15 Signs That You're Dating A Keeper

Lifestyle | By Cole Damon | February 8, 2018

It is not exactly easy to find out if the person who you've emotionally invested yourself in is actually interested or if he's just goofing around, hopping from one relationship to another. It is a bizarre state of circumstances to know differentiate between a volatile partner and someone who is actually head over heels for you. But there are tell tale signs that he indeed is in love with you.

He respects you

This has to be the most obvious clue. If the guy had the intention of dumping you, he would not give you all that respect. But your partner doesn't want to lose you at all, hence all the respect from his side of the fence.

You can trust him

Something in your gut feeling tells you that he can actually be trusted. You feel extremely comfortable in sharing your most intimate secrets with the man and not risk spilling the beans. Listen to your basic instincts.

You are compatible with his friends

This is perhaps the biggest give away that you two are meant to be together. Being compatible with his friends and being a part of his 'inner circle' obviously means that he holds you in very high regard.

He spends on you

Although he might not be very good with his finances and may have very little in the way of savings, the guy makes sure to take some out of his coffers to treat you to something special every now and then.

He is not a jerk in public

The guy holds you in high respect and doesn't treat you like a piece of flesh. This means he doesn't go about grabbing your genitals and buttocks in public. He wants others to respect you as well.

He misses you

The guy begins to miss you every now and then and simply cannot keep himself from messaging and texting you every now and then. IF push comes to shove, he might even end up giving you a phone call.


Why would the guy latch on to you for dear life if he weren't truly committed with you in the first place? He is careful not to appear as a creep and knows where to draw the line between appearing possessive and creepy.

He is chivalrous

While some women (and extremist feminists) have bone to pick with chivalrous men, don't let that get to you. Real gentlemen who really love their women are chivalrous. They will hold open the door for you, and even prepare a meal for you.

He gives you gifts

The guy may not be a spend thrift but he knows when to take some time and cash out for you. He might give you a bouquet here, a box of chocolates there. Basically every minute is full of surprises.

He doesn't get irritated by your behavior

We all have behaviors which can evoke some negative emotions around people. And you are obviously no exception. He never fins you irritating and overlooks whatever negativity you may have. This is what true love does to a man.

You think nicely of him

Your friends will always try to find ways to protect you and usually have your best interests in heart. So when they give you the green light about this man, it obviously is a sign that he is the right one.

He trusts you a lot

He shares some of his darkest secrets with you because he doesn't care about the consequences of what could happen should you expose him. He just knows you won't do something to compromise his trust in you.

You can be yourself around him

You can easily drop your guard around him. This will allow you to express yourself in ways you couldn't do before with other people. If you start acting like a child around him, he would join in the fun and act like one himself.

He has the same goals as you

In order to truly make him more compatible with you, your partner changes his own goals and ideals to become more compatible with yours. This is so you have the highest possible number of reasons to spend time with him.

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