Oldest Baby in the World Born to Father Who Reserved Sperm 23 Years Ago

Entertainment | By Cole Damon | October 11, 2017

The birth of a child is one of the happiest events in a person's life, it is a moment that tends to change a person's perspective drastically, and transform them into someone who sees the world, other people, and life itself in a very different way. Then there are births that come completely out of the blue, and turn our lives around in the most unexpected ways. This is the story of one such birth.

The Curious Case of Xavier Powell!

Meet Xavier Powell, who is being lauded as the oldest baby ever! While this is untrue in the literal sense, since he is just six months of age, it's the back-story behind his birth that has earned him the title.

A Seemingly Ordinary Child

Xavier Powell looks every bit the average child, with beautiful infantile features that are the trademark of every six month-old. However, this baby boy is anything but ordinary, seeing as he waited 23 years to finally be born to a family!

A Late Blessing for the Father

Little Xavier came as a very unexpected blessing for his father, Alex Powell had inadvertently planned the birth of a child during his teens, without ever knowing what the outcome of it would be, or what fate had in store for him.

The Unbelievable Back Story

It all began when Alex Powell contacted Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and found out that he needed immediate chemotherapy, in order to alleviate the symptoms of the cancer. There would be some side effects though, which he found out about later on.

Immediate Treatment Required

Due to the cancer being in the early stages, Alex was recommended immediate chemotherapy, which would help in eliminating the developing cancer, and return his life back to normal. However, he was also told something else regarding his overall condition.

Unfortunate Side effects

Unfortunately, there were to be side effects of the chemotherapy procedure. Ales Powell, then only 15 years of age, was to be rendered sterile as a result of the chemotherapy. This was some very uncomfortable news for the young man.

An Embarrassing Situation

To still have the potential of being a father, there was only one route in sight; that of having a semen sample frozen, to be called on for use at a later date, when he was finally able to produce a child.

Finally Finding Love

As Lady Luck would have it, he found love later in life, and married his lovely wife Vi, who would go on to become the mother of this miracle child! The couple, wishful for the expansion of their family, sought conception via artificial means.

A Wondrous Twist of Fate

It all came down to the procedure of the conception, which was fortunately not a long decision, since they already had a backup plan, set up by a 15 year old Alex, in the form of his frozen sperm sample.

A Baby 23 Years in the Making

By some sort of miracle, the sperm that Alex had stored 23 years in the past, had finally been the means to the fatherhood that Alex was looking for. And lo and behold, Alex and Vi became parents of a healthy and beautiful baby boy.

A Record in Medical Terms

The birth of little Xavier is a bit of a medical miracle, since sperm is not known to be functional for such an extended period of time, especially if it left frozen. However, Alex's sperm were not only functional, but fertile too; resulting is the birth of the miracle baby.

Oldest Baby in the World!

Sounds like a very unusual title for an infant, however, it is true to some extent, as the sperm, which contained the essence of the baby, had remained frozen for 23 years, and when thawed, performed its function very easily.

Growing Up Healthy and Strong

Xavier is now well on his way to becoming a toddler, with all the childlike innocence and excitement visible in his sweet, little eyes! He is healthy as ever, and has shown growth potential that highlights the quality of the genes he inherited from his parents.

A Family Made Happy!

Finally, after 23 years of seeking and searching, Alex's dream can true, and he became the father to a happy little angel. This completed his as a family man, and he could not be prouder. This is a real tear jerker of a story...

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