone That Is Proud To Have You In Their Life

A big move in any relationship is meeting your partner's parents. It shows that they consider you someone that they want to have in their life for the long term and can be really flattering. It isn't always possible to meet the parents but look for a partner that is willing to have you meet the people they care about most.

9. Able To Perk You Up When You're Down

Everyone has their off days but your person can either bring you up or let you slide down. Having someone who can lift you up before you spiral out in feeling bad is key because there will always be downs in relationships and keeping things upbeat is a huge part of what makes relationships feasible long term.

10. Willing To Go For It, Whatever It Is

The saying goes that variety is the spice of life and it is a huge part of a healthy relationship too. Whether it is being willing to move across the country for a cool job or just going on fun hikes on the weekend, having a partner that continues to be willing to step out of their comfort zone will keep life interesting.

11. Noticing The Little Things

Everyone has little things that bother them and things that make them happy. A good partner will know what they can do in everyday life to make you smile, and what things they should do to avoid upsetting you. By recognizing these things your partner shows you respect and that they view you as being as important as they are.

12. The Person You Can Sit By In Silence

As we previously shared it is important to keep exciting moments a part of your relationship, but the reality is that in the long term in particular, there will be lots of time to just be around each other quietly. Having someone you can share that silence with is key because it is nice to have the comfortable quiet as you watch the years go by.



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