Boxer Anthony Joshua Reveals What He Bought With His $15 Million Prize Money

Entertainment | By Ian Anglin | February 16, 2018

Although Anthony Joshua has earned millions of dollars in his lucrative heavyweight fighting career, he is probably one of the humblest people you have ever heard of. For one, he still lives with his mother, who has kept her day job as a social worker. He even does chores at home, like buying milk and eggs. Even when he won a $15 prize money award from his fight with Vladimir Klitschko, the first thing he did with the money Is pay his $120 laundry bill.

The First Thing We Bought With His $15 Million Prize Money

For the first time ever, Anthony Joshua has revealed to the public the first thing he bought with the massive $15 prize money he received from his clash with Vladimir Klitschko - what amazed many people was how down-to-earth the thing he bought is.

He Didn't Need Millions to be Happy

Despite the massive amount of money he received and can spend on anything he wants to, Anthony just needed to spend $120, to pay off a dry cleaning bill at his local launderette. According to his interview with the Mirror, he said "First off, I've got to pay my bill there. It's big."

He Is a Frequent Visitor to the Launderette

It seems that Anthony is a big fan of his local launderette - given how massive his bill has gotten over time. The 27-year old heavyweight champion regularly visits the place, which is just around the corner from the flat that he shares with his mom.

He Still Lives with His Mom

A lot of people would be amazed to know that the heavyweight champion still lives with his mother in Golders Green, UK. The reason he lives with his mother is not a lack of funds - he lives because he is a humble person and wants to stay close to family.

He Is Happy to Interact with Fans

While many celebrities seem to have a difficult time adjusting to the media and fans' attention, Anthony has no such problems. He has repeatedly said how much he wants to sign all autographs requested from his, as well as pose for selfies with fans.

He Wants to be a Good Role Model

The reason Anthony wants to spend a lot of time with his fans and to be a good person is that he wants to be a good role model for the people that admire him. Everyone can agree that he is doing a great job in that direction.

It's All About How He Grew Up

It seems that the reason Anthony is so humble and nice is that of his beginnings in life. He said in an interview, "I'm a people person. On the estate where I'm from, there were loads of us. Everyone at Wembley, I probably know 20,000 of them because I'm a local boy."

The Only Time He Is in a Hurry Is For Gym Sessions

According to Anthony, the only time he is in a hurry and doesn't enjoy his time with the fans is when is trying to get to the gym for a training session. In those moments, even though he wants to interact with the fans, he simply doesn't have enough time.

He Still Does Chores Around the House

Since his mother is still working full time as a social worker, that means that Anthony has to spend a lot of time at home doing various chores for himself (and for the others that live in the flat). It seems that $15 million was not enough to break him from his humble habits.

He Even Buys Milk and Eggs for his Mother

According to the recent interview he did with Mirror (from the UK), some of the chores he still does is buying milk and eggs from the grocery store. He said, "I'll still do that, buying the milk, eggs, anything like that."

He is OCD About Cleanliness

Another interesting tidbit he dropped during his interview, is that he is OCD about keeping everything right in his and his mother's flat. He said, " I'm OCD. Because I live in the flat, anything out of place is easy to see. I like to keep everything minimal."

He Tries Not to Be Hoarder

One of the ways Anthony is trying to "battle" his OCD tendencies, is by throwing away stuff he doesn't need. Otherwise, his OCD is going to wreak havoc on his day to day organization. Many people with OCD have found that hoarding seems to worsen their symptoms.

The Only Thing He Needs Help with Is Cooking

According to Anthony, the only thing he still requires help from his mother is getting food, and cooking. He told the Mirror regarding this, "The only thing I ask mum to help me with is my food, so she does most of the shopping, gets the fish, meat and chickens and stuff."

His Mother Doesn't Watch His Fights

As you might imagine, it isn't easy for a parent to watch their child doing fights in a boxing ring. That's why his mother instead of watching his fights, she prays that her son is going to return to her in one piece, and nothing bad is going to happen to him.

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