15 Things Girls Do Unintentionally That Guys Find Totally Attractive

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | October 10, 2017

Girl are able to attract guys without even trying. Some of the things they do can make a guy head over heels for her and she wouldn't even know it. The fact is, straight men really dig beautiful women and if the girls so much as even look their way, well you have one fine recipe for love. Basically anyone who is attractive is free for the taking and everything they do is hot. Here are some of those things.


Yes. The smile. Now your intentions are to simply be nice and let the boy become more comfortable around you. What you don't know is that the idea of them banging you is already cooking in their heads. That smile is something they'll think about for a long, long time.

Your gaze

Whenever you look at them, or at anything else for that matter, the boys chalk it up as if you're interested in them. Remember, you're not even staring at them at this point, you're simply looking at their way and then looking away. But that's enough to make them drool over you.

Adjusting your hair

Girls traditionally have long hair. And it tends to get in the way of life sometimes, requiring you to adjust them so they're not bothering you. Well this alone is enough to get the creepy boys aroused. Hair is after all, one of the trademarks of a woman's beauty.

Being confident

Confident girls are attractive girls. Being shy also works, but confidence is something that has a way of attracting attention, and boys love women who are not afraid to face the world without fear. That's one way to look attractive.

Eating and drinking

The mere act of you eating something does weird things to their brain. Simply observing you is enough to get their body shaking and they start getting a big crush over you. Here's a tip, don't bite your lips while eating, that will definitely turn them on.

Biting your lips

Lips are erogenous zones because of their high number of nerve endings. They're also what boys go after as soon as love making starts. So when you bite your lips, it releases a surge of love chemicals such as serotonin in their brains.

Your perfume's scent

If you have a particular perfume to help remember you by, then the mere whiff of the air around you can get their hearts running faster than a sparrow's heartbeat. Don't be surprised when they ask you what cologne you wear.

Being dominant and independent

Gone are the days when men used to like women who were damsels in distress. Today, it's about asserting control, and the more you dominate, the more you attract attention. Boys love powerful girls, now obviously you're not trying to get their attention, but hey, it's working.

Being playful

Even though you're not really being playful with the boys, the fact that you're so fun to be around is enough to get them aroused. So when you giggle and run around like a little child, you can bet someone has already fallen in love with you.

Making eye contact

Yes. This one's enough to send a powerful message to them. While eye contact is a natural part of having any normal conversation, boys sometimes tend to take it the wrong way. The fact that you're looking at them right in the eye makes them want you.

When you respect them

Obviously you're not an evil person who hates men. So you act nice around them and respect them, showing admiration. But boys think you're giving them 'secret' cues when you show even the tiniest bit of respect, so be a little careful.

Showing your inner you

Boys appreciate it when you stop pretending like miss goody too shoes and act like your real self. So when you show your true feelings to them, that also tends to make them want you real bad.

Giving them extra attention

It's not possible to work with a boy in a project without giving them some attention. Well all that extra attention is really making them fall in love. Don't get too close if you want to avoid a relationship with him.

Acknowledging their prowess in something

When you acknowledge that the boy knows something more than you do, that sends mixed signals to their brains that perhaps you're interested in them. They think that you are 'submitting' to their dominant alpha male features or something.

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