Beautiful Woman With Rare Disease Shows Us How She Wears Her Wrinkles With Pride

Inspiration | By Cole Damon | October 11, 2017

What is a perfect woman? In today's society, there are SO many high standards of how women should be. Body shaming is growing like rapid fire and the standards of beauty are changing so frequently that it is hard to keep up with them now. One factor that women fear the most about their appearance is their age. From young ages, they begin to wonder what the world would think once their wrinkles or fine lines become visible. Teenage girls are using anti-aging products to prevent the aging. I repeat, TEENAGE GIRLS!

She Is the Change - Sara Geurts is Breaking Stereotypes with Grace

Sara Geurts, a 26-year-old model, is trying to spread the message to all women to love themselves exactly the way they are. For all women, NO matter what color your skin is or how your body is, you are beautiful exactly the way you are.

Women Are Always Under the Stress of Beauty Standards

Why do women have to go under the pressure of being beautiful? It is becoming hard for females to accept themselves just the way they are. It is impossible for women to be keeping up with these standards because they are told they are never perfect.

Flawless Skin or Nothing

Although, the makeup trend is still trending, but another trend is slowly taking over. That is of having flawless skin so women can feel confident in their skin. These are all stereotypes set by people that is causing insecurity to rise drastically.

Teenagers Are Using Anti- Aging Products. WHAT.

Young women are being advised that they should start "taking care" of their looks from now so they can "prevent" aging. But what does that mean? How can anyone prevent aging? Are chemical products the answer, or is it more about happiness and the mind-body health connection?

How Will The People Who Are Born With Conditions Cope?

With such high expectations and standards that are set, can you even begin to imagine how people who are born with conditions would feel? Sara Guerts was born with a rare skin disease that caused her to age before she could even reach her thirties.

Eight People Are Victims of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Unfortunately, Sara Guerts was diagnosed with the world's most rare skin disease. Currently in the world, there are eight cases, which are similar to hers.

Myth Buster: You Only "Age" When Your Collagen Gets Weak

In most cases, people begin to form wrinkles when they age because their collagen gets weak. Your bones are not the only thing that gets weaker with age!

Confidence is Sexy

Although she has a very unusual skin condition, Sara Geurts wants to promote her skin all around the world. Women should take inspiration from Guerts as she openly accepts her skin condition and is a symbol of confidence.

Try Falling In Love with Your Flaws

Everyone has different goals for themselves, but Guerts' self-goal is to be the "face" of her skin disease. She wants to be a role model for those who are facing a similar issue so they can begin to love themselves.


Sara Guerts has started a campaign, which promotes women to fall in love with their bodies just the way they are. It is for the women who have stretch marks, scars, wrinkles or any of the following.

It Is Never Too Late To Start Your Personal Journey

After beginning her campaign, Sara Guerts opens up about her life as a teenager. She begins to explain how she never embraced her flaw and never accepted herself the way she was.

Imagine Being Constantly Reminded of Your Flaws

Sara was diagnosed with her skin condition at the age of 10, but she says how she started realizing that her skin was different from others when she was 7 years old.

It Was NOT Easy Growing With This Syndrome

Sara adds how she was always pushed to the limits when she was learning and coping with her skin issues. She always tried to give herself reassurance so she could get confident.

It Effected ALL Her Relationships

Sara admits that when she was 23 she got into a relationship and she refused to be honest. She hit her disorder, which led to the breakup. Honesty is the best policy no matter what.

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