Teenage Girls Hiding in a Closet Proceed to Foil Robbery Attempt

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 11, 2017

This is a classic case of young, domestic vigilantes, who, despite their apparent helplessness, had enough sense to do what was right, in a tense and potentially life-threatening situation. Two girls who were home alone heard intruders breach the privacy of their home. With just moments to react, the girls took quick action by calling the cops on the robbers, all the while hiding in a bathroom closet in an attempt to keep the intruders at bay.

The Intrusion

Ever had your day ruined by someone intruding upon your personal space. Well, multiply that by several hundred and you will begin to know how it feels during a home intrusion via robbers and/or burglars. This is exactly what the young girls went through.

The Scenario

Home alone due to their parents being away, the two sisters were minding their own business when they suddenly heard a strange noise, as though someone was trying to force their way inside the house. Immediately they registered that these were burglars.

Run and/or Hide

The immediate reaction, whenever in this situation, is the same for the majority of individuals who have faced similar circumstances. You either run or you hide, depending on the particular circumstances and how much space you have to run or hide in.

They Chose Hide

Some would say that when an intruder has gained access to the inside of your house, it is better to just run as fast as you can in an opposite direction. But what if there is no opposite direction for the person to run in?

Taking a Game-Changing Step

Girls aged this young would prefer to scream loudly and hope for the best! Not these two though, who actually did the opposite of what most girls would do, which is keep a clear head and do what was needed in the situation.

Calling the Cops on the Robbers

Immediately the girls called the cops on the robbers, all the while hiding in the closet that they chose as their temporary safe haven. Unknown to them, this decision would result in the cops arriving just in time to foil the robbery.

"Help, They're Inside!"

Whispering at the very bottom of their breath, the girls informed the police of their current situation, and awaited the response from the cops, which was very prompt, since the girls emphasized the trouble they were in. a very good move indeed.

Older Sis Supports Younger

In troubling times, it is the duty of the older sibling to make sure that the younger one is not too scared. This is exactly what the older sister did for the younger, in this case, to keep the little one from panicking.

One Drives Off while One Hides

One of the robbers, by the name of Brian Tomberlin, exited the house for some reason and proceeded to drive away in a car; while the other one, by the name of Carlos Murillo hid himself in the same bathroom as the girls were hiding in.

Thoughts of Impending Doom

At first, when Murillo came into the bathroom, the girls thought that they would be discovered and gravely harmed. This did not turn out to be the case, as they remained completely safe from harm throughout the very frightening ordeal.

Discovered by the Police

Luckily for the police, they found Brian Tomberlin when he was driving around the yard, and immediately apprehended him. This was not the only lucky break, as there was another one waiting for them when they would come in to the house.

Assuring the Total Stolen Amount

As soon as the robbers were apprehended, the girls wasted no time in affirming the number of things that were stolen. Among the items were jewelry, a computer, musical instruments and even a shotgun. All of these valuables were saved, thanks to quick action on the girls' part.

Talk About Sheer Luck!

There is not a shadow of doubt that these two girls were incredibly lucky to go undetected by the robbers. They were able to hide just in time, inform the police of their situation, and stay hidden throughout the event.

Let's Give Credit Where It Is Due Though

While they were undoubtedly lucky; one cannot forget that it was the quick thinking on their part that actually saved them from harm. If they had simply hidden and not called the police when they did, they would have been in big trouble.

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