15 Female Behaviors That Men Just Love

Lifestyle | By Ian Anglin | February 9, 2018

If you are already in a relationship with another person, you have probably noticed that certain behaviors seem to drive guys just made with love and affection. The thing is that these things are usually the same with all men, and if you try to repeat them from time to time, you can improve your relationship a lot. This guide is going to give 15 different ways you can make your guy love you more than ever before. Let's check it out.

You Listen to Him

One of the most important parts of every interpersonal relationship is the ability to be a good listener. This doesn't mean that you have to be subservient to your boyfriend or husband, but that when the moment comes for them to speak out, you should be attentive.

You Put Your Head on His Chest

There is nothing more romantic than lying in bed with your partner, holding hands, hugging, and placing your head on his chest. This doesn't even have to happen after sex - you can do it in those times when you just want to be intimate and snuggle together.

Showing Affection in Public (PDA)

There is a fine line between doing too much PDA (public display of affection) and too little. While doing too much can get you in trouble with other people, doing too little can make your partner think that you are ashamed of him and are trying to hide him.

When You Smile Because of Him

All guys want to be interesting and funny to their partners. That's why it is important to sometimes be happy and amused by the things your boyfriend says. He shouldn't have to be hilariously funny in order to make you smile during a conversation.

When You Look at Him

Placing a deep gaze on your partner can be a very powerful thing. You have probably felt the same thing when your boyfriend had done the same thing to you. That is why it is important to do this trick from time to time - just try to not overdo it.

You Give Him Great Advice

Every person in the world has periods in their life when things don't go according to plan - be it with their career, business, health or family relationships. You should be there for your partner, both as support and as a "counselor."

You Play With His Hair When He Is Driving

Road trips can be immensely interesting, but only if you make them so. Apart from playing some great music, you should also try to play with your boyfriend's hair during driving. Just try to not place the two of you in some risky situation.

You Show Him Physical Gestures of Love and Affection

This one is similar to the PDA (public display of affection) part of this guide. While it is nice to say "I love you," and similar verbal gestures, it is also important to show love in a physical way. Sometimes this could mean making love, other times it could mean hugging him with all of your strength.

Shouting Out on Social Media

Guys can be very proud when their girlfriend mentions them on social media. You should try to include your boyfriend in your statuses and tags from time to time. You should also try to gauge how often your guy would like to be tagged, so you don't overdo it.

He Feels Natural When He Is With You

One of the most important hallmarks of being in a happy relationship is the feeling that everything is natural and going according to plan with the two of you. No one should be trying to look like something they are not - that is no way to have a relationship.

You Call and Text to Inform Him of the Little Things

Being playful and unpredictable with your calls and texts can be another awesome way to get your partner's attention. The best way to do this is to call him and text him in moments when he doesn't expect like - like when you are out with your friends.

You Look Deeply Into His Eyes

While you are having a conversation with anyone (even your friends and family), you should always try to maintain strong eye contact. That shows the other person that you are paying attention and are interested in the things they are saying.

Make Him Feel Important

All guys want to feel big and important - not all the time though. A good girlfriend is going to know when the boost her boyfriend's ego, and when to let it chill down. You don't want to overdo this step as it can make your partner become distant.

Be Playful

All good and happy relationships include a lot of playfulness. This could be done with having unexpected dates or having dates in new and different locations. Other times you can do this by giving gifts to your partner when he least expects it.

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