Woman Asks Homeless Man For Lunch, What Happens Next Will Stun You

Inspiration | By Emily Malone | February 10, 2018

We don't like to admit it but there are homeless people almost everywhere in the world, it is an ugly reality that most of us don't like to face. Some people don't have this same difficulty when they face someone who is more down on their luck, and choose to show the less fortunate a bit of compassion. One woman such as that met a homeless man one morning and decided to buy him a meal, what he said to her next surprised her to no end.

A Young Woman Named Casey Fisher

Although there are many people who choose to show kindness when they do not have to, the woman we are spotlighting today is named Casey Fisher. Casey was a young woman when this happened, back in 2015, having a normal day where she lived in the United States.

The Mother Of A Young And Adorable Family

Not only was Casey a young woman, she is also a young mother. Casey is the mother to one adorable baby daughter, and who knows by now maybe she has more! She frequently takes to social media to post photos like this one showing her happy little family's daily life.

She Is Loving Her New Role In Life

It is easy to tell from all of these photos and her social media that Casey really loves her daughter, and is leaning in to the role of motherhood. Having a child is, as everyone knows, no small change to someone's life. It doesn't just change daily routine, but the way you look at life as well.

Being A Mom Gives A New Outlook On Life

Ask any mom out there and she will tell you that the moment she became a mom was a turning point in her life. The natural caring and protective instinct that mothers feel over their children is almost overwhelming, and teaches a new outlook on life that extends beyond just their own offspring.

It's Instinctual

The well known concept of 'maternal instinct' actually has a very simple scientific explanation behind it. Back when life was a bit more of a daily struggle, hundreds to thousands of years ago, this maternal instinct is what kept a child safe from predators and the elements thus making it possible for them to reach adulthood and help the group survive.

Where Casey Met This Surprising Man

This particular mother, Casey, is living in our modern age where this maternal instinct may no longer be necessary for survival but is still a part of every mother's mind. This instinct almost undoubtedly kicked in when she saw a homeless man outside of a popular donut store.

He Was On A Bench Outside

Like all homeless people this particular man was without a comfortable place to rest his head, so he had chosen to take a rest on a public bench outside of the donut store Miss Fisher chose to visit that day. But while he was sitting there he appeared to be crying.

She Asked Him To Eat With Her

When Casey passed by this particular homeless man she saw that he was crying, and decided to stop and ask him if he would like to have breakfast at the doughnut place. Once they were inside and had ordered she then asked him if he would like to sit with her over their meals.

He Was Surprised, People Tend To Judge

The homeless man was surprised that she was being so kind to him, most people are uncomfortable around the homeless and therefore try to avoid them at all costs. The two proceeded to talk over their meals, and it turns out his name was Chris.

It All Started With Drugs

Chris quickly broke down in their conversation, it had been a long time since he had someone in his life treating him kindly and genuinely caring about what he had to say. He told Casey about how he ended up homeless, and no surprise it all started with drugs.

A Dangerous Gateway

Chris' journey to addiction and homelessness began with a single step down the path of gateway drugs. Drugs known as gateway drugs, the most popular of which being marijuana, are called this because they tend to be the entry point in the drug world for those who end up being addicted.

He Lost His Whole World

While he went down this dark path it was not just Chris that hard a whole time, it was his whole family too. When he was using Chris lost his whole family. The worst loss? The loss of his mother who passed away from cancer and he never got to say goodbye.

Casey Realized She Had To Go

After they had been talking for awhile Casey realized that she had to leave, she was late to another engagement. She told him that she had to go, but as she was packing up to go he quickly scribbled a note on a piece of paper and handed it to her as she left.

He Had Wanted To Kill Himself

Casey was in a rush as she headed out of the doughnut shop, but when she had a moment she sat down and read his note. It read "I wanted to kill myself today. Because of u I now do not. Thank u, beautiful."

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