15 Irresistible Things Women Do That Drive Men Absolutely Crazy

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | February 8, 2018

Men are naturally attracted toward women. Their presence alone is enough to evoke the most primal of urges rooted deep within the recesses of their minds. Love happens when a brief spark ignites between the two individuals. It happens at the slight hint of compatibility which may exist on some level between the couple. And if she happens to do these 15 things, the man just falls head over heels for her.

Women who listen

Women who listen - who really listen to their men are actually challenging one of the most well established stereotypes, that it is the man who should be listening. It is a good idea to reverse the genders every now and then.

When she subtly touch him

This is the most common means of expressing love. A small touch here, a small touch there and you're able to drive him absolutely nuts after you. It doesn't have to be sexual, it has to be intimate.

Letting go of the power struggle

Most couples, even the most intimate ones, have a power structure in their relationship. Neither one of them wants to let go of their share of power, but it helps every now and then to let go of your own power briefly.

Giggling in front of him

It is extremely important for you to giggle in front of him every now and then. Giggling while you're looking into his eyes is a subliminal means of expressing your trust and faith in him. And that makes him fall in love all over again.

Public displays of affection

It is not easy to express your love to someone in a public setting because it requires a deep level of understanding between you two. A woman who shows a man that she loves him in public, it is an expression of true love.

Laughing in front of him

Laughing is one step above giggling. When a woman laughs in a man's presence, she has effectively acknowledged having let go of all her guards. It can be deeply satisfying knowing that you're the reason behind her laughter.

When your eyes meet

The timing is extremely important here. You should look into his eyes when you know he's about to meet yours. This is when you should smile and acknowledge his presence and he will register yours. That's it, the seeds of love have been sown.


A woman who can positively contribute to her man's work and help him grow in his career has effectively cemented her presence as a force to be reckoned with. And this force is his to play around with.

Physical gestures of love

This goes beyond just touching him. These are random outburst of love which physically manifest as a kiss on the cheek, a hug or even wrestling him to the ground and absolutely go wild on him. Men love 'wild' women.

Sustain long conversations with him

Compatibility is the main theme of our article here. Being able to hold a conversation with him (not just small talk) on deep, meaningful subjects will win over his heart. This is when you both exercise your intellects within the comfort of each other's arms.

He drops his guard around you

Believe it when we say this. Most men are not at all comfortable about revealing the soft person they hide within their rough exteriors. When you're able to make him relax and drop his guard, that is when you unlock the next stage of love.

Texting him every now and then

Text him. Message him. Email him. If possible start a Skype video conversation with him. Of course don't obsess over him either. Your primary intent is to remind him of your overwhelming presence without creeping him out.

Look into his eyes

Look deep within his eyes. (Be careful not to 'see through his souls though') Lean the art of effective eye contact. Be careful not to make him feel uncomfortable because sometimes, eye contact is able to push people away.

Wear revealing clothes for him

It is important to draw the line here. Do not wear over the top skimpy clothes. The basic idea is to tease him. He should want to know what is 'beneath' the dress. His wild imagination will make him gravitate towards you.

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