The Real Reasons Why Relationships End

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | February 16, 2018

All good things have to come to an inevitable, bitter end. What you felt about her or what she felt about you eventually runs its course. But there are times when both exes end things on a bitter note instead of a high one. That is when a break up truly hurts. Only someone who has experienced rejection or gone through a break up can understand how difficult life becomes afterward.

Self esteem issues

Once you go through a bitter break up, you begin to question your own integrity. Life loses its meaning. Your goals in life begin to drift away and you lose that wide smile which you once had on your face.

No more butterflies in the stomach

Sometimes as the relationship approaches the end of its lifecycle, the couple loses that flair they had for each other. The heartbeat no longer beats as fast as it once did and the butterflies in your stomach go away.

Her perfume no longer works on you

It used to be that the mere scent of her perfume would send you into a wild frenzy and make your heart skip a beat. Being in her presence would result in you sweating bullets. But now you can barely stifle the yawns.

Why do relationships end?

Sometimes it just has to come to an end. At others, both partners or at least one of the partners need to take a break from each other. They need to feel how life feels without their presence.

But you want her/him back

But when you truly lose your partner and the realization sets in that there is no getting back together, it dawns on you how they filled that gaping hole in your heart. You begin to realize how much you miss them. You want them back!

The no contact rule

If you want your ex to come back to you, then love experts have argued that the best means of dragging them is through the no contact rule. The real purpose of the no contact rule is to make your ex miss you.

What the no contact rule is all about

The no contact rule is more about your own development as a person. It is about rediscovering the person you lost when you went through the breakup. If you continue to feel miserable about your ex, you're not getting back together!

How to do the no contact rule

The no contact rule is about going completely silent with your ex. Your want to completely wipe yourself from their existence. Do not talk to them over the phone, do not text them and definitely do not make excuses to meet with them.

Don't become desperate

If you beg and plead your ex to get back to you, it will only backfire. By begging your ex, you are putting them on a high pedestal, giving them the impression that they contribute extensive to your life. They find this unattractive and automatically draw away from you.

Don't go from zero to hundred

It is also important to not change your habits on the internet. For example if you're someone who has an inactive social media account, but right after the breakup you begin start a stream of posts - that jeopardize your chances of getting back together.

Find someone else

While this is very unethical to do, sometimes a rebound can work miracles for you. You want your ex to know that you can easily find someone else and that they weren't the last person on earth who can form relationships with you.

Your own unique strategy

Every relationship is unique and every situation is different. While what we have given you is very generic advice, only you can truly understand the gravity of the situation of your relationship and form customizable strategies of getting back together.

Will she/he forget you?

The most common question most people ask about the contact rule is: will my ex forget about me? The answer in most cases is definitely: no. Your ex is feeling just as bitter about this relationship as you are, they are still reeling in from the guilt of breaking up.

Don't buckle under the pressure

It is very easy to cave in under the pressure from the no contact rule. It is incredibly hard to abstain from constantly texting (harassing) your ex to get back with you, but in your attempts to get back with you, you are only pushing them away.

Don't repeat past mistakes

It is extremely important that when you do get back together with your ex, you don't repeat your past mistakes. It is also equally important when reaching out to them after the end of the no contact rule to not place the blame of the break up on them. If you follow the steps accordingly, you will get back with your ex.



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